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  1. Ah a response!!! (Sorry if this isnt how you respond to comments Im new!) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE! Im glad to say I do have a doctor and have spoken to him about this! He always says to start slow with walks and such but he is typically very vague about his advice ahaha he says a lot to take it easy and not push myself. I guess it never crossed my mind that I could start slow! I used to be a very busy body wanting results as fast as possible but now I have to learn to change that. I really appreciate your response, hearing from someone else that its ok to start slow really reassures
  2. Hiya fellow nerds! Im glad I found a forum like this so lemme just get into it. Im 25 and female. I used to be very healthy I took dance classes on a regular, had a decent diet and was 5'4 125LBS. Then when I turned 18 I got an auto immune disease. I was immediately put on corticosteroids for inflammation and very quickly ended up bedridden but the worst began 2 years ago when I developed a generalized anxiety disorder. In a little less than a year I put on 75LBS, was bedridden most days and am now sedentary. I also dislocated my knee last year and it has since not felt the same. I spend most
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