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  1. I started out with a BMI of 30.55.  Not what you asked for, you wanted a body fat %, but I did't do those back then.  I'm down to a BMI of 24.37.  According to "the internet" my body fat is 26.5 now.  I haven't really been too diligent about calculating that, because it usually puts me into some sort of obsession, and I don't want that.


    I've been training on and of for probably about 20 months.  I started at 178 lbs, and at Christmas I hit my lowest of about 138.  I've since put on a few lbs, but I'm fairly happy at the low 140's. 


    I'm happy where I am right now, When I was the few lbs smaller, I really felt weak, and too thin.  I would love to be stronger, but thinner?  I like myself now, and that is enough.

  2. bjjgrrl: your post made the thought of martial arts training so much less scary... I've been looking for a new sport, but hate being singled out as the weak one, even if I give it my all.  Your post gives me hope that when I feel ready, I will not be laughed at for trying (unless I do something dumb, and in that case as embarrassed as I am, it is fair game).

  3. uh..... I don't even know how to comment.  


    Paleo is guidelines.  It is up to you how closely you follow them.  That is WAY extreme.  Does she only eat raw meat that she killed herself?  Not eat omlettes?  


    As far as I am concerned, if the ingredients are paleo, you are good to go.  

  4. I am addicted to almond butter, but I have a vitamix blender and after I roast the almonds, and let them cool, it is about 2 minutes in the blender and I have almond butter.  


    I've done it in the food processer too, but if there is a nut you like, look for a nut butter of it.  I second sunbutter as a jumping off point, at least here in it is the least expensive of the nut butters.

  5. I would check a bra shop, or a specialty swim shop (on the clearance racks).  If you could handle a tankini, then I'd get a top at the expensive place, and bottoms somewhere cheap (that's what I did so I could have the support that I needed without killing my bank account any more than I had to).

  6. I tend to stick in the 80-90% primal range, and  when I do slip (and truly enjoy that forbidden piece of pizza) I pay dearly, so I don't slip often.  My digestive system lets me know when I've gone wrong (and that's all I'll say on that matter).  


    Because I don't eat a lot of meat, I have to make up protein in other ways (hence the primal, I need to get it somewhere).  I stick quite happily to real foods, and feel a lot better for it.  Some of it has even rubbed off on my SAD (SCD?) parents.  Between my sister and I (who both eat real foods, but she eats grains and stuff, and I don't), we slowly are converting them into eating a teeny bit cleaner.  Baby steps for them. 

  7. what about a front clasp bra? (if they still make them)


    I have no idea what "proportion" you are, but what about a cami with a shelf bra?  If you don't have a lot in the way of boobs, they might do... 

  8. Paleo isn't a set of rules, it is guidelines.  


    I am on a modified paleo diet that works for me.  I eat fruit, nuts, veggies, some meat, cheese, and milk.  I tried to cut out the dairy, but I rely on it and nuts to try and keep my protein up, because I don't eat a ton of meat.


    I can't see 1/4 cup of almonds being all the detrimental to your weightloss, because it just isn't that many calories.  


    You didn't mention what your diet is right now, so you may shock your system slightly going straight paleo, you may want to ease into it, but the choice is yours.

  9. I went to a hockey game last Saturday, and instead of my usual junk food snacks, I took a bottle of water, 1 1/2 cups of baby carrots, and 1/4 cup of almonds.  It was a really good game, so I didn't snack much, but it worked quite well for me.  (It also kept my Dad from stealing my snacks).  I won't begrudge him junk food, but I won't eat it.

  10. I'm currently detoxing from a vacation (I went away, and couldn't always get primal foods).  I came home about 2 lbs heavier than when I had left, most of that is now gone, but the wheat nightmares continue.  I'll be happy when they are gone.


    I'm also now unsure when I am really hungry.  I'm really not enjoying that.  I'll be happy when I have everything put back together, and have myself back.

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