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  1. Hi Mudd! How have your last few days been? How are the pull-ups going?
  2. Thanks //Min! So far this week, I have hit my drinking goal each day, and I've already gone walking four times this week. Twice during lunch for 2+ miles and twice with my dog for just over a mile each time. I have a couple of friends that walk with me during lunch from work. They definitely push me to go further than I would on my own. I choosing to look at this as a good thing. I'm so sore, and looking forward to either a day off tomorrow or yoga.
  3. Thanks Sloth the Enduring! I think you are probably right. Slow and steady wins the race!
  4. Mermaid! I love that! Well, I'm proud to say that after sticking with my goals for a week, I have lost 4 lbs!!!!! I'm amazed that such small changes could have that big of results. I fully expected to be the same weight or only lose 1-2 lbs. Now the debate is whether I want to increase my goals for this coming week, or wait another week to help solidify the habits I'm trying to build. If I increase my goals, the next step (I think) is to add in eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day. I'm probably currently eating around 3. What do you all think? I would love suggestions. Should I take it slow and wait another week or should I jump in now? Is eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day a good next step or should I start with something else?
  5. Hi Saradactyl! How's the sticker board going? I love that idea by the way. I might have to steal it.
  6. Hi Schaengel! How was your first week of the challenge? How's the Master's degree going? That's a lot to juggle, but I'm sure you can do it!
  7. Hi Kmlrn84! How did your first week of the challenge go? I hope you had a great mother's day last week.
  8. Hi Mudd! Did the alarm on your phone work? How are your other goals going?
  9. You're doing awesome! For the Mongolian, have you thought about setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to practice at a certain time everyday?
  10. Hi Twinhope2020! How's the challenge going? How is the no late night eating going?
  11. Hi Sloth the Enduring! Thanks for checking in. I really appreciate it. So I've upped my water goal to 14 cups of water per day. . . and I'm doing it! Once I figured out how to do it (thanks again analoggirl!), it's become really easy, at least at work. Over the weekend when my schedule's different, I think it will be more difficult. I was craving fried chicken today, so I made a baked breaded chicken with a cornflake crust for the crunch instead. It was delicious! I'm close to going to bed on time, but still missing the mark by about 15-20 minutes. I worked out twice on Monday, but I think I'm only counting it as once since it was the same day. I also have a lunchtime workout scheduled with a co-worker for Friday, and plan on going on a 5+ mile walk with my dog on Saturday for my third workout. If it ends up raining, I'll do Yoga instead.
  12. Hi Mudd! Languages are hard, but I'm sure you can do it! One thing that's helped me go to bed earlier (on my goal list), is that I no longer keep my phone on my bedside table. I plug it in across the room now. The two things that this does for me is keeps me from tinkering away on it while in bed, and it forces me to get up in the morning to turn off my alarm. This one thing has been a game changer for me. I hope you can find something that works for you. Keep up the good work on your goals.
  13. Hi Taryn Ann! How's the quest for the pushup going? I'm cheering for you!
  14. Hi! Thank you for checking in Mudd. I really really appreciate it. Happy Day 1 of the official challenge dates everyone! I spent the last few days also working on my goals, because there's no time like now to start. Thanks to analoggirl's suggestion, I've been able to piggyback my old habit at work of getting water/tea 3-4 times a day and doubling my intake by drinking the full glass while I'm there before refilling it again to take back to my desk. I'm happy to say that I'm going on 4 days of 11+ cups of water! I'm well on my way to turning into a fish! I've also been able to stick with my goal of not eating any deep fried food. I was even able to avoid the fries when my husband and I order food from Bob's Burgers. I went with a salad on the side instead. Win! I've gone to bed by 10:15 each work night the last few days, but wasn't so great about it over the weekend. I'll have to be more diligent next weekend. I've only worked out once the last week, but I have scheduled my workouts for this coming week, so hopefully I'll be able to accomplish that goal this week too. I hope everyone else's challenges are off to a great start!
  15. Belly-dancing sounds like so much fun! Good luck with your goals. I'll be cheering for you.
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