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  1. I'm respawned and ready to continue my path to a better body and better sense of self. Keeping this challenge simple. 1. Exercise everyday except sundays 2. Track food intake everyday 3. Meet with a nutritionist before the end of this challenge period. Just finished an ass kicking workout and feeling good. Good to be back.
  2. Hey all, Respawning after some intentional time away from the world of hardcore diet and exercise. After dieting for nearly 4 months strait, I noticed a stagnation in my weight loss and a drop in my energy. This, plus masters classes and projects, really wore me down. So I've been managing to just barely keep things together, and have been eating more on the side of maintenance with some more frequent indulgence and have gained back a couple pounds. I'm ready to get back at things and reach my next set of goals. So here I am, respawning and recentering myself back on making fitness one of my major priorities and hobbies. I've lost steam the last month. I don't feel as interested as I used did before in making fitness a part of my identity. This is where the real challenge comes in. I've got to push through and not give up. Please root for me, folks. I need the strength to push through this time of low motivation. I know I can do it, but it will be hard. Me facing my next challenge
  3. This challenge I may be over extending myself with school and being dad and everything else. I'm hanging in their and still sticking to my diet but I've backslid a bit. I'm still losing weight, albeit very slowly at this point. I'm nearly 200 lbs and 17% body fat. I haven't been this way in nearly 8 years! I'm probably going to scale back this challenge and just focus on keeping my habits: Daily exercise, keeping my diet and forgetting the rest.
  4. Thanks for the support, Korra and Scaly. I'm holding on. I'm just making sure I keep my main habits of diet and exercise. This challenge cycle may be a bit harder for me but I'll do my best.
  5. I'm just hanging in there. I've been tracking my reps every other day and now am on meal prep for lunch once a day. I've been having a hard time getting up in the mornings. Things have been stressful, but I'm having in there.
  6. Welcome! Hope you find yourself moving forward here in the guild!
  7. Ding ding! Checking in here. It's been a bit. I'm prepping for next challenge. I wanna step shit up and bring it! I'm so close to getting under 200 lbs which is NUTS! My wife told me I'm really starting to slim down which is making me feel very happy Still, I wanna take it a step further. I feel good when I take care of my body and exercise.
  8. Welcome! I'm glad you've found the forum to be a place you feel comfortable. Share your goals, let people know about your quests as you accomplish them! I'm also new here but I've found that big changes have been taking place in me as I've been Stick(ing) With It! Dropping in daily has really helped me to not feel alone. It helps that there are many people on here with LOTS of experience and wisdom to impart. Good luck on your goals, and hope to see you more around here!
  9. Nerd Fitness Challenge Here it comes! Round 3 and I'm feeling jazzed! After several weeks of plateauing, I'm starting to drop weight again and I'm seeing some tone and definition that I have never noticed before! Either I was too critical of myself to notice these things when I was younger and it was easier have a healthier looking body, or I'm actually getting a point of fitness that is altogether new! Either way, I've been building up a gut and lovehandles the last few years that is stubborn but SLOOOOOOOWLY getting smaller. As of the last challenge, I feel pretty damn solid now in terms of my commitment to exercise and diet. I will need to eventually seek a 2-4 week break from dieting and eat at a maintenance, but for now, I'm looking to maximize my improvement rate. Here are the goals for this challenge. 1. Track workout reps/weight EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a spread sheet started up and I may make it publicly available online. It's nothing fancy and that is what I want. I want to prove to myself that I can get where I want to go without fancy tools and supplements and expensive gear. 2. Meal plans. Know what you are eating down to the gram. I down want to mess around with guesstimating my caloric intake and risk eating too many calories or whatever day after day. Doing this 5/7 days a week. The other two days, I can eat as I go but I will still track my calories and eat within my deficit with one cheat meal a week. 3. Stress management. I don't feel really stressed, but I think that is because I'm acclimated to stress. What does this mean? Not sure yet but here are some thoughts: light caffeine, green tee, no late nights, meditation/mindfullness, breathing, maybe occasional yoga, journaling? We'll see.
  10. Thanks Harriet and Brovatar for the insight and experience! Anyone else wanting to chime in is of course welcome. Brovatar, I am monitoring my weights using a smart scale app but it doesn't give a weekly average. But zooming out as far as possible, I can see a downward trend which is definitely encouraging. I think I just gotta hang in there and be patient. Harriet, I'm gonna keep at it and see how I can improve my stress levels. Though I feel mostly fine, I'm sure that I'm still coping with the stress of new habits like waking up early, rigorous exercise and, of course, dieting.
  11. Been reading and watching some videos about fat loss. I've also been watching my body weight change trend. I've noticed the following: 1. For the last 3-4 weeks, my weight loss has plateaued. I'm pretty much constantly sitting at 203-206 lbs (though as of the last 3 days, I'm sitting consistently at 202-203). 2. My physique is tightening up. My arms are getting more toned. They look bigger than I've ever seen. 3. While at the beginning of my journey, my stomach was slimming, it is pretty much not changing now. I've been eating consistently at a 75% of my BMR since february. I'm wondering if everything is okay even though my weight loss has slowed. Could I potentially not be showing much of a downward trend on the scale because of muscle weight gains offsetting the fat loss? Is that even a thing? I'm aware that scales, body weight and measuring body fat% is not accurate if not misleading. I'm going to start measuring chest, waist circumference so that I have something a bit more trackable. I'm seeing pretty much all parts of my body tone up except for my stomach. I recently encountered in several places that for men, the mid section generally is one of the last places for them to slim down. General advice from these sources encourages persistence and staying on track and promises that once most other parts of the body have lost the extra fat, the mid section will start to change more noticeably. Does anyone have any advice or insight on this? I'm currently sitting at about 17.7% body fat on the scale. Though I don't expect it to be accurate, I was hoping that this metric would change more after 4-5 weeks. I hope to eventually get down to 10%. Anyone have success with this and any tips or pointers? Thanks for your help and patience, guys.
  12. Welp, earlier this week I decided to end my caffeine fast after two weeks. Turns out baby with flu keeping us up all night, day light savings and just life in general was too much for me to be able to be effective. So I started reintegrating caffeine into my days but at MUCH smaller levels. I feel waaaaay better than I ever did consuming 500 mg a day. Now I'm at like less than 120 mg a day. And it's actually working for me again which is nice. Way more cheerful and focused. I'm gonna keep trying to lower the amount I use day to day so that I eventually get to the points of having maybe the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day. In other new, I'm starting to incorporate calisthenics into my work outs. Treated myself and bought some wooden parallel bars for push ups, planches etc. Got my ass beat by some super fun workouts last night. For the next challenge I may start incorporating stress management techniques like meditation, prayer, mindfulness or something. I'm continuing to eat at a consistent calorie deficit and exercising daily, but I have not quite seen the change in the scale or body fat percentage in a few weeks. I'm toning up and getting stronger though. I'm wanting to hang in there for a few more weeks before altering my diet, but I may go back to intermittent fasting for a while. And hopefully taking care of my stress levels will provide some additional assistance to my weight loss goals.
  13. Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear all this. It's a very good thing for you to be looking after those kids. I hope you stay safe and I'm praying for this whole conflict to end.
  14. Had an ass kicking leg workout last night. Since I was super warm after the workout, I decided to try some pull-ups. Set a new PR with 16 Pull-ups!
  15. Over a week without caffeine. I'm really craving it right now since I've had about 3 sleepless nights in a row because my baby has the flu. But I'm holding strong. Gonna make it to the end of the challenge without folding. My weight is down today: 203 lbs and I'm thinking I've broken out of a plateau by increasing my daily caloric intake. I took a few days off my diet to eat regular and even a couple of more fatty and carby options like a burger or some pasta carbonara. I think it helped to boost my energy levels a bit as well.
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