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  1. I can use a whole bulb of garlic in a dish and I'll find myself thinking "hmmm could use more garlic". Any one try black garlic? Pretty tasty.
  2. *blegh* Can't do floppy bacon. Mine has to be crisp and melt in your mouth.
  3. [ATTACH]4999[/ATTACH] Breakfast: bacon wrapped asparagus and poached eggs. Nom nom nom
  4. Was so delicious I forgot to take a pic. Would also go well with a poached or fried egg with plenty of delicious runny yolk to dip it in.
  5. I've heard legend of a bacon wrapped, grilled asparagus that is supposed to be akin to the food of the gods. My fella is home and grilling today, maybe I'll try it. I'll report back with the result
  6. So I gave in to my craving for fruity pebbles in ice cold milk today. I have been about 90-95% paleo for just around a month. I'll tell you, I resisted the craving for almost 3 weeks. Today I had a giant (probably 2.5-3 servings worth) bowl with a lot of icy cold milk. It wasn't as delicious as I hoped and was imagining. A couple hours later I started having weepy eyes. A little while later my nose started to drip. Now I've got a killer headache, nausea, bloating and the sh!ts. Ok paleo gods, I've learned my lesson. Have mercy!!! Anyone else do anything this foolish??
  7. Ate raw broccoli for the first time ever today. Not bad at all. Cooked broccoli smells awful so I always kinda avoided it.
  8. Update: officially enrolled in Crossfit and completed my on ramp. loving it so far. never sweated so much in my life. lost 6 lbs by diet alone (134lb). time to start heading in a direction where lbs count less and inches count more. Got enrolled in the bachelor's program and start Aug 27. Finalizing wedding crap. Ready for the damn thing to be over with.
  9. Lots of good advice!! It's harder for me to try new things when the fiancé is on tour. I use him to experiment and try things first (he likes veggies) and he likes to watch me when I try new things (we're creeps, I know). He's home for a week starting Sunday so we'll venture out and gather new goods.
  10. So I've been doing about 90-95% paleo for going on three weeks (had a cheat day for my bridal shower an love my goat cheese). I'm getting tired of spinach salads. I'm not a fan of veggies. There. I said it. It's not that I dont try. I've got a big textural aversion to boot. Most of my face veggies hardly qualify in the veggie category: white potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans. (as an aside, any info on purple potatoes and paleo? Love purple potatoes) So what can I do to like veggies more??? I feel my diet needs to expand in order to stick with paleo!
  11. Tried a different crossfit box today. Much better experience. She actually asked about my weaknesses, showed me mods to strengthen my dislocating shoulder, did stretching and warm ups, encouraged me and told me that I was not going to quit. (vs the other guy who didnt ask about my joints/history, didn't do warm ups or stretching, and told me I didn't have to finish). My time wasn't as good, but I'd bet you a dollar my form was much better. Much happier at this box and it's the one I'll be signing up at. it's a half hour away, but I'd rather drive the extra 10 minutes.
  12. Considering trying one of these. Walked past it a couple of times at Whole Foods and didn't buy it. Maybe next paycheck. Tampons creep me out. When you've seen forgotten tampons pulled from "down under" it changes your perspective. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.
  13. On nights like these when I leave work late, I desperately crave some fourth meal taco bell. Siiiigh.
  14. Haven't heard of that before. Perhaps a combo of foot stretching and maybe some vibrams to help hold them in place? I've got shoulders and hips that dislocate, I understand the annoyance. Almost made me crash my car last winter.
  15. Crossfit: not dead but holy shiitake. The beginners workout (if you're in reasonable shape) should be pretty easy to complete in about 5-6 minutes. Took me 8:49. /cry I got majorly dizzy. The 'ol ticker isn't an efficient pumper yet and the lungs did protest too much. It was hard for me to steer my car home. But the owner/trainer, Andrew, was really nice and encouraging. Here's the workout: 500m row 40 squats 30 sit ups 20 push ups (modified mine to standing using Olympic rings cause I can't do a push up) 20 jumping pull ups So in conclusion: crossfit was a slap in the face. I knew I was weak and out of shape. I didn't realize it was as bad as it is. I'm going to look at it this way: I am a big pile of clay to be molded in the shape I was meant to be and then fired for strength. When it's all said and done, I'll still be the same clay, just better. As a side note, anyone ever have the problem of being too flexible? I have really loose joints (elbows hyper extend, shoulders can dislocate on command) I think the double jointedness leads to weaker muscles and weaker muscles lead to looser joints. My orthopedist said the loose joints were a good thing cause they'd be good for when I get old, but I think the muscles around the joints need more support.
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