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  1. Hey! I haven't been as good as I'd like to, but still some decent success. Brought out my banjo for the first time in a while. I got a personal best on my 10k. By like 3 minutes even! I end up doing pull ups the most, just because it's kind of fast and easy. I'll probably end up reading more too, because I would almost always rather read than work out. I think I need to institute a new rule starting next week that at least three of the attempts each week have to be at Mongolian. It's by far the goal I care most about but probably also the one I least frequently feel lik
  2. Most of the things I want to make myself do, I actually kind of enjoy once I start doing them. It's just a matter of making myself start in the first place. So the goal this time around is just to start three things from this list each day. It doesn't exactly matter which three, but I'll be tracking which ones I do, so that I can notice quickly if something is being neglected. If I try it for 5 minutes, I'll call it a success for the day, but my strong suspicion is that I won't stop at 5 minutes for any of them. Things to work on Running (or other cardio, once it gets too c
  3. Okay, clearly I was terrible about updating this, but my challenge actually went pretty well. I lost a little weight. I ran my fastest mile since high school. I've been running 10ks semi-regularly, for the first time ever. I ran on a pretty wild trail for the first time in ages, rather than just the pavement I normally do. I finally submitted an application for a grant to do my dream research. I've been pretty consistent about studying Mongolian. My form for pull ups/chin ups has become MUCH better this challenge. All the way down and chest to bar.
  4. At the beginning of the year, I could barely run a mile. I kept trying (and failing) to do 5k runs, and I'd always have to start walking during the second mile. I'm not sure what my time for one-mile would have been, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 minutes. Back in June, I finally ran a mile in under 8 minutes. Today, I just ran a mile in 6:55. It feels impossible. I was in disbelief when I first saw it, trying to figure out how I could have subtracted a minute somehow or something. It just feels really, really good. I'm super proud of myself right now. My distances have gotten better
  5. I'm a huge Black Panther fan. I've read every issue of his solo runs. In July, I started trying to read every single appearance he makes in Marvel comics (a task I will never complete). Coate's run of BP is the first comic I ever read as it was coming out. When I heard Boseman was going to be cast as T'Challa, I binged a bunch of his movies. He's consistently great, and I was impossibly excited for Black Panther. There are probably a handful of times I've seen the same movie in theaters twice, but I saw Black Panther three times opening weekend alone. I don't want to force my goals to a theme
  6. I spent this challenge visiting my parents for three weeks, and then they came to visit me for two weeks. I think between moving, starting a new job, and balancing time with my parents, even this trimmed down list of quests was still pretty tough. Mongolian I feel really good about the academic contact I made. For my long term goals, that was the most important quest this challenge. But I barely made any headway on my statement of grant purpose. I have a very rough draft, but it needs a lot of polishing. I did the minimum to keep up with lessons, but I didn't build the good study hab
  7. Looking forward to the week 4 update!
  8. Oooo, respect. I keep a spreadsheet that automatically puts it on a line chart, with a best fit line to project when I'll hit my goal, but the rolling 7-day average and min/max is a nice touch. Classy. I definitely don't think daily weigh-ins are inherently bad. For me, I'm just noticing a subtle shift from, "I'm not going to eat these cookies because I want to be healthier" to "I'm not going to eat these cookies because I want to see a slightly smaller number on my scale tomorrow morning." Obviously there's some conceptual overlap. I'm not sure if I can put my finger on what the d
  9. Update! Mongolian Pretty productive week on this front. A made a few new useful contacts and put some good work in on my application. I still need to build a flashcard habit though. I think I need to set aside a specific time for this. Maybe right before I go to bed. Diet This week, I started weighing myself daily instead of just 3 times a week. I'm not sure if this was actually a good idea. I'm traveling this weekend and then moving into a new place on Tuesday, so it's a hard time for me to build/keep up good habits. But I also feel like there's always an excuse. I
  10. After saying that, I tried to go for a swim yesterday and couldn't bring myself to do a single lap, the lake was so cold. I might be getting back to strength training earlier than I'd planned... But I don't find it too hard to stay motivated as long as I'm seeing results. I guess that part can be fun.
  11. Thanks for the advice you two! I do some strength-training too. I've been on a minor hiatus, but I'll get back to it soon. I think the main advantage of swimming is just that it's fun, so it's easier to get myself to do it. What I'm realizing is that for me, the general rule with working out is that anything I do outside is better than anything I do inside. I haven't found a way to make strength-training fun yet. That said, it's at least pretty bearable if I do it while watching a show.
  12. Oh nice! I actually think that might be the hardest part - not letting one slip up lead to a series of slip ups which then leads to giving up. Major kudos!
  13. I've gotten into running this year. I think I've mostly gotten pretty good at reading when my body needs a break, adding in some rest days or dialing down the intensity. But sometimes when I'm trying to let my joints rest, I otherwise feel really good and have high energy. I miss getting outside and getting tired. Is there any reason not to swim on those days? Is there a reason that swimming a lot would prevent a day from being a "rest" day, for the purposes of running?
  14. Thanks so much! I figured out what my "running" goal will be for this week. I did three on Sunday and another three today. I figure I'll do another three on Thursday. Yesterday I swam in Lake Superior for a quarter mile. It was a little chilly, but it felt great. I'll do at least a quarter mile tomorrow as well as either Friday or Saturday (likely whichever day looks warmer), trying to reach at least one mile total. I love the idea of swimming on rest days from running. 1. It lets me keep working on cardio while resting my joints, and 2. It's just super fun swimming in a lake. I got
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