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  1. Today was a strength training day. I did weighted squats, arnold presses, hip lifts, hammer curls and crunches. Felt good. Got in a good stretch since my hamstring soreness has calmed down. Calories were on point as well!
  2. Week 1 went well! I have been doing strength training and either walking or biking on alternating days.my diet has been decent. I am steadily losing weight. I have been stretching, but some very sore hamstrings has made that a challenge.
  3. I am brand new to trying to build muscle. I looked at NF resourses for beginners and it reccomended a whole body routine, 3 times per week. I have 1 resistance band and some dumbells up to 25 #. I am a 35 yo female with 120# to lose. I am thinking Workout A Squats Arnold Press Hip Lift Bicep Curl Ball crunches Workout B Lunges Pushups Dead lift Bungee rows Side ball crunches Workout C Plie Squat Chest press Good mornings? Upright row Plank
  4. Day 1 Quest 1-Since it is Mother's Day and I am a mother I had a bit of a diet cheat day. Nothing ridiculous, but I didn't track. Quest 2-I did weight training using the NF formula (pull, push, quad, hamstring/butt and core). Quest 3-I did a very short stretch. I ate right before I did weights and it made me a bit sick to my stomach. I just wanted to sit down tbh.
  5. Vegitarian for several years then went Vegan for 6 years before incorporating backyard chicken eggs into my diet about 1 year ago. No dairy or commercial eggs and no meat. I am an ethical veggie. Followed a truck of cows home in 2009 and never ate meat again.
  6. Great goals. I am also curious what kinds of workouts you have planned.
  7. Hello. I'm Kate. Im a 35 y.o. momma of a 3 y.o. Im new to NF, I found it when I was researching how to work out effectively. I have always been overweight and currently have about 120 lbs to be a healthy weight. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel. Quest-Ease of movement through increased strength and decreased weight. 1. Log food in MFP every day and stay within my caloric goal 95% of the time. 2. Move every day. Goal of weight training 3-4 times per week with walking/biking on off days. 3. Stretch daily!
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