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  1. The other thing that helped me to figure out about processed flours was only about 3 weeks ago. If I eat any processed flour, I get nightmares. I tracked it for a while, and everytime my diet slips (and I go for a burger), I have nightmares that night. I don't like waking up in terror/sweaty, so I avoid it like the plague. I really like the idea about breaking down the sweets into what they are. I think they will make my time at home a lot easier. I can say no to Mum's shortbreads if I remember that the flour in them gives me nightmares. There are still somethings that will make it worthwhile (like today's lunch out with a friend I only see about every 4 months), but not something that I want every day.
  2. I should have looked to see where you lived... Here arenas are really common (everyone and their dog plays hockey), and the designers are getting smarter and adding walking/running tracks so that people have somewhere to exercise. Granted today we have snow then freezing rain, so going out to the rink isn't going to happen. NinjaSamurai: Have you considered toe socks under your vibrams? I was out when it was about 0 C, and my feet stayed toasty. Then again, there were no puddles, or snow on the trails.
  3. Is there an arena near you? Usually they have a "track like" concourse... I got kicked out of one this summer (because it was about 35 degrees out, and like I'm running in that...). I got kicked out because it was a "walking track" but I found a walking/jogging one near my place I'll be checking out next week. I don't trust the city to clear the trails so they are run-able. I'll be going in my tights (jiggily bits and all). I will usually chuck a pair of shorts on top, so no one can see my bum, but apart from that, I let it all hang out so to speak.
  4. I've been dropping weight stupidly fast in the last week, so I'm seriously hoping that it is lady time. I'm not cute when I feel bony.
  5. Don't measure every day, and really really don't weigh yourself every day. When I went primal (and still am about 90% of the time), it did absolutely nothing for my weight. It took me a long time to get used to eating that way (I never ate a lot of bread, but pasta used to be a staple in my apartment). I have a few modifications, but I liked the idea of paleo being to eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full, more than trying to track calories. It isn't for me, but it really sounds like you are one who prefers to count so there may be a better solution for you. Try weight watchers (as Athena mentioned), it may be a better solution. Perhaps counting weekly and not daily calories. It sounds like it is becoming an obsession, and that isn't a good thing at all. Don't obsess about your weight. Focus on building your fitness, and the rest should follow.
  6. I'm in this base. I'm slowly working towards replacing my clothes, but at the same time I don't want to because I don't see them fitting for too much longer... Try second hand shops to see if they have anything that might do in the meantime. Just because you are planning on losing more, and it likely won't fit for very long.
  7. I think a big part of Paleo for non paleos is to just not over think it. My mum isn't thrilled about my being paleo (I don't live at home), but when I go home for supper, 9x out of 10, they have meat and veggies or seafood, and there is never bread on the table, and if there is I'll just ignore it. I think the only different thing she's done is to make a salad (and when I'm home, she usually makes me do it). I know that all the nitty gritty details look like it is hard, but really, don't overthink it. Just go with the flow Make chili without the beans, make soups without noodles/rice/white potatoes, turn wraps/sandwiches into salads... think about how much more curry you can eat without filling up on rice.
  8. make your own mayo (I haven't yet, but there are a ton of recipes out there...) If you only eat out every 4-6 months, one night isn't going to kill you (unless you get hit by a car, or eat something you are deathly allergic to). I'm about 80% primal. I eat out every few weeks, and refuse to feel bad about it. When I make curry, I use coconut milk to make it creamy, and that is primal... but I don't know how takeaway does it... Can you suggest going to a place where you can get meat and veggies?
  9. What about meat sauce with spaghetti squash? I find it more satisfying without the annoying carb crash. I do meat, and roast veggies, what about trying cauliflower mash instead of potatoes? (or a mix for him, with your own set aside?). hmmm.... how does he feel about stir-frys?
  10. The people who get me, are the one that claim to want to change, but want it instantly. They want to be able to wake up in the morning, and run 10 miles, do 100 pushups etc. If they can't do that then what's the point of even trying. They see people post (this is all online...) about what they lift, but don't consider how long it took to build to that... ...sorry. Frustrated at the moment.
  11. I started full out paleo, but decided that it was a little too rigid for me, so I went primal (I missed greek yogurt...) It works better for my lifestyle (and really helps me get protein that I need, that I was struggling with in paleo)
  12. I can't help for $20, but my Lululemon Tata tamer II (about $60 cdn) is pretty much the best sports bra I've ever owned... I'm a 32 G, so I do understand your issues. It holds them in place when I'm running like you wouldn't believe.
  13. I enjoy the holy **** you look different that I get once in a while... from people who haven't seen me in a few months. I may be a closet narcissist, but I enjoy not blending in to the background as much as I used to.
  14. Remember the name I'm thirding. Love that song when I just want to quit.
  15. I'm lucky, and live alone, but if you guys split the cooking, very few people will notice if you stop serving bread/pasta at meals, so long as there is lots of everything else. Meal planning is key, to at least have an idea of what you will be eating for the week, and doing prep in advance... as well as investing in a crock pot. I use mine a few times a week, just because I can throw whatever in it, set it on low, and in 6-8 hours it is done. (and the apartment smells awesome) When I go home, my parents are aware of my diet, but they don't specifically cater to it, they serve what they will, and I eat what I want to. Then again it is a known family secret that you don't say a word about how much/little I eat. That's another story for another time.
  16. I've been using my slow cooker a ton lately... winter veggie blended soups are awesome! I made a creamy sweet potato soup with coconut milk last week, and it was to die for!
  17. I also get a kick out of running in my turquoise hat, grey hoodie, some sort of bright coloured long sleeve tee, grey (but a different grey than the hoodie) shorts, black tights, and my pink vibrams. To say I make a statement would be putting it mildly. Until the snow happens (or it gets super cold) I will stick with that, after the snow I will likely switch back to my trail shoes, and probably track pants.
  18. I just cut my hair off to chin length, and am cursing myself... it is now too short for a ponytail, so when I;m running I have to shove it all under a hat (luckily it is touque weather)
  19. I wish I could afford a pair... my VFF KS are good with toe socks for above 0, but I'm dreading the winter... I have no idea if the city plows the trails.
  20. It took me 5 different pills to find one that worked for me. The one I'm on now gives me none of the side effects that I'd experienced on the other 4. As for weight gain, I'd love to blame my weight gain on it, but it was my terrible eating habits (that I am working hard to correct). I also don't think it sticks around long, that it is more of an initial water retention thing... but that may just be me. Go with what you are comfortable with.
  21. Spicy Thai chicken soup! Yield: Serves 4 (serving size: about 1 1/3 cups) Hands-on:25 Minutes Total:32 Minutes 1 1/4 cups light coconut milk 4 teaspoons fish sauce (no idea if it is paleo or not, but I used it anyway) 1 tablespoon sugar (skipped) 2 cups shredded cooked chicken breast (about 8 ounces) 1/2 cup green onion strips 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 2 teaspoons canola oil (I used olive oil) 1 cup sliced mushrooms 1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper 4 teaspoons minced peeled fresh ginger 4 garlic cloves, minced 1 (3-inch) stalk lemongrass, halved lengthwise (I didn't use this) 2 teaspoons sambal oelek (ground fresh chile paste) (sriracha FTW) 3 cups Chicken Stock or fat-free, lower-sodium chicken broth (Used my own stock that was in the freezer) I bolded my modifications, but it was SO GOOD! Really spicy, but that can be adjusted by how much hot sauce you put in.
  22. I'm using a borrowed Garmen Forerunner 305, and it is bulky, but it is fairly light.
  23. You should never have to justify what you eat, anymore than anyone else should. "why aren't you eating this cake?" "Why are you??" It is rude both ways...
  24. I do to. Back when my hair was long, I decided one morning that I was going to learn to french braid, and I looked up about two tutorials, but having seen my Grandmother do it to my sister for years, I knew the mechanics, so I just sat down, got my hair completely tangle free (which with my hair is a trick), and worked at it till I had it. If you are going to try it on your own, DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. Try by feel first. The mirror just screws everything up.
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