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  1. While I keep up with doing workouts and cooking, it became clear that I need to step up my selfcare game. Which means, better sleep routine, some yoga (which boosts my mood), meditating and creating a better structure for working from home. I did not make any measerable progress last week, but I ate a little less sweets than before. The TRX band is great, because I can practice the switch between pulling and pushing myself up. For the pushups and handstands, I don't have a program, I just keep on working on it in some variations. Depends on what I feel up to at the
  2. Update for last week: I cooked twice, but ate too much sweets. Lesson: Some things I should not have at home in the first place. Time I can hang at a pull-up bar: about 60 seconds Time I can hold a free handstand: about 3 seconds, but it's only an estimation Number of push-ups: 13 (so +1) Also I added some training with a TRX band to pull myself up. I think this will be quite helpful.
  3. Thank you, Sylvaa. I think Assassins is a fitting group for my goals. I write my snacking down in my bullet journal. It does stop me from eating it all without thinking about it.
  4. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. We will have to figure out what kind of costumes work. For one play, we will simply make up a big scary monster with two people. In another play, we will be pirates and I will use a crew member as a lookout.
  5. First update: I have to start slower on the strength training than I wanted, because I got hurt last week and need more time to heal. So I take it slow. Instead, yesterday I got on my bike, because I had to get to the office. About 10km per way. Usually I combine the bike with public transport, so I'm proud that I did not take the easier way. Today, I cooked garlic mushrooms on toasted bread. Time I can hang at a pull-up bar: 60 seconds Time I can hold a free handstand: 2 seconds Number of push-ups: 12 Well, it's all a start
  6. Oh, thank you. I looked Acro Yoga up, that's perfect. I have practiced with a partner and soon realized that I need some extra strength to make it look that clumsy and funny. From your signature I see that you have a great taste in books. I love Discworld.
  7. 🤣 I can live with Tacobat. I'm not good with innovative online names anyway.
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first challenge in the forums and so I think it's a good point to start here. The last two years cut my resources short, but I know I feel better when I'm stronger, more active and have clear goals to accomplish. So here I am: Main goal: I want to be able to dos omething like the devils part in this acrobatic comedy number: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uTpklGUvJw Supporting Smart goals: 1) less weight to lift: cook healthy meals for at least two days a week and keep down the sugar intake by writing down every sugary s
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