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  1. Things have been hectic! I was hired and started my new job less than a week apart. I finished my second board!!! Fred is doing well, had a minor bout of overwatering but that’s been corrected. I finally used my reward from @Novaurora to buy some new swag. I start a new board this week!!
  2. More than halfway through the current number of days on the sticker board. Feeling better about forming habits as I no longer have to remind myself to make the bed every morning. Also having found some part time work helping out at a farm in the area has greatly increased my shower needs. (animals are stinky but fun). Due to COVID my social interaction has been lacking however I do find time to chat with people via video as I can.
  3. Update Time, It's now into the full two weeks of my board and I'm working towards my reward. The board is broken down into Daily (red), As needed (green) (don't come at me about showers, somedays you just don't need or want one) and then the purple at the bottom is for just as they happen things. I find the thing that I struggle with the most is exercise and practicing my instrument (which as a former music major/teacher was something that I did for hours a day). I am hoping that with habit it will become less of a struggle to pull out the Euphonium and make some notes on it. I also added more stickers to include shiny emojis and a few shiny colorful stars.
  4. I have the dog equivalent of a Polar bear. (see image) He is appropriately named Polar and is a 90lbs shepherd husky with more hair than I care to think about. Grooming him is a monumental task
  5. I'm new to the challenges too but I am right there with you on the tough life situations making exercise and accountability difficult. Was recommended to the forum by a good friend due to the support. Hope your tracking continues to go well!!! Best of luck!!!
  6. Hello Fellow Nerdlings, I am new to the forum, graciously introduced to it by @Novaurora, a real life hero of mine. She told me it's a safe, fun place to get help and support for various things fitness and otherwise and I look forward to it. I recently within the last two years have had what you might call a "Series of Unfortunate Events" including but not limited to a contentious divorce from a terrible marriage, being forced to give up the best job I'd had as a 911 dispatcher, putting all my belongings into storage then moving 1700 miles back close to family in 3ish days with a dog and a cat to an uncertain future. Needless to say, in the midst of all this I have lost my way in a few things, such as mental and physical health. My family and I are working hard to make a plan and get me back on the right path, but there's no such thing as too much support. I've gotten everything back to the basics and am even using an old school chart with stickers (you heard me right, stickers), and not just any stickers...no they are smiley face food and cacti with sunglasses. (No plain gold stars for this former teacher). The reason behind the chart is to allow me to identify things that are within my control that I can accomplish and to identify the accomplishments. I've worked several high stress jobs and have used exercise as a good method of blowing off steam or focusing on something outside the "horrors" of my profession. I am starting slow again, having just accomplished my first Marathon in 2018...finding that I struggle to run 2 miles was a huge hit to my confidence. My main goal in all of this is to get back the healthy habits I've lost and return to exercise without if feeling like an insurmountable task in my day.
  7. @sloththeenduring I have included a photo of Fred.
  8. Hello Fellow Nerdlings, Courtesy of @Novaurora I have joined this merry band of nerdy fitness to have self accountability in my fight against anxiety and depression based lack of motivation. Previous to starting this challenge I had already set up small steps for myself using a chart with goals and check offs. Thanks to @Novaurora I also have a reward to help me stay focused on accomplishing my tasks. Picture in Spoiler. I am starting from scratch with the basics to refocus after a series of difficult situations resulted in my hurriedly moving back home with no job or plan.
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