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  1. Wow, I can't believe how long it's been. I have completely been forgetting to post updates for at least the better part of a week. Whoops. So in a nutshell, here's whats been happening. I've been only partway making my challenge goals recently. Some can be blamed on my knee, but I've been forgetting my wrist exercises and light off-day workouts, which I'm still perfectly capable of doing. My cooking, on the other hand, has been going really well. Within the past week or two I've made another Panang curry, homemade dumplings, two improvised zucchini curries (both different combinations of Indian spices), and tonight, after being inspired by last night's ordered-in Thai food, a Thai spicy eggplant stir-fry. Along the way I wound up accidentally making the discovery that my dad has a strong dislike for the smell of fish sauce/oyster sauce... This dish had a fair bit of them in it and fish and/or oyster sauce does smell pretty strong. When I first started using them I thought they smelled pretty weird too but over time they've grown on me. I guess it's an acquired taste for some people. The knee is definitely better, but not all the way. I'm completely fine walking around the house and can go up stairs much more easily now, but going down still I have to avoid having my bad knee as the following leg. Pistol squats/etc. are out of the question, let alone parkour. But while I may have an excuse for outright missing my parkour goal it's no excuse to stop taking care of my body & working out. Tuesday I did an arm/core circuit and Thursday I did 2 2/3 supersets, again focusing on arm/core. Knee or not I'm still on track there. If nothing else, I hope this interlude will help me with another miscellaneous goal of mine: building deltoid strength/muscle mass. I think I mentioned a while back in one thread or another how I've been doing bicep, tricep, and upper back/lats exercises for ages but my deltoids were seriously neglected. I noticed the lower half of my upper arms were gaining definition but my upper-upper arms were getting nothing. At some point I decided maybe I could do something about that. Now I have even more reason to give those some long overdue attention. ...And of course, there's the other big thing right now: ComicCon online!! I've been wearing costumes/cosplays around the house the past few days and this afternoon I saw two video panels- one about the upcoming new season of Cosmos this fall and one on NASA's plans to return humans to the moon and eventually go to Mars. The latter, I realized upon reading the description while waiting for it to start, was hosted/moderated by William Shatner. I was geeking out enough about the cool technology and science making these planned space missions possible before realizing the panel would be hosted by Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek! I remember shouting to the couple family members within earshot and literally jumping up and down with excitement. It turned out to be a really neat panel too. I'd heard a bit about the plans for NASA's Artemis missions but now I know even more. I only wish our connection had been better; the audio wouldn't stop lagging & skipping. Even so, it was a load of fun and I'm looking forward to more tomorrow!
  2. Funny, I find zucchini is actually one of easier vegetables to use because of how versatile it is. You can chop it up and put it in a stirfry or curry, turn it into zucchini noodles to use in your favorite pasta dishes, bake it in a casserole, or even just slice them, shake some seasonings on, and throw them on the grill. …That being said, aside from using zucchini for noodles I haven't seen very many recipes for zucchini in my meanderings around our cookbooks and the Internet. I think nearly everything I've done with zucchini has been the result of my own experimenting and improvising. I know there's a lot you can do with it but I'm honestly not sure where I would go if I wanted to learn more recipes/techniques. Hm. You know, I could probably start a new thread specifically for zucchini recipes and ideas. I bet I could write down approximately what I did for some of my favorite zucchini dishes even though I didn't use a recipe. That could be fun... Yeah, I'm not really sure how chlorine factors into the equation. I know surface transmission, while not zero, is much less problematic than airborne/person-to-person transmission. If small droplets from breath can spread the virus it would seem that non-chlorinated water would be as bad if not worse. If chlorine does kill the virus, great, and if not, one more reason for me to be glad I stayed home. I know right? Getting knee injuries (or injuries of any kind) is no fun. After some consideration I decided to skip my weekend workout altogether and focus on resting and gently moving my knee in the hopes of maximizing how much healing progress it will have made by Tuesday. Flat ground is completely fine and I'm rarely even thinking about it just walking around the house, but stairs and hills are still something I'm trying to avoid. Assuming it feels like it's still getting better on Tuesday I will try some gentle hills or assisted stairs just to see how it's doing. If it feels like it hasn't made any progress I'm going to have to start considering seeing a physical therapist; normally I'd be happy to go right for that but the coronavirus complicates things rather a lot. Meanwhile, sadly, I'm going to have to take a break from working on parkour. I think that's what sucks the most about this whole thing.
  3. The last couple weekends have been quite a series of misadventures. ...And it turns out this weekend is no different. First it was yellow jackets, then it was a spurting can, and now it's a (hopefully minor) knee problem. I was running down the stairs yesterday morning and partway down I felt a sharp twinge in my right knee. Not sure exactly what caused it, but my best guess is Thursday evening I was sitting in a somewhat unusual position which, while not hurting at all at the time, may have slightly overextended something that then reacted unfavorably to the strenuous activity of running haphazardly up and down staircases. I don't know exactly what part of the knee it is that's injured, only that it seems to be behaving like a sprained ankle so far, including the kind of pain and how its triggered. Casual walking around on flat ground is completely fine but it really doesn't like more stressful activity, like stairs (especially going down). I'm hoping this gets better within a week or two so I can get back to my normal workouts; in the meantime, I'm going to have to solely work on arms and core. Deltoid bootcamp, here I come!! Otherwise, I've been keeping up with my challenge goals pretty well. I've definitely done all my strength workouts, I've done at least some parkour, though possibly not as much is my initial goal stated, I've been keeping up with my wrist exercises fairly well, and while I'm not sure exactly what went into it I'm definitely feeling much better in my day-to-day life than I was at the beginning of the challenge, despite my continuing wrist problems. It's made cutting down on/eliminating snacking much easier too. Right now I'm rarely going back for food between meals and when I do it's something pretty healthy, such as carrots with dip or a few slices of lunchmeat. Now, on a completely different subject, can I just say it drives me crazy when I hear about people doing seemingly unnecessary risky things during the pandemic? So, I love swimming. I miss swimming a ton every winter and always really look forward to the public pools reopening. Of course things are a bit different this year, and for a while it was unclear whether or not the public pools would open at all. Eventually it was decided that the pools would open but with a number of restrictions, most notably that they're doing lap swimming only, and you have to sign up in advance for a certain timeslot on a certain day so they can regulate how many people are at the pool at any given time. That seemed like a reasonable precautionary measure to me, especially since if you're lap swimming and everyone's in their own lane you're still 6 feet away from each other. BUT it turns out they're actually letting up to three people, from completely different areas/households, use the same lane. And all the timeslots are booked by the time that day arrives so you can pretty much guarantee you're going to be swimming in fairly close quarters with two complete strangers. Briefly passing someone within 6 feet while outdoors, such as might happen while hiking a trail, doesn't seem highly risky to me. But if you're passing that same person again and again for a whole hour, that's a different story altogether. I'd love to go to the pool. I really would, but unless they change the current system so people can always stay 6+ feet from each other at all times, I just don't think it's a wise idea. And yeah, maybe they're worried they won't have enough people using the pool to make it worth opening if they keep it strictly one person per lane, but if they're going to open at all I really wish they'd take the risks a little more seriously! Okay. Now that I've got that out of my system, I'd better start thinking about what I'm going to do with that zucchini that's been sitting in the fridge for tonight's dinner. I just made Panang curry again, so maybe I'll look into something Indian or Chinese rather than Thai. Whatever it is will be pretty darn limited by the fact that it's been over a week since we've been to the grocery store and that zucchini is pretty much the only fresh vegetable we have right now. I think we have some wonton/dumpling wrappers in the fridge so if I can find some other ingredients maybe I can do something with those. Still, it would have to be pretty heavily improvised. Luckily I tend to be pretty good at that...
  4. Thursday July 16 Meals: breakfast: coffee, an apple, a small piece of banana bread, one leftover tuna patty (5g protein), and some carrots with balsamic dressing/dip lunch: Taco wrap (~25-30g protein) & some carrots with hummus, protein shake after workout (25g protein) dinner: Panang curry! (30 protein) With cauliflower rice. Total protein: ~85-90g Workout: Warm-up: Various light movements Superset 1 (3x): Lateral walks with moderate resistance band 15 steps in each direction Pavlov press with heavy resistance band 30 sec per side Lateral arm raises 6lbs 8x Superset 2 (3x): Bulgarian split squat 8x per leg (I used a higher chair for my back leg this time so these were noticeably harder than before) Rows with two heavy resistance bands 12x Decline plank 60 sec Superset 3 (3x): Single arm chest press 15lbs 10x per arm Jumping jack squats 20x Dead bug with 3lbs hand weights 20x Cooldown: Basic stretching routine
  5. No, I haven't been, but I'll be sure to pay attention to that next time I'm doing them! I'm estimating I've been doing around 5 seconds, but I'll need to double check. 3 sets of 3 at 7-10 seconds each seems like a good goal to shoot for- maybe even one for my next challenge if I haven't made it before then!
  6. Sunday July 12 Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee lunch: Wrap? Dinner: brisket, cauliflower rice, and roasted green beans Monday July 13 Breakfast: yogurt, an apple, and a cup of coffee lunch: stirfry veggie wrap and some carrots with hummus dinner: Mexican-style chicken tortilla soup with toasted corn tortilla chips Tuesday July 14 Meals: breakfast: oatmeal with a scoop of yogurt (5g protein), a few carrots with hummus, and a cup of highly caffeinated tea lunch: protein shake after workout (25g protein), leftover brisket (20g protein) with cauliflower rice and green beans, some more carrots and hummus, and a few roast beef lunchmeat slices (5g protein) dinner: Homemade tacos! Toppings included bell peppers, onions, avocado, and sour cream. I had three on a small corn tortillas. Overall about 30g protein Total protein: 85g Workout: warm-up: various leg movements Superset 1 (3x): overhead press/chest fly combo 8lbs per arm 10x Bulgarian split squat 10x per leg seated leg lifts/circles 5x per circle direction Superset 2 (3x): bodyweight rows 10x side plank 30 sec per side parkour jump/landing practice back and forth on the sidewalk, trying to land directly on the sidewalk cracks Superset 3 (3x): elevated push-ups 12x bent over reverse fly 5lbs 10x lateral arm raise 5lbs 10x Cooldown: arm focused stretching routine total time: ~50 minutes Wednesday July 15 breakfast: yogurt, an apple, and a cup of coffee lunch: chicken tortilla soup with leftover onions/bell peppers and some tortilla chips crumbled on top, carrots with hummus dinner: Tuna & zucchini patties, some more carrots with hummus, and snacks on some bits and pieces of various leftovers Also went for a short walk and did six pull up negatives today!
  7. Wednesday July 8 Breakfast: Oatmeal, coffee, a few pieces of leftover veggies & pepperoni Lunch: Leftover roast veggies & grilled eggplant/zucchini, a few carrots and crackers with hummus & pepperoni/lunchmeat Dinner: Improvised stirfry including zucchini, onions, garlic scapes, and shrimp with cauliflower rice Thursday July 9 Workout: Warm-up: various light movements Superset 1 (3x): face pulls 10x lateral arm raises 6lbs 8x bentover reverse fly 5lbs 8x Superset 2 (3x): dead bug with 4lb hand weights20x single leg Romanian deadlift 6lbs 8x per leg (emphasis on stretch at bottom of range of movement) Bulgarian split squat 10x per leg Superset 3 (3x): chest press 15lbs per arm 10x stair jumps 10x jackknife 10x Cooldown: basic stretching routine Notes: increased the weight on the arm raises, reverse flys, and RDLs by 1lb. Definitely making progress on the first two without any drawbacks but I'm still watching for my tight-hamstring problem. Even if I keep increasing the weight I'm using by only 1lb increments I know somewhere between 5 pounds (which was fine) and 10 pounds (which caused cramping/tightness despite being super easy) I'm going to start noticing day-after super tightness showing up again. With any luck the onset of that tightness will be gradual enough that I can start working on that in a more effective manner. Meals: Breakfast: protein shake after workout (25g protein), two fried eggs with a toasted wrap (~17g protein), a few pieces of leftover roast veggies, and a little bit of lunchmeat (5g protein) Lunch: toasted wrap with a veggie burger (18g protein), yogurt (15g protein), and salad Dinner: swedish meatballs (25g protein) with zucchini noodles, a few carrots with hummus Total protein: ~105g Friday July 10 Breakfast: Oatmeal, coffee, a couple apple slices, and a few carrot sticks with hummus Lunch: Wrap with turkey lunchmeat, lettuce, and avocado ranch dressing, some carrots & crackers with hummus Dinner: Leftover stir-fry with cauliflower rice, baked fish with a little coconut milk Saturday July 11 Meals: Breakfast: ? Lunch: Protein shake (25g protein), ? dinner: Stirfried cabbage & veggies (inspired by mu shu vegetables but as I wasn't following a recipe it came out a bit different than the actual dish I've been thinking of) Workout: Did a group workout class via Zoom in the morning and followed up with some basic strength exercises during the afternoon including rows, elevated push-ups, tricep extensions, chest flys, and a few pistol squats
  8. Well, I'm currently in three active games. Two of them are run by someone else, one of which is highly roleplay/story-focused using 5E and the other is more standard dungeon crawl style in 3.5E. The one I'm helping run is also 3.5E but is very story driven and the world/storyline/characters/etc. are entirely homebrew. The sheer amount of worldbuilding and NPC personality/backstory detailing that's gone into it so far would fill at least a trilogy at if we tried to write it down. It's kind of interesting how it started, too. Some while ago my mom decided to run a small scale D&D campaign just for the family. It was a lot of fun, but my mom was really busy and low on energy and at some point it kind of stalled. We have yet to pick it up again; as much as we all might like to it just hasn't been practical. But with the lockdown in place we found ourselves with more free time on our hands than before. Unfortunately, my mom was still busy & tired enough that she didn't feel up to immediately picking up her campaign again, and in the meantime my sister and I were finding ourselves getting pretty bored. So at some point the two of us had the idea of running our own family campaign, since we had loads of time to work on stuff and everyone loved the idea of getting to play again. The first couple sessions were pretty simple and straightforward; we were still figuring out the details of what we wanted the overall storyline to be and getting the hang of how running the game was going to work. But then somewhere along the way we hit a tipping point and the detail & complexity of the world and the plot just skyrocketed. It basically went from, "find a way to stop a powerful evil army from invading" to "slowly unearth a multidimensional conspiracy that has roots going back thousands of years while navigating inter-kingdom politics, powerful/ancient beings hunting you, NPCs who hide their true allegiances and make you think they're on your side all while using you for their own purposes, a really weird tavern keeper who seems to know more than they let on, and a looming threat to civilization as we know it". So yeah. Evidently this is what happens when you take several creative people and lock them in the house together with nothing else to do for prolonged periods of time. I'm not sure I even want to know how long it would take to play through all of the content we've created, assuming we ever get that far. Tacos were great! I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do beef or beans as the primary protein so I eventually decided to make both. The cooking was all pretty easy. I fried up a bunch of sliced bell peppers and onions until the bell peppers had started to blacken nicely, put them aside and fried up package of ground beef, added my homemade taco seasoning blend, then mixed in a little extra bouillon and water since I wanted a bit more sauce. For the beans I just opened a can of pre-seasoned beans, decided their pathetic excuse for seasoning was a slight to anyone who cares about the way their food tastes, and added a variety of Cajun type spices that I thought would complement the existing flavor, such that it was, and the rest of the taco ingredients. Then it was just a matter of slicing some avocado and getting out the tortillas, sour cream, & salsa. Maybe not a complicated meal, but it was delicious nonetheless and we even had leftovers! As far as the pull-ups, I'm still in the slow-but-clear-progress department. I did, however, manage six pull-up negatives earlier today, which is a new record! And I noticed that I wasn't having the same twinges/soreness while performing the exercise that I'd had the first few times I did them. I think that's the largest sign of progress so far; I may not be adding additional reps very frequently but my body seems to be adjusting to the reps I am doing. And, so far my wrists hasn't given me any trouble, grip strength or otherwise!
  9. Ugh, I feel you on that one. I have the exact same problem… It's so frustrating when you're making progress but mostly in the areas you don't need it. Evidently the belly issue runs in my family but as far as I'm aware I'm the only one right now who cares about it.
  10. Yesss!!! I watched Hamilton just a week or two ago and it was amazing! I've still got the songs stuck in my head! Its an incredible, one-of-a-kind show, and I'm so glad it's on streaming now so it's available to more people.
  11. You know, after the yellowjacket incident last week, I really expected this weekend would be fairly low-key. ...Ha. First of all we finally got an appointment with the exterminators to deal with the the yellowjacket nest in our shed. We'd scheduled earlier in the week but they'd run really late and eventually cancelled. When they did show up on the rescheduled day it was several hours later than their original timeslot, but at least its dealt with now. On Saturday morning I tried an online group workout class via Zoom which was loads of fun, despite some technical difficulties. However, I didn't feel like it worked my muscles as hard as I usually like to. So after an online meetup with some friends after lunch I did an extra couple sets of exercises for good measure. Then I realized I was running low on time if I wanted to cook dinner before the evening D&D game. As I was assembling the ingredients for a cabbage and vegetable stirfry I discovered, in the back of the pantry, a can of water chestnuts. I thought, "Wow, I bet these would be great with the dish I'm planning to make!" I checked the date on the can, since they were at the back of the pantry, and found that while it was past it's date it was only by a few months. I know canned food doesn't spoil that quickly and I have often used cans that were slightly past their date and found they were fine so I figured I'd open it and see whether or not it still tasted good enough to be worth using. Well. I never did find out whether or not it still tasted good, because as I started to open the can it spurted a bunch of liquid all over the counter. I know fully well that cans spurting liquid = pressure buildup inside of can = probably the result of bacterial growth of some sort, worst case botulism. So that can went right in the trash. Unfortunately, the liquid had sprayed on some of the food that I got out... Not my stirfry ingredients, thank goodness, but I had an open bag of carrots and container of hummus sitting out directly in the line of fire. Those aren't things that are possible to clean properly and while botulism is very rare we decided not to take any chances and wound up throwing them out. Both of them were nearly full. That really sucked. It was one of my favorite kinds of hummus too. My stirfry came out well though, and the D&D game was fun if a bit slow at times. Sunday turned out to be pretty quiet. That was a nice change of pace after all the ups and downs of the previous day. In the evening I GMed another D&D game which ran much later than intended but included an epic bar fight with some particularly rude guards. I did not, however, when setting up this encounter, expect that the druid would summon a hippogriff in the middle of the tavern. That turned into quite a mess, but a fun mess, and everyone had a great time! So all in all, it was a fine weekend, just definitely not the weekend I was expecting. At least I'm still keeping up my workouts despite the craziness on Saturday and be numerous late nights in a row due to D&D and other things. Planning on cooking something involving bell peppers later this week, though I haven't decided what yet. Maybe tacos. I keep thinking about those but still haven't made them in ages. Speaking of which, it is Tuesday... Perhaps the time has come...
  12. Yeah. At first we were seriously hoping there was a way to deal with it on our own but after a little bit of research it became pretty clear it's much better to get a professional for these kinds of things. As I said, we're lucky no one got stung and frankly I'd like to keep it that way. It's been kind of interesting watching them fly in or out through the gap at the bottom of of our shed door, from a safe distance of course. We can't tell exactly how many are in there but given there's a nest it's probably a larger number than it looks like from the outside. If it really was just a few we could probably manage but a whole colony is waaay out of our league. I know, right? Over the past couple months my family has had one false alarm like this after another. Someone gets a sore throat or a runny nose or a cough(!) and everyone's like, "Okay, this might be it. Let's get out our emergency pantry stash so we don't risk infecting people at the store, make sure we're ready in case things get really bad, etc." Then a day or two later everyone's fine again. Still, better safe than sorry.
  13. I remember practicing A and D chords when I was first trying to learn guitar... It took me a while to get the hang of it but it definitely paid off. Still, I never got very good at guitar, at least not beyond a few fairly simple chords. Once I discovered the magic that is using a capo I just transposed any song I wanted to play into one of the two keys I knew the chords for and then put my capo on the appropriate fret so it would still be in my singing range. To be fair, that was several years ago, and I've only occasionally picked up my guitar between then and now. I'd love to get back into playing more but sadly my wrist tendinitis won't cooperate.
  14. Well. It has been way too long since I posted an update here. So, here's more-or-less what's been happening this past week-and-a-half: First, the basic challenge-update overview. The last week has seen its share of ups and downs. I've been diligent with my wrist exercises and light exercise including hamstring stretching on my off days but have been slacking on the parkour practice. Really need to actually start doing that regularly even if the grass is itchy and wet and there's nowhere to practice vaults. On the other hand, I think I'm finally starting to see a little progress with my hamstring stretches. It's kind of hard to tell but there was at least one day when after a comparatively long stretching session I noticed I could bend a few inches farther forward than normal. Given my long history of fighting my hamstrings without any luck that was a nice discovery. I've also been working on pull-up negatives every couple days and I think they are getting a little bit easier. I still haven't managed to do more than five on a given day, but five is more than four, so that's progress! -=|<x>|=- In other news the biggest recent event to note is what happened on the 4th of July, or rather, what didn't happen. I had pretty much the entire day planned out: workout in the morning, dig out and look over our old model rocketry stuff, go out to a nearby park and grill hamburgers for lunch (since by dinner the place will probably be packed despite Covid-19/social distancing), find an open field to actually launch some model rockets in the afternoon, and chillax at home in the evening. Then, I woke up in the morning feeling weirdly lightheaded. Like, lightheaded even while I was still lying down in bed. My first thought was, "Okay, this has never happened to me before... I know Covid-19 affects the respiratory system and can reduce the amount of oxygen that your body can get into the bloodstream which could totally explain feeling lightheaded… Even if it seems unlikely, I wonder if that could possibly be what's going on?" Well, in a nutshell, that wasn't what was going on. It gradually got better over the course of the day; by the afternoon I felt fine going about my daily life and the next day I was back to normal. However that didn't change the fact that I'd spent the morning lying on the couch feeling mildly unwell instead of doing any of the other stuff I'd wanted to do. And even once I was back up & functioning again all my plans had been derailed. So that sucked. Luckily, the next day we were able to go out and grill those hamburgers for a post-workout brunch despite having to buy new charcoal due to the yellowjackets in our front shed. ...Oh, yeah. Sunday morning we discovered a bunch of yellowjackets in our front shed. Evidently they'd built a nest there at some point and since we hadn't opened our shed for a while goodness knows how long they've been there by now. No one got stung upon making this discovery but since our bag of charcoal was all the way in the shed nobody wanted to take the risk of retrieving it. So we wound up stopping at store to grab a new bag of charcoal on the way to the grill site. That was quite the unexpected plot twist! After some consideration we decided to call exterminators rather than trying to handle it ourselves. Hopefully the yellowjacket extermination goes smoothly and nothing else unexpected happens…
  15. Friday July 3 -- Saturday July 4 – (Forgot to track during those last two days, but nothing out of the ordinary happened so I suppose it's not a big deal.) Sunday July 5 Meals: Breakfast: Protein shake after workout (25g protein), and some other stuff but once again I have forgotten Lunch: Grilled-on-an-actual-grill hamburger with a wrap & barbecue sauce (30g protein), grilled onions, and corn Dinner: Panang curry (new batch!)(25g protein) & cauliflower rice Total protein: At least 80g Workout: Warm-up: light movements and a small jog Superset 1 (3x): Bulgarian split-squats 10x per leg Lateral arm raises 5lbs 10x Bicycle crunches 24x Superset 2: elevated push-ups 12x jumping squats 10x face-pulls 10x Superset 3: side-bend core exercise 25lbs 10x per side Bodyweight rows 10x jumping lunges 16x Cooldown: basic stretching routine Monday July 6 Breakfast: Oatmeal, coffee Lunch: Grilled zucchini & eggplant with miso-sauce, wrap with roast beef and pesto, several slices of lunchmeat Dinner: Leftover curry and cauliflower rice Tuesday July 7 Meals: breakfast: yogurt (15g protein), protein shake (25g protein), most of an apple, and the last little bit of leftover curry with a wrap (10g protein) lunch: wrap with turkey lunchmeat (15g protein) + lettuce, onions, and pesto dinner: mixed roasted veggies and a few carrots with hummus & slices of lunchmeat (5g protein) total protein: ~70g (a bit lower than I'd like for a workout day, but oh well.) Workout: Warm up: walk around the neighborhood and some light movements Superset 1 (3x): bodyweight rows 10x elevated push-ups 10x pistol squats 8x per leg Superset 2 (3x): overhead press/chest fly combo 8lbs per arm 10x Bulgarian split squat 10x per leg seated leg lifts/circles 5x per circle direction Superset 3 (3x): lateral arm raises 5lbs per arm 10x jackknife 10x bicycle crunches 20x Cooldown: basic stretching routine
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