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  1. I have the Gossip stone/Sheikah symbol on my left calf. It makes for a REALLY good litmus test to see if people know it or not.
  2. I love going to hockey games, but I really like F1 best of all... As for watching sports in sweats, I'm all for it.
  3. I started out with a BMI of 30.55. Not what you asked for, you wanted a body fat %, but I did't do those back then. I'm down to a BMI of 24.37. According to "the internet" my body fat is 26.5 now. I haven't really been too diligent about calculating that, because it usually puts me into some sort of obsession, and I don't want that. I've been training on and of for probably about 20 months. I started at 178 lbs, and at Christmas I hit my lowest of about 138. I've since put on a few lbs, but I'm fairly happy at the low 140's. I'm happy where I am right now, When I was the few lbs smaller, I really felt weak, and too thin. I would love to be stronger, but thinner? I like myself now, and that is enough.
  4. I took the quiz, and it told me that it didn't have enough information, and that I should take it again. Does that make me off the charts toxic?
  5. um.... I have to say, that is AWESOME!! If a guy walked up to me and mentioned that you made swords, I'd geek out and want to find out more.
  6. These are largely out of order and rambling... You've been warned Someone i can be myself around. I've dated a bunch of guys who expected me to be this girly girl, and I'm not. I'm happier to go to a hockey game, than go to a girly movie. I'm an unapologetic F1 junkie, and even if they don't like/watch it, they have to understand that I do, and that I talk about it. Stubble Being able to "be a man", fix a flat/jump start a car. Even though I know how, and am completely capable. Being a good listener, and somehow knowing when I'm ranting because I need to get something out, and when I want advice. Cooking (I can cook, but there is little sexier than having a guy cook you a gourmet dinner). Good with animals Apart from being trimmed downstairs, I'm cool with bodyhair.
  7. Have you considered looking up no meat athlete? He is a vegetarian paleo, so that may interest your wife, if she were interested in paleo with you. It is a pretty good read, his solutions to protein without meat, but staying paleo.
  8. bjjgrrl: your post made the thought of martial arts training so much less scary... I've been looking for a new sport, but hate being singled out as the weak one, even if I give it my all. Your post gives me hope that when I feel ready, I will not be laughed at for trying (unless I do something dumb, and in that case as embarrassed as I am, it is fair game).
  9. uh..... I don't even know how to comment. Paleo is guidelines. It is up to you how closely you follow them. That is WAY extreme. Does she only eat raw meat that she killed herself? Not eat omlettes? As far as I am concerned, if the ingredients are paleo, you are good to go.
  10. I just weeded out all the ill-fittign bras in my collection. I won't give a number that I got rid of, but suffice it to say it was a lot.
  11. YAY!! Pretty bras for all!! Everyone deserves to have cute bras, not only the small boobed.
  12. a good bra! look for something with EXTREME compression to hold them in place.
  13. I am addicted to almond butter, but I have a vitamix blender and after I roast the almonds, and let them cool, it is about 2 minutes in the blender and I have almond butter. I've done it in the food processer too, but if there is a nut you like, look for a nut butter of it. I second sunbutter as a jumping off point, at least here in it is the least expensive of the nut butters.
  14. It is amazing how fast grains and stuff start to bother you isn't it? I was shocked when I discovered it.
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