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  1. I'm on the sidelines for the majority of exercise for the next week or so... I pulled a few muscles down by my knee, and the doctor told me to take some time off, and to take up biking, and give up running. I'm going to listed to about half of what he said. I'll let myself heal, then back to running. I want to look into some sort of martial art for adults, but I'm not too sure where to start here... it seems like it could be a lot of fun, and good exercise, but more than I little scary... I was a fencer for years, but had to give that up a long time ago.
  2. I hate cooking for just me. I cook usually all but 2 meals a week for myself (and just me, usually have leftovers), but I get burned out doing it all myself all the time. it is more interesting to cook for other people then just yourself (not to mention I hate doing dishes), not that any of that really stops me, my meals just have to get more and more creative as the week wears on, and I run out of ingredients, but only having paleo ingredients in the house makes it easy to follow the diet.
  3. In my real life (outside of exercise), I wear a ton of colour. I just feel like I stand out less when I'm sweating like a pig, huffing and puffing through the streets when I wear darker colours... except for my shoes, they are bright purple. I can't get used to the stares, so I do my best to avoid them when I'm working out.
  4. whoops.. wrong topic... but I did have something to say about this anyway. I'm having an eat anything that is in front of me day today... so I'm with you on the hunger thing...
  5. Sevenlies: I am in love with Freya bras... there is a place in town that stocks them, and they are fantastic. I have never had a better fitting bra (when I bought it, not so much now... damn weight loss). The quality is amazing!!
  6. Nuts are my go-to snack. a small handful isn't going to kill me (or my poor low-fat brain), and avocado just tastes so good, I have a really hard time saying no to it. Everything gets easier. Just give it time. You'll surprise yourself with your decisions one of these days, it will all be automatic.
  7. I thought MOAR BACON was the answer...
  8. silverpeacock


    I'll take a nutella syringe right about now...probably more like 6...
  9. Yay!! That's awesome!! Good luck with getting knocked up? At least have fun trying... (probably WAY tmi... sorry...)
  10. I wear really cheap tanktops/beaters, the only sportsbra I can find that "tames" the girls for running (a lululemon tata tamer), and my Lululemon capris (groove crops), they make my bum look good, and have this insane wicking thing going on. Apart from that, I have my merino socks, and my saucony shoes that I'm trying to get broken in.
  11. I keep telling myself that next month I'll venture back into the dating scene... and then another month, then another month... I can't decide if it is worth the hassle. I know that makes me sound jaded, but I have my own routine, and my life, and I always wonder if there is room for anyone else in it. More importantly do I want to make room for anyone else. Will the understand me, and all the crazy that I try so hard to hide... I know not helpful at all, just my musings.
  12. I'm checking kijiji for cheap used weights, no luck yet, but the summer is young....
  13. I wasn't hungry all weekend, and yesterday I actually had 3 meals and a workout. I'm slowly learning if I don't eat one day t really hampers my workout the next. Yesterday I had breakfast and lunch, and then went for a run in the late afternoon. I went further than I had before (by about 1/2 mile), but when I got home, I hardly had enough energy to shower, and fell asleep on the couch before dinner. I ended up using my cheat meal last night because I didn't trust myself to be able to stay awake long enough to make the supper I had planned. That was a little scary. Tonight's supper I am actually looking forward to. I made it at lunchtime, and all I have to do is throw it in the oven. I'm having almost paleo shepherds pie. It is only almost paleo because I didn't have enough sweet potatoes, so I had to use a few organic white ones as well. the mash on top tastes heavenly... I'm having a hard time not eating it right now... I just have to remember that everything comes and goes in phases. there will be days I eat the computer, and days I won't eat at all. I just have to always have a snack with me (unless I'm running), in case I get hungry. It comes on with no warning. Much like a boogie monster attack.
  14. I have no experience lifting weights. No gym membership/money for a bench of my own leaves me with little experience. I'd be willing to try, but in order to I'd need a trainer to make sure I don't hurt myself, and weight access. Paleo leaves me broke enough as it is... that's where the gym membership money went (and some to new clothes... pants that are always falling down aren't cute)
  15. I wear really close fitting socks, and find that they rub/bunch less than the loose white ones I used to wear. good socks aren't cheap, but they last forever... (my oldest pair is about 5 years old), and they don't smell!! at least the merino ones don't, there is something in the wool that makes it anti-microbial.
  16. I can't say I've had blisters there, but I would look at your socks. I usually wear icebreaker/smartwool socks for running, as they seem to chafe less. I also don't wear short socks, I wear longer socks, and double them back over my feet, but that may also cause your blisters grief... Do you get sock lump? is there grit in your shoes/are they too tight?
  17. home from my longest run to date 7.3 kms (about 4.5 miles). I managed to set a new PR 5k time too. 25.52. I'm pretty dang pumped about that. Tomorrow I have to do some sort of bodyweight routine, because I don't think I can handle 3 5+km runs in 3 days.
  18. I thought the chocolate hazlenut truffle-like stuff I made accidently the other day was bad... MUST RESIST MAKING....
  19. The sloshtube looks interesting, but I'd have to make a shorter one (I'm in a small apartment), so not a lot of room for weights and stuff... though the pullup bar (thus far) has been a fun investment. I love the car idea... That is right up my alley (if I can find someone to "drive" for me... and laugh their asses off at me). Luckily the Matrix isn't that heavy...lol.
  20. Brain won't shut up... Why aren't we running, I think we should go for a run... It seems to have forgotten that i have the skin of a ginger, and am not really a daywalker. I'm trying to hold it bak till after the UV settles down. Lobster isn't really my colour.
  21. That made me laugh just a little too hard.... the mental image is killing me... Back on topic: Welcome!! Science FTW (even though I'm an artist)
  22. I hate bodyweight routines. I really do. I've been doing beginner bodyweight for about 6 weeks, (with bits and pieces of advanced thrown in), and I don't like it. It is really boring. I can do the squats, the lunges, the rows (though I've switched them up to assisted pullups), and apart from the pushups, the pullups, and sometimes the planking, I don't like it. I'm going to run more. I never thought I'd get to a point that I tolerate running, let alone wanting to go out, but I do. I like the speed (I'm still pretty slow, I did a 28:28 5k last night, PR being 26:22). I hate to give up on the full bodyweight circuit, but it just isn't fun for me. Apart from pullups, pushups and planks, I can't feel myself improving, and I can't afford the gym to try and put weights into the equation, so I don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions on how to make it more enjoyable? I need speed, not tedious reps.
  23. I love pink everywhere except on me. my macbook case is pink, my headphones were pink (then they broke... I have purple ones now), just not clothes. When I work out I wear dark colours as I want to work out, not talk to anyone, and blend into the background. I'm not a girl ho goes to find a mate at the gym... (or anywhere honestly), so I do very little to stand out (not that it stops people from staring as I run by... I can only imagine what goes through their heads.
  24. I know it is worth it. I found a bra brand that I love (freya), but the 2 that I've bought in the last 6 months need to make due for a little longer, if I can swing it. New bras in September... I just have to keep telling myself that. In a way I'm waiting to lose another few lbs, because I think I am losing my *shudders* backfat now... that I won't miss in the least...
  25. my broken in-could take me anywhere ones that are too old to be useful, but I still love are Mizuno Wave ascend 3. I learned to run in them (several times), and they are my go-to shoes (the soles are flat...). I'm estimating that they are at least 3-4 years old. my new sneakers that are quicker than the old comfy ones, but are still at the break-in stage, so they get out on short runs, but my old ones go out on the long runs are: Saucony Progrid Xodus 3. I like them, but they will take some breaking in. However, they are quick. I set my PB mile time in them. I'm still starting out, so my mile time seems to fall every week, but I won't complain about that.
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