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  1. Hey everybody, sort of feels like I've been treading water so I'm going to be mixing up my training. For almost a year I've treated calisthenics almost like bodybuilding. I'll do hard compound movements with long rest periods, and diligently track my sets and reps. I want to shift gears into some higher intensity work and make use of higher reps and giant/supersets. This'll work my muscular endurance which has been neglected some, but most importantly I just need a new stimulus. Tonight was a lot of fun and despite this workout being 24 sets, I got through it in about 40 min. Some of you may remember the hip to waist row that was a bit of a project of mine during a challenge awhile back. I still haven't done the proper movement, but I was watching videos on youtube for motivation, and I saw a variation that I actually could do: This is obviously way easier but it's a starting point. I don't know what it is with me and the front lever but I am lacking something. My body is not working as a complete unit. But anyway before I go off on a tangent on that, I decided to take the first giant set of this workout and do my own variation. So first giant set was Pullups->Midback Row->High to low rows with my heaviest resistance band. I did 3 rounds of this all to failure. Then next giant set was chest. Dips->Pushups->High to low single arm band flyes. 3 rounds to failure for this too. I finished off the workout with an arms superset. This was tricep extensions, and body curls, 3 rounds. The pump was insane after this workout and I'm feeling a great sense of exhaustion
  2. Your tattoo looks really cool I can't wait to see how it turns out when it is finished! Following along for these goals, yeah, the stretching is so hard to stick to I hope you can see some lasting results with it.
  3. Hey all, I woke up this morning with my legs really stiff, especially my right. I think this relates to my herniated disc a couple years ago while deadlifting. I tried to stretch it throughout the day, but to be honest I don't know if I know how to correct it. I actually brought it up to my physical therapist but she thinks I should just proceed with our stretches and seems to think it will correct itself. I hope she is right. Work dragged on today and as I neared the end of my shift I was feeling that lack of motivation set in and the fatigue, that I've been fighting for what seems like months now. I turned on an old Greg Plitt video and by the time the video was done, my shift was over, and I had the motivation necessary to get my workout done. Today was legs and was all about real high volume, and as pristine of form as possible. Here was the workout: Lunges 4 sets to failure Squats 4 sets to failure Single-leg calf raises 4 sets to failure Abdominal Circuit, rotated through six exercises til burn out There wasn't anything fancy to this workout, and no exercise was really that hard but with each set to failure it was hard to walk downstairs afterwards Tomorrow I'm going to do something. I haven't decided yet, but my mood is way better when I feel like I've done something to get my fitness back. It gives me the energy to do other productive things in my life. Right now I'm working on helping my mom get a job. She hasn't had one for years and is not much of a self starter but once she gets in a role she is an amazing employee so I'm hoping I can do this before things get busy for me again. Work has slowed down with the busy season behind me, but the next big thing in my life is looming ahead. I've found a location I'd like to rent, and some 1 bedrooms are opening up around May-June. This is because these apartments are located near a community college and a lot of students stay there. I mostly want to rent there because the city is a little safer than the one I am in currently, and they are very spacious for a rent that I can afford alone.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm bringing this battle log back from the dead A rather productive Monday, I got a dentist appointment scheduled, did some cleaning, and actually did a workout. The park was filled with parents and kids so I avoided the pull up bar I usually use to avoid disturbing their play. I remember during this time last year the park was completely isolated. I'm now experiencing what a normal spring is like as a bodyweight trainee. The good thing is I found a bar to do some inverted rows, and I decided to use that same bar to do some one arm pushups since I wasn't feeling strong enough today to do the real exercise. Once I finished those two exercises the park cleared some and I was able to do some arms as a finisher. My bicep movement was interesting. The park I go to has some rings and so instead of invert rowing with them, I supinated my palms and basically 'curled' my body. The range of motion isn't huge, but it is a lot of tension so the number of reps was actually rather low. I like it, it's another new way to hit my biceps without needing any weights. Here is a quick write-up of what I did. Inverted rows 5 sets to failure Assisted one-arm pushups 4 sets to failure Overhead tricep extensions 4 sets to failure Bodycurls (We'll call it that til I figure out the real name ) 4 sets to failure Tomorrow I'm going to either go for a long walk, a stretch, or a leg workout.
  5. Hey everybody. Sleeps been really meh this past week. A lot of tossing and turning, and waking up earlier than I should. I did fit in a walk today, and five sets of hanging side to side knee raises to build up my abs some more. I'm pretty tired but stretching doesn't really take much for energy so I'm going to be doing that tonight too. Other than that I'm going to spend the night researching some convenient protein sources. Around the end of last year I had replaced protein powders with jerky because I wanted to try something more satiating. It was delicious, filled me up, and very low calorie. I kept costs down by buying bags in bulk. More recently however, my last order came with a spoiled bag, that I didn't notice until two months after I ordered, because it happened to be the last bag I'd opened out of my bulk order. Two months is a long time, but with a December 2021 good by date I expected it to last much longer. I contacted the company and politely explained the situation, and they completely ghosted me. So I haven't placed another order since, and now it's been a month without having some quick and easy protein on hand. Since I'm lactose intolerant I have to cross Whey off the list. The top 3 sources I'm considering right now is a vegan protein powder, collagen protein, or find a new jerky brand. Collagen has a lot of marketing behind it that I'm trying to work through what is myth and what is real. If it truly does have anti aging/skin benefits I'm not primarily after that, but it's a great side benefit to my protein supplementation.
  6. Hey Mike, yeah It's been a little over a week since I made the plunge with that taxable brokerage account, and I think I will start to build up cash to feel more of a safety net. I say this because, I have this problem where in my head I logically know I'm holding for 5+ years, but I still wake up, pop open the app, stare at the graph, sometimes even monitor it throughout the day lol. This is of course not at all conducive to a long term investor and I feel the more I pour in, the more I'll start to care about what happens. But the more cash I have, the more I can detach emotionally from whether that account is earning or not. I have it set up to automatically reinvest its dividends so it will be growing on its own, even if I slow down, or temporarily stop contributing to it. On the flip side, I think knowing what I know now, I'd also feel some degree of anxiety not being in the market at all. So basically I'm seeking balance in the force That's a pretty eye-opening calculator thank you for sharing it. My friends who did decide to go for the home ownership are pretty proud of it, I think I'll take this information and kind of keep it to myself since they're already 'locked in', and what's done is done, but for me it does make me feel even better about renting right now. Quick fitness update before bed. After work I tried some skills practice. This included frog pose, upside down deadlift, and elbow lever practice. I'm pretty bad at all 3 of these moves but that's why I'm working at them. After that I did 4 sets of pull ups to failure, 4 sets of inverted rows, and then 5 sets of weighted pushups to finish off the workout. Anyway pretty short update but, nearly midnight so I'm rushing off to bed
  7. Yeah a lot of people treat homes as an investment. I only see that to an extent. If it's the home you live in, I don't really consider that very liquid. Moving is a big hassle, so is selling it I imagine. Also, if just getting credit card debt scared me, the idea of a 30 year mortgage is something I don't even like to think about lol. Anyway for now, I have the comfort of having freedom. I can move states with relative ease if I ever wanted, and psychologically this idea of still having all these options really lets me still imagine about my life. I'm not ready for things to feel set in stone. Now for a quick fitness update. This is going to be me complaining about my fatigue again lol. I've in the past listed off several reasons why it's hitting so hard. They range from work, sleep, stress, and my 1 year relationship falling through back in early Jan... but as always I'm trying to be solutions oriented. I'm playing with the idea of trying meditation. As part of this challenge for the reading portion, I'm going to be starting a book called Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance. At this stage it's just my interest for knowledge. I'm still not sold on taking some time to sit down and meditate, because I'm of the belief that I sit too much as it is already. With that said I want to be open minded about things that could potentially help me, and one of my fitness mentors claimed this book really helped him, even with his workouts. Fatigue aside, my workouts have been here and there. Most of my strength gains I've made over this past year have stuck, and the gains I've lost I think I could get back as soon as I get my energy levels under control. I've been doing assisted one arm chins as my main pulling movement for a bit, and feet elevated side to side pushups. My leg workouts have been very easy. Lunges, squats with my vest, and calf raises. With my legs my PT has me doing things a very specific way, and she believes that I should take a break from things like pistol squats until we get things more sorted. I have said in the past I cannot do a pistol squat unless I'm wearing my lifting shoes with the elevated heel. I have some big mobility deficits still. Goal #2 update this log daily... this one kind of speaks for itself I've been real bad at that. I think at times I feel like I have nothing to report, but I just need to do it, to build that momentum I talked about.
  8. Yep my long term savings are in a regular investment account. This was the investment that took me the longest to pull the trigger on because without the tax advantages retirement accounts offer, and a shorter timeline, it is riskier. To mitigate this some, I chose an ETF version of the S&P 500 because it trades like a stock, so I can choose when I want to incur capital gains tax. I have similar fears about the market, but I do believe in going long on the S&P 500, and I really just want to combat some of this inflation. This does mean I don't plan on owning a home any time soon. I'm in a spot where, I don't know if I want to purchase a home in WA because of the cost of living in this area, but I also see an opportunity to keep moving up at the company I work at presently, that I want to stay in WA state for the time being. So it's better I rent while I figure things out, and hopefully in the background be slowly building up to where I can make that leap in home ownership several years down the road.
  9. I fit in a lot of stretching today as usual, and then a leg workout consisting of the slow and controlled exercises that I'm working with my PT on. I do feel like my legs have lost some hypertrophy in me moving away from my old style of training, but I think working through these issues will give me more training longevity. And with my work being done over Webex, the outside world only sees my upperbody anyway, so if I wanted I could even skip legs altogether... just kidding As for a personal finance update(if this stuff bores you just skip this whole next paragraph lol), all of this stuff really intrigues me and I'm sure I'll still continue to devour information relating to it, but as far as action steps go, I've chosen a course of action, and have committed. After doing some reflecting, I think right now, I'd actually have a lot of fun micromanaging my portfolio with a hands on approach. But looking ahead in the long term, this is definitely something I would like to automate, because with that comes more freedom. And my passion still sits squarely upon fitness. There is just so much I want to do, that finding ways to avoid spending more time sitting in front of a screen, is best. Anyway, my ROTH IRA I've thrown all of my contributions into a target date index fund. This is a fund that will automatically balance itself out as you get closer to retirement. This is something I, or a financial advisor would have to manually perform, but this fund does it for me. The expense ratio is 0.12, so 12 dollars per $10,000 I put in annually. To me, it is a small price to pay for all that they are doing on my behalf. Next, any savings I have greater than what I need for an emergency fund, are to be placed in an S&P 500 ETF. This is a fund to work on a downpayment for a future home, and is of course in a regular taxable brokerage account. I also popped open my 401k at work just to see what they had me invested in, and I was actually very impressed, it was a fund very similar to the one I was using in my Roth. Most target date funds are filled with mutual funds with much higher expense ratios, this one was a very low expense, 0.13. So I've sort of closed the book on personal finance with me getting my first credit card, and diving into some investments. Now I just stay the course and (hopefully) watch it all grow. My energy levels are still real low, but I'm hoping the change in seasons will help. It's pretty crazy to think that almost exactly one year ago was when all of this began. I opened up my lifting App and it tells me I last worked out 353 days ago on Saturday Mar 14, 2020. At that time it was so easy to find motivation because of the novelty, and in a certain light, finding ways to be resourceful and still work out was really cool. It still is, but I do miss the weights too. Anyway, I'll be back for an update on my upperbody workout tomorrow.
  10. Hey, quick update on my workouts of the week. My most recent physical therapy session we spent a full 30 minutes going through stretches and high reps of various leg exercises at a slow and controlled pace. My legs actually feel sore because I'm still used to the faster more explosive reps. The day after, Friday I believe, I did a one arm pushup and chin up oriented training session. Here were the sets: One arm Pushup 9, 5, 4 reps Assisted one arm chin 5, 4, 3 reps Superset: feet elevated pushups/Inverted rows 3 sets to failure Hanging knee raises 2 sets to failure I really pushed it on the one arm pushups and even though I've done 10 reps before, I'm heavier than I used to be so 9 reps is solid. The chin ups were absolutely killing me. I didn't intend to have such low reps but that's how it turned out lol. Tonight I called my sister and had a good talk while I got in some steps. I ended the walk at 7,500 steps which isn't bad. I'm going to fit in some stretching and head to bed.
  11. Ahhh crap I'm really doing bad on goal #2!!! I'm posting to cling onto this challenge and not give up. My motivation is still very low but I do have a few positive updates. The first is my ROTH is now in order, and I've maxed my contribution for 2020 before the deadline. Whew. Secondly, despite slacking on my 2nd goal, I've been extremely diligent on the stretching. Far more than I have for a very long time and that was my focus after all. I spend at least 30 minutes, but sometimes much more. The trick is to be doing something else while stretching. In this case, it has been listening to youtube videos. If I don't see some flexibility benefits after this challenge, if I can stick to this daily for the full duration, maybe I need to look into other methods because this should really be what does the trick. As for strength training... I could write an excuse but I won't, all I'll say is I'm going to try to do better moving forward
  12. Hello everyone, back again with another update. Today I got in my stretching for 30 min, and then performed high reps of super slow air squats using a narrower stance. This is part of some physical therapy I have been doing. I met with a PT about a foot injury but we are working through a lot of issues. To sum up her theory is, I'm using my power and strength to compensate in a lot of movements, and it is true if we slow things down, it doesn't look great. So in addition to lots of stretching I've been doing some slow motion workouts which I don't expect any muscle gain from, but it definitely burns. My fatigue is still looming over me like a dark cloud but tonight I'm going to aim to get 9 hours of sleep and maybe try to wean myself off of caffeine a little this weekend. I really feel like I should've done more. My leg days just a few months ago consisted of many sets. Pistols, bulgarian split squats, jump squats, etc. But I have no gas in the tank today so I just did something at least. I hope you're all crushing this challenge, I'm still in this the best I can be.
  13. One thing on my finances is my 401k contribution is cranked up pretty high because I feel behind on that too. So if I do lower that some, my take-home pay will be quite a bit better. I'll need to think it over, and write out a plan. For now I'm just going to check out apartment reviews and try to narrow my choices down to a few near my work(I go back to the office in June), and use this credit card I've gotten. I don't care for new cars, but where I do spend a lot on is food. I don't need to spend as much as I am right now, my logic is I only have one body, it's best to give it the best fuel possible, but I can still be healthier with more budget choices. Salmon is a real bank account killer lol. @Whiteghost, Yep that is the plan it's how I'll feel most comfortable with it. I really don't want to charge more than I have in cash in the bank. So quick update before bed. I'm feeling a lot of DOMS after yesterdays workout because it has been awhile since I've fit in a workout. Tomorrow I'm going to do legs. Today I did about 30 minutes of stretching throughout the day. I'm going to get some reading in before bed, and call it a day.
  14. I should've tried snowboarding in all this snow too, looked fun I like the challenge and I resonate with a lot of your frustrations I sort of feel in the same boat. But these goals look like good ones to get you back on track to learning new things. Writing out a plan for the year is a really good idea too. And I may steal your multi tasking portion in goal #3 with all the stretching I've sentenced myself to doing lol. I'm glad the inspection went well, good thing you remembered the pot pipe haha. Sometimes we live with things a certain way for so long we kinda forget they are there.
  15. Thanks Paul, yeah the plan is to establish some credit in a few months, then get my own place. It's something I've wanted for awhile just to have my own space. I've never been in a situation where I can really just kind of make my own rules in my own space. Maybe I'll end up lonely and try to get roommates again lol but I think this will be a positive experience once I make the dive. I think you're right in that I should start looking now. As far as rent not taking up 30-35% of my income, is this take-home or gross income? If it is take-home I may not be ready still. I typically earn a little more than expected due to overtime hours but these are sporadic and not to be counted on so I'm trying to look at things from the viewpoint of what I make if I just worked 40/week. Thank you Mike glad to have you following Yes I've heard some good things about Credit Karma. The reason I haven't checked my credit score yet is I imagine there is just a black hole. I literally have never let myself be in debt. I paid for a used car in cash, in college I wrote a metric ton of essays for grants/scholarships... so yeah I'm very late to the game, I don't know what happened in my formative years to make me so scared of going into debt but it's time for me to get serious because one day I'll want a house and I don't see myself ever just buying it with cash. Alright so update on today. I actually did a strength workout! The sun rose, much of the snow has gone away, and I was able to get out to the park to bang out some pull ups. I didn't do anything fancy today just basic pull ups sort of out of curiosity on how many I could do in a single set. Fidelity got back to me on my EFT, and said it is unapproved, and will provide more information by mail, so my attempts at opening a roth are stalled again. Right now I'm going to settle into some video games, before I get my stretching and reading in before bed. I also got a little over 8 hours of sleep last night in an attempt to feel less fatigued. I felt somewhat more refreshed, but I was dragging in my workout. I haven't figured out the source of my tiredness yet. It could be motivation, diet, sleep, or maybe some sort of health issue I'm not aware of yet. For now, I'm going to try to get the first 3 guesses in order, before I jump to the 4th. I've had a rough season at work, and may just be feeling some burnout. Anyway here was the workout. Very simple and quick: Pullups 19, 10, 6 reps Inverted Rows 10, 8, 6, 6 reps Side-to-side pushups 8, 6, 6 reps each side side Pushups 10, 11, 8 reps
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