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  1. Fell behind a little! However, to catch up - Workout 5th July Kettlebell halos (8kgs 3 sets of 8 )/Goblet squats (12kgs 3 sets of 10)/Kettlebell swings (8kgs 1 set of 15/2 sets of 10)/Kettlebell overhead press (8kgs 3 sets of 5)/Kettlebell bent over row 8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Incline ring row (4 sets of 8)/Straight arm holds (4 sets of 10secs) Hanging scapula retractions (4 sets of 5) Running: 4.24km at 33:59 6th July No official work out, but I did carry slabs of granite into car and out of car 7th July Step ups (4 sets of 5)/Elevated push ups (4 sets of 5)/Band pull aparts (4 sets of 8)/Side planks (4 sets of 40 secs)/Incline ring rows (4 sets of 8)/Straight arm holds (4 sets of 10 secs)/Hanging scapula retractions (4 sets of 5) 8th July No work out, did try to put the pole up (didn't work, long *sad* story) 9th July Aerial deadlift practice (3 sets of 5)/Jefferson curls (4kgs 3 sets of 5)/Basic front leg lifts (3 sets of 5)/ Reddit bodyweight fitness Warm Up Scapula retractions with band (3 sets of 5)/Assisted pistol squats with rings (3 sets of 6)/Assisted parallel bar tricep dips with band (3 sets of 5)/Bodyweight single legged deadlifts (3 sets of 5)/Incline ring rows (3 sets of 5)/Elevated push ups (3 sets of 5)/Tucked hanging leg raises (3 sets of 5) Running: 3.57km in 33:27
  2. 04/07/2020 Calories consumed: 1,634kcal To even eat under 2,000kcal on a Saturday is something that I struggle with, I didn't think I could do that, let alone eat under my calorie goal! Miles walked/ran: 6.5 The weather was very... atmospheric last night when I went for my run; the wind had picked up late afternoon and continued on late into the night, it almost felt like a storm was on it's way. This, combined with the fireworks being let off, made my session feel very dramatic, I quite liked it. Work out Kettlebell Halos (8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Goblet squats (12kgs 3 sets of 10)/Kettlebell overhead press (8kgs 3 sets of 5/6)/Kettlebell swings (8kgs 3 sets of 10)/Kettle tricep press (8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Ring rows (2 sets of 8)/Straight arm holds (rings) (4 sets of 5 secs)/Assisted chin ups (3 sets of 5) Middle splits: 35mins The kettlebell overhead press is hard, I've had to drop down from 7 reps to 5; I'm planning on adding Turkish Get Ups to the mix to help strengthen my baby bird shoulders. Middle splits definitely did not leave me with the DOMS that the front split walkthrough did, but I'm annoyed that I don't have the room to complete all the exercises in the walkthrough Book: Medici Money Thing that I learnt from this reading session: not only has there been an instance where three men were fighting to claim the title of Pope, but there is a long history of these 'anti-Popes'.
  3. 03/04/2020 Overview! I may have went a little OTT with the kettlebells I received yesterday, but I have no regrets - it feels like a door has opened up and I have access to a lot more workouts that I didn't have before (I'm looking at you Jefferson curls!). Calories consumed: 1,706kcal That's 26kcals over my limit, which is pretty good, I had the opportunity to eat another 3 or 400kcals, but I managed to exercise some self control Miles walked (and ran!): 6.5miles I downloaded Zombies, Run and I laced up my trainers and did some interval jogging for 2.5 miles - the heavens had opened and it was pouring down and it was so nice just to get out and jog. I'm never been that keen on cardio, but this was quite nice. Workout Kettlebell swing (8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Inch worms (4 sets of 5)/Farmers walk (12kgs 4 sets for 1 min each)/Assisted pull up (on rings) (4 sets of 5)/Ring rows (4 sets of 8 at 45*)/Straight arm holds (on rings) (4 sets at 5 secs/2 sets of 10 secs)/Hanging scapula retractions (4 sets of 5)/Kettlebell halos (8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Goblet squat (12kgs 3 sets of 10)/Kettlebell overhead press (8kgs 3 sets of 7) 45mins front split Yeah, I might have went OTT, but I was bored and had nothing to do all day. It was exhausting in the best possible way and I got such a good sleep that night. I found a good front split walk through and I tried it and it killed me, my hamstrings are too tight. Book: Medici Money Definitely enjoying it! It's really well written and it's weaves stories with facts it a really engaging way, and it's interesting to read about the lengths people went to when trying to get around sumptuary laws issued in Florence at that time!
  4. I just checked and I believe it's been about six weeks since I last checked in (there abouts) - a fact that I am having a hard time getting over because wow it's amazing how much the body can change in six weeks (and not in the good way). Quick Backstory A Thing happened and my mental health took really took a nosedive, the anxiety and depression reared their ugly head and it was really hard to see what the point of even trying was; I lost sight of why I should care about my physical health, and how important regular exercise was to keeping myself treading water. However, I got some news Monday that meant that things are turning around, as such I decided it was time I gave a shit again. Whilst on this sabbatical I did think about popping back every now and again, but I immediately felt guilty at the thought of logging on and came up with various excuses, all of which I have now addressed: "What's the point I've probably gained a load of weight that will be almost impossible to get off?" I weighed myself last night and I am walking around at 66.4kg, pretty much the same weight I clocked in at six weeks ago (something that I still quite shocked at) "My laptop has gone, it's too hard to type a long post on a phone!" I have my laptop back and am no longer confined to trying type up posts/upload photos on a smart phone "Life at the moment is just unending monotony and there is nothing to look forward to or to strive for." Work has changed and I now have far more structure to my day than I did previously I actually have something to look forward to and to work towards So, with that all said, hello again - third time's the charm 😉
  5. Today is an excellent day for today I have noticed that my bingo wings are finally giving way to the tricep muscles underneath! I can look forward to some definition in my arms! Other Succeses Books (10/350) 'Master and Margherita' I'm currently up to chapter four and I'm really enjoying it, it's not quite what I expected, but I'm looking forward to reading more! Calories Counted: 1,935 I woke up today feeling quite full and I managed to put off having big meals to fit in a delicious Strawberry and Banana Waffle with White Chocolate sauce Bodyweight Routine: I completed 10 pull ups/10 dip negatives/10 incline rows/10 second L-hang /10 incline push ups/10 reverse hyperextension tucks/10 split squats Episodes of The Office (1/35) 'The Dundies' Back Bend stretch routine culminating in a Full Wheel, which doesn't look very bendy, but I managed to push up into it three times