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  1. That sounds interesting! Will try out that road I've devised a daily plan, by this order: running the c25k (~25min, walking+running) full body stretching and/or some yoga exercises (~7min) body weight exercises -- the ones you mentioned: overhead press, floor press, squats,... with dumbbells. Alternating daily. (~10m). Is this a good starting routine? With 1-day/week of rest, maybe. Is the c25k program supposed to be taken everyday, with no rest day? Thanks -- already loving this community and I still have so many testimonies and chall
  2. Hi @MsAllegraFox ! Thank you for the encouraging words. Just followed Brad Terrell instagram account
  3. Hmm then maybe what I want to achieve is to burn more calories on my lower body that on my upper, while gaining muscle. Oh, thank you! I don't think I suffer from body dysmorphia - even though I do not like what I see in the mirror, I think that it's more out of a normal concern than a pathologic one. I do am underweight, and can't do lots of things with my body that a 'normal' person can. 'Running and climbing stairs without passing out.' Yes, that's my exact goal for starters! I should and will be modest about it. Yeah I always
  4. Oh, wow, that is indeed motivating Thank you, @Sloth the Enduring!
  5. Hi @Harriet ! Thank you for the routine recommendation! I will be noting it down. I will definitely prioritise getting stronger for now, with the casual running in between. I need to build me some rib cage, can't overlook that. I think running has the major impact on building endurance. Oh, that is quite a neat perspective on cellulite. I've never heard it on those terms - very rational and biologic. Yeah, I don't really know how I am going to reconcile the goals of getting stronger and lose fat at the same time. Well, I want I really want to is:
  6. Hi @TGP! ahahah that was just for the joke. Although my husband finds my health condition deplorable (in terms of strenght, resistance, etc.), he actually loves and worships my body, let that be clear! He was actually upset that I said such a thing about him so open for misinterpretation. Fixed Yeah, running a marathon is quite ambitious of me. It's a very long, loooong-term goal. I should start with a small one like "running 100 meters without feeling dizzy", because that is actually where I'm starting from. I have gag reflex if I run a sprint,
  7. Hi community I'm a rookie around here. I must admit the first time I heard of Nerd Fitness was probably 5 or 6 years ago... At the time I did subscribe to the newsletters and LOVED every email, and even acted upon them, but for a very short time, and eventually I forgot about NF and only ended up following it (and Staci Ardison!) on instagram. I was trying to accomplish something, physically speaking, but was also very disoriented about the overload of routines and types of exercise to do, so I just forgot all about it! Well, I'm back now, ready to level up my life ONC
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