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  1. Thankee I had a good day - did nothing much except repaint my nails (a lovely shocking green colour), laze around the house, and get taken out for thai by my dearly beloved.
  2. It's been a rough fortnight or so. But first, the important thing: I turned 32 yesterday! Whee! Levelup FTW!! Moving right along, I've been feeling the lack of a single online space where I can post all my style/colour/makeup/etc experiments and thoughts, so I started a new blog here. If you're interested, go read; if not, don't. I took a bunch of photographs, which right now I am too tired to post. I need to do an assessment post, which I may possibly do tomorrow; the short summary is I missed a couple days with food and showering, did lotsa exercise, took photos, got out of the house
  3. No, I am not dead. I have left the house a bit, which is why I haven't been updating. I'll do more of an update later today (probably?), as I'm off to another training session.
  4. Weekend was good! On Saturday I went shopping with a bunch of lovely ladies I met through Facebook who all do various colour and style systems for fun. Also, fitbit sent me a new fitbit for free! Woot! And then the DOMS from Friday's workout hit, and I've been wiped out ever since. I have another workout this afternoon, and I'm crossing my fingers it won't wear me out too awfully. I'm still exhausted. I need to start tracking my food again, I think, because I strongly suspect that at least part of my current problem is that I'm not eating enough. Again. Anyway, time to go get ready for t
  5. Thanks Red I loved it too! My shoulders, on the other hand, were screaming at me. I think if I do all the sectioning first, and maybe start at a different point, I can get it down to ~10min, instead of an hour or so of having my hands in the air.
  6. WEEK 3 ASSESSMENT POST, JOLLY GOOD! Goal 1: Eat breakfast before 2pm Assessment: I failed to eat breakfast twice, and I failed to eat it before 2pm twice. One of those times, though, I woke up at midday. And I have been better in what I eat - partially helped by my husband cooking me breakfast on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (bank holiday). Score: B- Goal 2: Shower Daily Assessment: Missed only one day this week! An improvement. And I had quite a long relaxing soak in the tub twice, for bonus points. Score: B+ Goal 3: Train twice a week Assessment: Sigh. I only made it to one session, be
  7. Rightio. Might see if I can link to click-through larger-size versions. Hrm. New forum software is hard.
  8. So I went to the gym today, and thought I'd take a photograph that shows exactly why I have difficulty finding stretch positions for my hip flexors: That is my right foot my face is resting on, by the way. I can't manage it on the left, not quite. Yet. While that position is not exactly entirely comfortable (my feet aren't quite fragrance-free, especially not after a workout), it's not really much of a stretch, either. More pretty things, though: Whee! Also, is this a good size for photos? Should I do larger? Smaller? Right. Off to shower so I stink less. Or maybe a long soak
  9. Heh. My hairdresser banned me from using hair elastics back in February - part of this is learning how to live with hip length hair and no hair elastics! It's bearing the hoped-for fruit, though - my wispy bits are getting longer, and I have less breakage at my previous usual tie-back point. This should, in theory, eventually result in a much thicker length of hair. Oddly enough, this length is actually really comfortable for me. It's not so long it's hard to handle, and it's not so short that it is uncontrollable. A lot of people have issues with the weight of their hair; lucky for me, my h
  10. Speaking of funny looking side braids ... today's hairstyle: That includes my first ever attempt at a french braid. It's a bit of a mess, but apparently looked pretty classy. And this, which included my first ever rope braid: Also, this is what my hair looks like before it gets frizzy: ... and now I am exhausted and going to go lie down for a while.
  11. Off to an afternoon tea thingy. Will post photos of hairstyle etc when I get back, because I am running late >_> oops!
  12. As noted in my previous challenge, I'm reworking my image as part of working on my body. So today I spent some time writing up some of the thoughts I've been having on my colouring. Quite some time, especially since facebook lost my first draft after an hour. Then I did the sensible thing and made it a google doc instead. This doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SoCmROVriotvAJDnvO-saYE7JvYRZdicTszi4uo91Xw/edit?usp=sharing . It is probably boring to anyone not interested in this kind of thing, but anyway.
  13. I am trying to do more with my hair, this is why I am attempting such things. If I could do this neatly, and in less than 20 minutes (my upper back and arms were not at all happy with me) then I think I would wear this every day. It is crazy comfortable! And I suspect would stay put in wind etc rather well. Now if only I can figure out a way to do it neatly enough to make me not sad ...
  14. http://youtu.be/rqCFlBspn54 .. I also did a video of my attempt to crown braid. Critique welcome!
  15. Today's experiments. Nail art: My First Ever Crown Braid: From the back the utter mess looks almost intentional, don't you think? Oh well, I guess it's not bad for my first ever try.
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