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  1. The reasons muscles get sore (unless you actually injure yourself) is because exercise causes small muscle tears and the release of lactic acid. These two combined is what causes the achy soreness of a good work out. The two best ways to help the soreness is to drink lots of water and exercise. These two help flush out the lactic acid which is the primary cause of pain. Usually you work out three days in a row (or four) and then take one or two days off. If you're using proper form during your workouts the risk for injury should be pretty minimal.
  2. I can use a whole bulb of garlic in a dish and I'll find myself thinking "hmmm could use more garlic". Any one try black garlic? Pretty tasty.
  3. *blegh* Can't do floppy bacon. Mine has to be crisp and melt in your mouth.
  4. [ATTACH]4999[/ATTACH] Breakfast: bacon wrapped asparagus and poached eggs. Nom nom nom
  5. Was so delicious I forgot to take a pic. Would also go well with a poached or fried egg with plenty of delicious runny yolk to dip it in.
  6. I've heard legend of a bacon wrapped, grilled asparagus that is supposed to be akin to the food of the gods. My fella is home and grilling today, maybe I'll try it. I'll report back with the result
  7. So I gave in to my craving for fruity pebbles in ice cold milk today. I have been about 90-95% paleo for just around a month. I'll tell you, I resisted the craving for almost 3 weeks. Today I had a giant (probably 2.5-3 servings worth) bowl with a lot of icy cold milk. It wasn't as delicious as I hoped and was imagining. A couple hours later I started having weepy eyes. A little while later my nose started to drip. Now I've got a killer headache, nausea, bloating and the sh!ts. Ok paleo gods, I've learned my lesson. Have mercy!!! Anyone else do anything this foolish??
  8. Gave in to the fruity pebble craving (I resisted two or three weeks straight). Now I have a headache and feel like crap. Serves me right.
  9. Ate raw broccoli for the first time ever today. Not bad at all. Cooked broccoli smells awful so I always kinda avoided it.
  10. Update: officially enrolled in Crossfit and completed my on ramp. loving it so far. never sweated so much in my life. lost 6 lbs by diet alone (134lb). time to start heading in a direction where lbs count less and inches count more. Got enrolled in the bachelor's program and start Aug 27. Finalizing wedding crap. Ready for the damn thing to be over with.
  11. Lots of good advice!! It's harder for me to try new things when the fiancé is on tour. I use him to experiment and try things first (he likes veggies) and he likes to watch me when I try new things (we're creeps, I know). He's home for a week starting Sunday so we'll venture out and gather new goods.
  12. For me, I've always been "skinny fat". My approx body fat is 32%, my cardio is pitiful. I've got a wedding coming up, but I really decided to get'r done when I booked our deep sea fishing trip. I told my friends I was going to catch a marlin. All I got from them is a cocked eyebrow and a whole lotta doubt. So from that Operation:Marlin was born. Started paleo, started crossfit, gonna reel in a Marlin.
  13. Sounds like a mixture between the paleness and poor circulation. It could be something like mild reynaud's or some other similar condition
  14. Exactly like those, but these were rich dark chocolate cake covered in mint chocolate. *drool* And the grilled cheese was like 6 different cheeses and when you pulled it apart it was like a watching porno of cheese stringing from one half to the other. I have very HD dreams. But really if I could just get a big bowl of fruity pebbles with ice cold milk, I might die happy.
  15. So I've been doing about 90-95% paleo for going on three weeks (had a cheat day for my bridal shower an love my goat cheese). I'm getting tired of spinach salads. I'm not a fan of veggies. There. I said it. It's not that I dont try. I've got a big textural aversion to boot. Most of my face veggies hardly qualify in the veggie category: white potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans. (as an aside, any info on purple potatoes and paleo? Love purple potatoes) So what can I do to like veggies more??? I feel my diet needs to expand in order to stick with paleo!
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