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  1. It's clear to me this challenge is not progressing and I'm likely having a little burn out various aspects of life. I do not have the mental capacity to deal so I'm stopping the challenge and going to take a break and rest for a while to recharge. The war isn't over, but a break is sorely needed.
  2. Haha yea.. the mind is a weird place.... /////////////////////////////////////// WEEK 3 - 5 Jul to 12 Jul Breathing: 5 mins morn and 5 min evening daily Exercise: 15 mins bicycle HIIT per week Dietary: Snack on fruits / nuts only on Tue and Thu Crazy week. Routines not done. Helped with Elections in a 17 hour work day and in protective gear. It was emotionally overwhelming and quite the experience. I am glad it’s over.
  3. Haha yea! I’m surprised how addicted I was to both the manga and the anime too since I don’t normally go for such gore. I think it’s because the themes are so relatable, fighting hard for something better and freedom. Ahh… yea diet usually has much higher impact on weight loss/gain than exercise, so it make sense if your diet change your weight would change. Was your diet very restrictive that you couldn’t sustain it? What are you eating these days? I’ve found meal planning and eating at regular timings before I get too hungry helps remove temptations if you need some ideas. You can do it, we are all here cheering you on!
  4. THOUGHTS Recording stuff I want to remember. On breathing: breathing meditation can both be rejuvenating or relaxing, depending on the count and hold. Tummo breathing is rejuvenating as it fires up the body and fits well in the morning. Maybe I will try either mindfulness meditation or just simple breathing in the evening for relaxation instead. On heart rates: I noticed after having some social calls with friends that my average heart rate and sleeping heart rates went down despite not feeling any difference physically. Guess social time relaxes me more than I realise. On exercise: My body composition scale says my core and upper body has more fat and less muscle than the average person. Decided to add back wall push ups to my routine and going to have to start more upper body workouts. Been feeling nauseous these three days and its addling my brain lol. Feel like eating something yet disgusted at the sight of food. It's a weird place to be in lol!
  5. sounds like a plan! you got this! and simplifying the tracking is a great idea if it’s not working, it’s more important to just do. maybe it’s already a habit? haha!
  6. I hear ya! It like wanting to do other things but having to be forced to focus on the physical right? i wish the same too haha hope your rest is good. that’s one lucky pup you have with a caring owner
  7. Food choice is another choice you have to make when you’re already so bogged down with the rest of life. it’s totally understandable it would add to the stress you’re already feeling, it’s not lack of will power. a way round this is to take the choice out of the decision by meal planning or eating the same things everyday? sending you healing vibes for ya back
  8. Yea! Attack on titian has the never give up attitude which I find useful on this physical journey haha! Do you read it too? and aww, awareness is usually the first step to change, for example your relationship with food and the environmental factors around you that shape it. Like It’s good you knew you were thirsty! If you’re having a hard time, maybe start even smaller by just focusing on one of the goals till you get it’s gets stable? I recall myself focusing on cleaning my main meals for one month and nothing else cause it was that hard (I am now cleaning up my snacks). what is your plan to not eat sweet things? Today is a new day, don’t give up!
  9. Emotional eating is hard eh? Today is a new day. Great on reducing your screen time!! Eggs for breakfast is a great idea! Protein for muscles building
  10. Happy birthday belated! Welcome and great going, it looks like you're smashing your goals!
  11. This humble Min thanks you for your valuable time to write the other posts to my other thread. m(*-ω-)m Your posts almost look scientific / like math equations. It's cool haha!
  12. How are things Jarric?
  13. Break and resets (like you did with football) are important, especially when our consistency are starting to flag a little. You're doing amazing for keeping going even when you were feeling a bit low. Keep going!
  14. Haha yea, I used to listen to music from a show that giant eats humans to get the blood pumping... nothing like the fear of being eaten to get you going eh? haha zombie run sounds fun~ You can do it!!!!!
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