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  1. I bought these (http://www.backcountry.com/saucony-progrid-xodus-3.0-trail-running-shoe-womens) about a month ago, they have a really aggressive tread, but I like them, there is only a 4 mm offset between heel and toe. That being said, I got a pair of vibrams 4 days ago, and I'm totally in love with them too. I wear one pair one day, and the other the next.
  2. Sorry for the double post, I thought of something else. I've been losing weight SLOWLY. Like about an lb or 2 a week. that's it. I don't want to lose faster than that because I want to learn to eat properly a little at a time, instead of getting the rocking body, and having no way to maintain it.
  3. I have big boobs. I won't mince words. I've lost about 30 lbs (well, more, but my weight is up and down), and I've gone from a 36DD to a 32G. They are still in the same proportion as they always were (as far as I can tell). They are mildly less perky than they were, but I'm blaming that more on my focus on running and less focus on weights (I was doing the bodyweight routine). I was the exact same way as you. Still am to a degree, I worry about my boobs, but at the same time, I'm loving being able to fit better into cute tops, and much smaller jeans. A good bra should make you feel a lot better. It is one of my favourite rewards. I've been tracking my measurements, and my band size is about to decrease again, I've almost made it to a 30 band. I dread (in a way) to see what my next cup size will be.
  4. I have a set of icers (http://www.icers.nb.ca/). Think earlier model of yaktrax, but I'm still scared of hurting myself. Uneven terrain will be the death of me. I hope that we have another really mild winter, and don't get snow till Christmas like last year and I'll be fine.
  5. I want to try the carrying a small calf around on my shoulders. Sounds like a challenge, and could be very beneficial to my running. Where to get a calf in the city... I have actually jumped rope to Hanson, but I preferred the Spice Girls for exercise...lol
  6. looks like I'll need to invest in a bunch of winter running stuff... although I will admit that I am terrified of falling on the ice, so my running may be curbed when the snow flies. I hate treadmills with a passion, but I may end up inside because the city doesn't clear the trails in the winter, and the sidewalks are treacherous.
  7. I have to keep telling myself that every time it is too hot to go for a run in just a sports bra (and shorts obviously). I shouldn't have to sweat through all my shirts all the time...
  8. You should look into an exercise plan you don't dread. Not trying to be a pain, but if you really dread doing it, then try something different. Can you hook up the DVD on a laptop and do it in a different room?
  9. Alex reads twilight was one of my favourite youtube series... I didn't know he did 50 shades too. I haven't and won't read them. I have nothing against S&M, it is a lot of fun, but I don't want to just read about it.
  10. My knees are scarred from my being klutzy, and a misspent youth (falling off my bike as a teenager, multiple times over multiple years). I get really funny looks when I'm all dressed up, and you can see them. I actually got chewed out by someone at my former school about how terrible it looked. I looked at her, and said that they were a part of me, and I like them.
  11. fat is fixable, but asshole is forever? pardon my language please.
  12. a sports bra? I can't say that I have chafing issues, but they are usually pretty bound up in a sports bra, so no movement. Tight tops would be my second answer.
  13. don't dwell on what you missed. just start again. you did 2 months, that's something to be proud of, and if you needed a few days off don't feel guilty. Don't try and "make up" what you missed, just start working out like you didn't take a few days off. We'll always be here to give you encouragement.
  14. I made some scape pesto and butterflied some chicken breast, spread it inside, folded it back over, bacon wrapped it, and baked it in the over... it was to die for.
  15. silverpeacock


    ghee butter is safe to use in Paleo, as is bacon fat. Not too sure about the coconut question.
  16. What about a fresh fruit salad (or better yet, cut up fruits), cut up veggies, the paleo bread that Irish Pirate suggested in a sandwich, see if you can switch him to almond butter or some other type of nut butter, or do up a leftover chicken salad mixture for sandwiches. Salads are always good, especially if you make your own dressing. paleo crackers are also a possibility, I've seen recipes for them, but I'll admit that I've never made them. Paleo Raisin Bread! (http://silverspatula.blogspot.ca/2010/04/paleo-pecan-raisin-bread.html) I haven't tried it, but it looks really delicious. Even if you can start switching him to fewer carbs...
  17. I was going to suggest that you wean him off bread slowly... the carb flu would put him off it entirely...
  18. I have been trying to expand my veggie repertoire... I forced myself to buy one new-to-me veggie a week until I found a bunch I liked. I discovered that brussel sprouts aren't nearly as gross as I remembered them being, but I didn't boil them like Mum used to, I roast them, so they are all crispy and delicious. Spaghetti squash works instead of pasta for me (again roasted, then taken out of the skin with a fork (good meat sauce even more or less covers the taste) Seasoning the crap out of stuff works well too.
  19. I'm still fairly new to paleo, and I do have one cheat meal a week. I usually get takeout (what depends on my mood), and eat it, then start again. I'm trying to cut it out, and honestly, last week I didn't cheat, but this week I did. My cheat days seem to be getting more and more spread out (which is really nice). As for preparing in advance, I get really tired of eating the same thing day in and day out (with the exception of salad. I can eat that all day any way), so I make enough food for 2 meals every night for dinner, then eat the second one for lunch the next day. If you are able to eat the same thing day in and day out, make giant batches of stuff... then portion it out, and leave each portion in a container/baggie in the fridge waiting for you. If you really listen to your body, you will begin to be able to tell when you are actually hungry, not thirsty, bored, lonely, stressed, or anything else that drives you to eat. My solution for the first few weeks, when I thought I was hungry was to have a glass of water, and wait 1/2 hour, and if I was still feeling hungry, I'd grab something to eat. I did a lot of snacking in my first while, but because it wasn't chocolate, chips, and candy, I still ate fewer calories, and better calories too. I will admit that I am still learning what "hungry" is, and sometimes my tummy rumbles to remind me that I do indeed need to eat, and that I'm not bored, thirsty, anxious, stressed, or any of my other triggers.
  20. I could barely cook when I left home. My go-to cook book is http://www.amazon.ca/Starting-Out-Essential-Guide-Cooking/dp/1552857069. It has a huge selection of very easy and delicious recipes, as well as tips on how to pick out what to eat at the store. My cooking has improved a LOT since back then, but I still refer to it on a weekly basis, even if it is just for inspiration. People have to decide for themselves what they want, and how badly they want it. You have to WANT to change your life, and the way you eat in order to want to stick with it, when a nice greasy fast food burger is calling you.
  21. I just checked... the cup size is the same as some of my old 36DD's (that I was this time last year, my poor Mum chipped in for 2 super expensive bras, and within a month, I'd hit my breaking point, and started losing weight). I think if I play with the band size in the back, they may become wearable again... Sewing machine ahoy!
  22. I went to my favourite bra store downtown today, the one with any size you can dream of, and tried on a few strapless/convertable ones, and found one that fit, but it had this odd silhouette to it. The owner there is awesome! She's ordering a few in with different silhouettes, because everyone had been complaining about the strapless i had on. I also got a new bra... $120 (plus tax), and my new size is..... *drumroll* 32G... The owner said that it was because this one ran small, but I still feel slightly silly in a 32G... ah well, I bet my best friend (male) will get a kick out of it.
  23. Today I went to the mall with the intention of buying myself a strapless bra. I hate bra shopping with a passion, so I got myself all psyched up to spend money I don't have to look good for my friend's wedding. I went to the "expensive" bra store where I usually have some luck. I walked up to the salesperson, and asked about straplesses. She asked what size... I told her, and she got this snotty look on her face, and informed me that they don't make straplesses in my size. (32-34 FF) I may have gotten a little snotty with her, but really? What about small rib-caged big boobed girls. We need straplesses too. So very frustrated right now. I can't bear to order a bra online... so I don't know what I'm going to do. I have ribbons to make straps on my dress, but no matter how nice I make it, it will just look out of place. *tears out hair*
  24. Hehe... If i wait, I'll be waiting forever, it is almost time to break down and take matters into my own hands... Or so I say now... I can't see it happening any time soon. I just suck at talking to guys.
  25. Perhaps it is just me, but if I'm out on a first date, and my date is more concerned about what I'm eating, then about me in general, he isn't the right person for me. (Not to mention people discussing at length what I eat makes me really uncomfortable, paleo or not)
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