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  1. Hey guys! This is my first time posting. And I wanted to say hello! Just a short blerb about me:


    • I'm a retired working musician (not old, just moved to a more fulfilling and lucrative line of work)
    • I'm an embedded systems engineer working on drones
    • I love keyboard, synthesizers, organs and video games
    • I'm married with a baby boy on the way in august!
    • I've struggled with depression and anxiety all my life and it's had a negative effect on my attitude, particularly toward self care like exercise, meditation, spirituality etc.
    • I'm about 30 pounds above my ideal weight and I'm tired of letting things outside of me control my life and health.


    Last week I resolved to drop some former hobbies and to make fitness my new hobby. Somehow I came across nerd fitness while looking for a community to connect with. Perfect for a guy like me! I'm super happy to be here and I'm looking forward to making some new friends and to help eachother out!

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