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  1. Thanks a lot! I definitely will start practicing with Crow Pose and headstands!!😁😁
  2. Thanks!!! I definitely am going to try it out!!!
  3. Honestly I haven't done any of the arm balances before so I'm open to any. I can do advanced movements and positions for most types, but I have never done any arm balances before. For example, I just mastered being able to get into and get out of the Kapotasana. I'd say that I probably have more strength in my legs than my arms (as I think most people do). What was the first arm balance you started with?
  4. Hey, So I have been doing yoga for a bit now but I can't figure out how to start doing the yoga arm balance poses where all your weight is resting on your arms. Before the quarantine started, I had started lifting weights, but I don't think I have the arm strength yet to support my entire body. Does anyone have any advice on how to start doing yoga arm balances or what I should be doing to work toward being able to do them? So far I have just managed to fall flat on my stomach each time 😂 Thanks in advance!
  5. Niiiiice! Of her books, I have read S&S, NA, and P&P. Same I have seen both versions of P&P, but the BBC TV series is just fantastic! As a TV show, they had a lot more time to flush out the details. I have just seen one version of S&S.
  6. @Harriet have you seen the movie and TV show of it? Or read any of her other books?
  7. Wow! I have used the nickname Eliza before and no one has ever been able to guess Pride and Prejudice. Good job, you guessed both correctly!
  8. Hey I'm Eliza Granger, a combination of 2 of my favorite book characters (extra points if anyone can guess them). I would say my goals are improve my health in general improving flexibility improving strength toning different muscles stop drinking soda When not quarantined, I like to go the gym everyday. On average I do about 1-2 hours of a combination of elliptical, weights, yoga, and some other things mixed in at times. I'm described as very extroverted so feel free to reach out!
  9. @kwetterman Ha, yah I just joined too so I don't know very well yet all the resources on this website. Five Parks Yoga is a good YouTube channel for yoga videos. Erin does a great job of explaining the moves as she goes.
  10. I would definitely talk to your doctor about this. If she/he dismisses it, do your own research online and then maybe talk to a specialist in women's productive health. Doctors are humans too...most are trying their best and doing good work, but they make mistakes and it would be impossible for them to know everything.
  11. I think you look fine. Don't worry so much about fixing any one part of yourself, instead just keep working on getting healthier by exercising more and eating better quality foods. The rest will just come naturally. As for not feeling like a girl, that is a faster fix than changing your figure. Makeup, jewelry, form fitting clothing...find your own unique style. I know that is something we are all told a lot, but it is true. When you find it, you will know because you will look in the mirror and actually see yourself in it.
  12. Never underestimate good fitting jeans and a nice shirt. And as others have said, makeup and jewelry always help. (Obvious) Warning: Makeup can run into your eyes if you are exercising/sweating, so maybe wear less on days you go to the gym (or remove it before you go).
  13. Hi! You can always try yoga classes on Youtube if you want to practice by yourself; that's how I started doing yoga. Now I don't really go to/watch any yoga classes, instead I just go through my own motion yoga sequences while listening to music. Feel free to ask if you want any recommendations
  14. As others have said, nice ice cream made from bananas are always good. Have you tried Halo Ice cream? High in protein, kinda expensive though. Also, let it defrost for a bit before eating it.
  15. Just off the top of my head: fat-free, reduced, or normal cottage cheese fat-free GREEK yogurt. Key word being Greek. To me, regular yogurt is like eating chips. Does nothing to fill me up. On the other hand, greek yogurt can be very high in protein. Flavored tuna & chicken packets Protein bars (not in the cereal aisle, more toward the medical side of a store with protein drinks) Low fat cheese High protein, low carb bread
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