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  1. I live in Europe! Norway to be exact. We are opening the school today actually, some subjects will still be online tho, at least for my two classes. Tbh I am very confused and hopelessly tries to pay attention to the managment during meetings haha. I have just told my closes coworker to just tell me straight out when I have to meet up at school or not! Hopeless
  2. FRIDAY 1505 I am back at work! Class in session! Everything is a bit chaotic, good thing I respond well to chaos heh! But still. We have a soft opening this week, but next week all the students come back, which is a bit strange , its only like four weeks left of the school year. I have a fairly active day when I work so I get my steps in, diet is ok as well, lots of crispbread with low cal cheese hah. Not my favorite and prolly not the best, but better than eating air fryer onion rings for breakfast... I have bought groceries to SMASH the next week! "Im starting over monday"! Gonna
  3. Thanks for the reply! Morning playlist actually sound pretty cool, I love music and always use like a video game playlist whenever I work cus I read somewhere it helps, idk tho. I did try time blocking and it worked until my laziness won haha. Im torn between the go easy on myself/ use the time to get your shit together mind set, so frustrating
  4. Were alot of kids who wanted their picture taken with me as well! My five minutes of hometown fame!
  5. Ok, so I am STRUGGELING! I work from home, as a teacher, but I don't have class every day, on mondays I have no classes, on wednesday nothing before late. When I was younger I was a night owl, but with blood, sweat and tears I managed to force myself into being a morning person. I became that annoying person who jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn to go for a walk or something. It also helped that I felt I always had a million things to do/wanted to do. Now I remind myself of how I was when I had a long period where I was unemployed. I wake up when the alarm ring, and then I just think...why
  6. I randomly put lentils into alot of what I make, because they dont really have a taste! It took my bf a year before he asked what they were, he kept finding them in so much of the food I made haha. I haven't tried to make lentil pudding, but I did use them in my porridge!
  7. Thats what I thought as well! People put spinach, and kale and everything in it! I just didnt want to buy it because it was expensive haha. I sometimes have frozen spinach that I put in, but its these really though frozen spinach cubes so I let them thaw over night.
  8. Its really good! I think people get a bit caught up in the veggie part haha, but I put a whole, peeled lemon in and it just taste like lemon, I love lemon! Have to remove the seeds tho, I dont remember why but its either that it can ruin the blender or that the seeds are toxic or something 😬 I have tried chocolate whey in it, but that did not work! So I either add lentils to the shake or have a proteinbar with the smoothie!
  9. Do you take magnesium? I think thats for like muscle soreness and stuff. I also have that problem sometimes, when I am out walking casually its ok, but if I go too hard too quick they feel heavy. I have taken magneisum, and it feels better, ZMA also works. I have chronic shin splints tho.
  10. Thanks! Nice to meet you too!!! When the Two Towers premired I went to my own town, not the capital, to watch with my mum, I dressed up as well and I was the only one hahaha! But jokes one them! The cinema was freezing and I had a cozy cloak!
  11. I dont know HOW many "how to be an adult" books I have read! I always used to get side eyed by my mother in law when I bought a new cleaning book or something, she visited me the other day and I told her to mind the mess, but my worst mess now is better then what it was before! Progress! Maybe I'll have a second go at Konmari and minimalism now 😁 And not only the whole "not bothered to cleaning", but the other side as well, when you have to clean the kitchen and suddenly you end up hyper cleaning the hallway drawers haha, how did i end up here!
  12. My doctor said that as well. Or, we can't use the dopamin that is available, so thats whats the meds are for, to actually realizew there is sum dopamin there!
  13. SATURDAY0905 So. I haven't done any exersice, only been more aware, not sit still for long, walk on the spot in front of the TV. Low key stuff, but still. I have been in a very deep, dark, rabbit hole for a while now haha, so every little step I celebrate! Eating healthier and portion control is easier now as well, I don't binge anymore. I eat fruit and veggies. I finally managed to clean my kitchen as well, I know this is like a baaareee minimum of what any grown adult should do, but I've had a period of just being extremely apathetic and lazy, the ADD meds still don't work optimal and I
  14. I was vegetarian and then vegan for many years. Eventually it made things really hard because I ate really unhealthy on the vegan diet, its basically just lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to cooking. I became vegetarian because of enviromental reasons. Now my job can make it very hard, I'm often out sailing and we just make one big meal for everyone and we dont have the resources to make a vegan meal just for me, I often bring my own food tho. I was also vegetarian when I was in the navy, but there were a couple of others on board who also ate a vegetarian diet. I now make most
  15. Yes! When I got the diagnose I just went "wow, this actually explain everything". I can now understand more of why I am like I am as well, like the fact that I am not just lazy, its the ADD giving me troubles. My BF as well says I am different now, in a better way, like its easier to keep up with my line of thoughts. The medication also really helps with the boredom eating!
  16. It started as a trick to get lots of veggies in my diet when I was working as a captain, I didn't really have time before watch to get a good breakfast in, so I just blended it up. Since I was the officer my subortinates (lol) didn't really ask questions. I'll try that the next time! I keep offering them a taste, the ones who do taste do say it dosen't taste bad! It is genius! I kept trying to google it as well, but I only found like one backwater blogger or something who did it! At one point I thought maybe everyone does it and just never talk about it since its "obvi
  17. We are the same height! I also suddenly found myself at 80kgs as well! And lack all motivation for exercise! I should probably not seem as enthusiastic. Sounds like you have been through a rough time, hope you're at a better place now! And all adventures starts with the first step!
  18. I use frozen vegetables In my smoothie. People have told me that its crazy, but I cant really see why.. When I am on track with my diet I usually make myself a huge smoothie In the morning and fill up about two 1litre bottles. The smoothie is made of : one 500g bag of frozen veggies (usually the one with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) Half a cucumber Some ginger 20g chia seeds Half a avocado It fills me up untill lunch, and if not I have some almonds as well. I make it really watery and also add some sugar free like water addetive? I think its
  19. THURSDAY0705 Slept four hours.. So the Day started bad and really Just got worse. I havent worked out, ate like crap. Im In this weird space right now where I cant motivate myself to do anything. Baby steps i guess...
  20. WEDNESDAY0605 I eventually went for an hour long walk. Which was nice. My diet was crap, I literally only ate grilled cheese all day. But I did not binge! Its just amazing, I eat something and then I just stop. Also got a reply on a new position at work which I applied for, they won't hire any of the applicants.. Which confuses me, but ok.. Went to bed at around ten. Didn't fall asleep. Not much sleep...
  21. I did the 300 KBS a day for a while, I thought of getting back into it, but I'm so lazy now haha.
  22. Thanks all! I hope that this time I might actually have a successfull lifestyle change!
  23. I basically have to start from scratch. I used to be in pretty good shape, I loved weight lifting, hiking and I had an active job. I loved kettlebells, I used to find time to work out, I prioritzed my health. My diet has always been a mess, after years of untreated ADD which resulted in a touch of ED. I got my ED diagnose a couple of years back, but I never really followed up with treatment, I was busy. Now at the beginning of the year I got diagnosed with ADD and started medication, the doctor also figured my ED was a symptom of my ADD, and it would be easier to fix that once I got the right
  24. Hi! I have known about NerdFitness since it started up, but I have never felt "geek" enough, or "fit" enough to join. Though I have never felt really at home in any other fitness communities either, so, here I am. A little about me. I'm a teacher at vocational college. Before that I worked at sea. I had an active job, now, not so much. People always seems very surprised when they find out I'm into gaming, especially when they realize I have been playing WoW since vanilla and dabbled in end-game raiding. Nowadays I casually play WoW, especially after I got a new gami
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