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  1. While I keep up with doing workouts and cooking, it became clear that I need to step up my selfcare game. Which means, better sleep routine, some yoga (which boosts my mood), meditating and creating a better structure for working from home. I did not make any measerable progress last week, but I ate a little less sweets than before. The TRX band is great, because I can practice the switch between pulling and pushing myself up. For the pushups and handstands, I don't have a program, I just keep on working on it in some variations. Depends on what I feel up to at the day.
  2. Update for last week: I cooked twice, but ate too much sweets. Lesson: Some things I should not have at home in the first place. Time I can hang at a pull-up bar: about 60 seconds Time I can hold a free handstand: about 3 seconds, but it's only an estimation Number of push-ups: 13 (so +1) Also I added some training with a TRX band to pull myself up. I think this will be quite helpful.
  3. Thank you, Sylvaa. I think Assassins is a fitting group for my goals. I write my snacking down in my bullet journal. It does stop me from eating it all without thinking about it.
  4. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. We will have to figure out what kind of costumes work. For one play, we will simply make up a big scary monster with two people. In another play, we will be pirates and I will use a crew member as a lookout.
  5. First update: I have to start slower on the strength training than I wanted, because I got hurt last week and need more time to heal. So I take it slow. Instead, yesterday I got on my bike, because I had to get to the office. About 10km per way. Usually I combine the bike with public transport, so I'm proud that I did not take the easier way. Today, I cooked garlic mushrooms on toasted bread. Time I can hang at a pull-up bar: 60 seconds Time I can hold a free handstand: 2 seconds Number of push-ups: 12 Well, it's all a start
  6. Oh, thank you. I looked Acro Yoga up, that's perfect. I have practiced with a partner and soon realized that I need some extra strength to make it look that clumsy and funny. From your signature I see that you have a great taste in books. I love Discworld.
  7. I can live with Tacobat. I'm not good with innovative online names anyway.
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first challenge in the forums and so I think it's a good point to start here. The last two years cut my resources short, but I know I feel better when I'm stronger, more active and have clear goals to accomplish. So here I am: Main goal: I want to be able to dos omething like the devils part in this acrobatic comedy number: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uTpklGUvJw Supporting Smart goals: 1) less weight to lift: cook healthy meals for at least two days a week and keep down the sugar intake by writing down every sugary snack I eat 2) three times a week a workout mixture of strength training, balance and flexibility. Write down my progress for: time to hold a handstand, number of push-ups, time I can hold myself hanging I am part of a larp theater group, which maybe explains the strange goal. We work on some new plays and skills at the moment, so we can show them of next year. I'll keep you updated.
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