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  1. Yeah lol it sounds like we're living similar lives right now. I'm supposed to be getting two 15 min breaks a day while at home but oftentimes I end up working through them depending on my work load that day. Yes I live in the WA area too, but not in Seattle. I live in a high crime area in general, so with recent tensions I've been a little more wary. But another factor is I think my isolation has made me less comfortable around other people since I've gone...nearly 1/3 of a year almost only interacting with my family? Crazy to think about. So maybe I'll just keep walking and as long as I keep to myself I'm sure it will be fine. As far as the muscleup goes yeah it's exposed so many weaknesses I didn't realize I had. Earlier in the thread when Whiteghost pointed out I was always starting from a flexed arm position, I've come to realize I've always been doing that, and that my strength from a complete dead-hang position is very low. I do intend to keep working at it I'm not the type to give up once I set a goal, but it may be a longer term goal that might not be achievable within a single NF challenge. The way I see it is yes, I need to create a solid gameplan for my shoulders so that I can have training longevity. But also the stronger I am relative to my bodyweight, the less strain the muscleup will give my joints. These things are going to take time. My first stop for shoulders have been Athlean-X videos, he has helped me a lot in the past so I hope he can do so now. Anyway quick update before this post gets too long. I still feel pain in my shoulders but its now isolated to the left shoulder, but it's still getting better every day. Sleep I've knocked out of the park with sleeping 9 hours a day the past two days. As long as I don't stay up late tonight I should have week 2's sleep goal achieved. Fasting I'll admit I messed up on. It's not me breaking the fast too early, it's those late night snacks past 8PM, outside of my feeding window that got me :/ Here was my workout yesterday: One-arm Pushup 4, 3, 1 reps Single-arm inverted rows 5, 4, 4 reps Single leg romanian deadlift 10, 10, 10 reps Archer Pushups: 20, 12 Inverted Row: 18, 12, 10 Single legged calf raises 12, 12, 12 reps Band bicep/tricep exercises Notes on workout: As I'm getting more advanced I'm finding most of my exercises are slowly transitioning into single leg/arm variations. The one-arm pushups are still a big struggle but I haven't been prioritizing them due to my love for handstand pushups. For a little over 3 months now I've primarily been doing full body workouts, but I'm considering having 2 upper body days and 1 lower body day a week. One upper will be handstand/chinup oriented, and the other upper will be one arm pushup/pullup oriented. Lower body will give me a full day to really focus up on my legs instead of just 1-2 exercises a workout... Not sure on all this yet but it's a consideration I'm making. I'll be back tomorrow or maybe even later today with another update. Today(Sunday) I plan to walk, do abs, and some stretching.
  2. Hi everyone, I've got a quick update on my active rest day today. Sleep: 9.5 hours woo! I full out hibernated today lol. I had Friday off so I slept in nice and late. This puts me at just an hour deficit for the week. Intermittent Fasting: Technically I succeeded in the fast...but sleeping in til my eating window made it too easy. Today I got in some stretching, door frame facepulls and also 6k steps. I really want to shoot for the 10k steps/day mark but it's a start. As an accountant its not uncommon for me to end a day at just 2-3k steps which puts me in the bottom percent of most sedentary Americans. So the more I can work this into the day, the better. This is a possible candidate as a goal for my next challenge. I do need to brainstorm places I can walk that puts me at ease. I don't feel comfortable walking my neighborhood or around people in general. All the shootings and unrest has me a little skittish. This is just a guess but I think mornings might be the safest to go out, so I may aim for that. Presently I am still social distancing and will be spending the 4th by myself with my dog and my video games. I wish you all well this holiday weekend I'll be back tomorrow with a resistance day update. With the muscle-up looking further away than ever before I've thought about returning to my battle log, but, I'm not someone who throws in the towel the moment I run into an obstacle. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't, but at the very least I can hit these sleep goals and keep up the diet.
  3. Alright time for another update. Sleep: I haven't improved on the sleep front. Last two days I slept 7.5 hours and 7 hours. Currently I am 2.5 hours below my weekly goal. I can still salvage this if I can manage to stay asleep while bombs are going off on the 4th Intermittent Fasting: I've stuck to it all week so far. What's interesting is today I felt very focused in the morning, and also alert. This is just my guess but my body is getting accustomed to the fasting period, and on top of that because my body is not busy digesting food, it no longer feels sluggish. In primal times this was the times in which humans were supposed to be hunting for their next meal so they had to be alert. So far I am liking this dietary strategy. Workout: Handstand Pushups 5, 4, 4 reps Single-arm Inverted Rows 5, 4, 5 reps Inverted rows: 15, 12, 12 Pistol squats: 10, 8 reps Jumping squats: 10, 10 reps Single-leg calf raise: 12, 12, 12 reps Feet elevated pushups: 15, 10 reps Band Bicep Curls I got friday off for the holiday weekend so I'm pretty excited about that! Shoulder is getting better every day. I'm going to try to go back to daily updates so tomorrow I'll try to post something. Have a good night everyone.
  4. Awesome work on the pull up negatives. Working up to the bodyweight pull up is going to translate greatly to your ninja/parkour goals
  5. Hey, @PaulG I've looked into it before, but each time I run into information overload. I learn a new exercise intended to be healthy on the shoulder, then another video tells me not to do it. It's one of the more complex joints of the body that it's hard to find a consensus. I'm going to work on researching this again, but in the meantime I'm going to be more diligent about implementing face pulls in every workout and possibly every day. That is the one movement I've seen a lot of consensus on when it comes to shoulder health. I sometimes do it with my bands, or even in a door. Quick update on week 2! We're in the hole when it comes to sleep again, and with the 4th looming ahead, this could be bad news. I blame Shadow of Mordor which after buying it years ago on Steam, I never got around to installing it. Well, as a big lotr nerd this game has me addicted. And I really need to exercise some self control but my sleep debt is not as bad as expected: Sleep: 7.5 hours for both days, one day I only got 6.5 hours but I snuck in an hour nap after work, so this means I am just down 1 hour of sleep Intermittent Fasting: I'm back on track with this, both days were a success! Workout: Handstand Pushups: 5, 4, 3 reps Inverted Rows 15, 12 reps Single-arm Inverted Rows 6, 5 reps Bulgarian Split Squats 15, 12 reps Nordic Hamstring Curls 15 reps, 10 reps Single Arm Band Curl 15, 12, 12 reps Band Tricep Pushdown 15, 12 reps Band Facepulls 15, 15, 15 reps Notes on workout: Ok this looks like a lot but not really, lots of isolations today. 1. Handstands felt a little weaker but comfortable enough on shoulders, it seems my problems really just lie in hanging overhead right now. 2 & 3. I did 15 reps as a first set then I got this idea of trying single arm inverted rows so the next two sets were single armed, then final set was two arms for 12 reps. This is an extremely challenging exercise and a brand new one for me that is just what I need right now to keep my back properly stimulated until I can work pull ups back in. Rest of the workout was various isolations, these are generally safer for me to do currently. Normally I'd do some archer pushups but I'm not pushing it. For me to do as much as I am right now is a blessing.
  6. Good evening, Normally I update my logs daily but I'd be lying if I said recent events haven't gotten me down some. So first an update on my shoulder situation. Periodically I have a dull pain almost in the center of my delts but it's improved drastically. I feel a painful 'tug' in my left lat if I hang from a bar, this part of the pain may be a pulled muscle or just a serious case of DOMS. At this point due to the improvement I've experienced, I don't think this will be a long term problem, but it's also still too early to say. During this time, I've abandoned my intermittent fasting and started binging on Gardetto's snack mix and demolished an entire bag yesterday. This is uh...less than optimal lol. But it was a moment of weakness I will be back on track tomorrow. Today I actually managed a workout. Rowing seems healthy on my shoulders I just need time off from vertical pulling. Today was lots of very basic exercises that were easier on my body as well as an emphasis on legs. I won't go in depth as it was a brief workout with inverted rows, some band arm work, and bulgarian split squats being the bulk of it. Zero vertical pulling, and my focus was on using pristine form. Sleep: Last two days, one day was 9 hours, another was 8hrs 30 min. Totaling right on the dot, 56 hours for the week Sleep goal met for the week! ✔ Intermittent Fasting: Big fail the past two days, so for week 1 of the challenge, I fasted for 5/7 days. I'm determined to do better next week.
  7. Hows it going assassins? I've been active for a few weeks over in the daily battle logs, but decided now was a good opportunity to try my hand at a challenge. I hope to meet new friends along the way, and also really focus in on a skill I've been wanting to have for a long time now. So, a bit of background on me. For anyone who has read my original log(link in signature), I started off really skinny, and began bodybuilding as a way to overcome that insecurity. I went from 145lbs to 190lbs in the course of six years, but then the virus struck, and the gym that had been my anchor and source of confidence at the time was now no longer an option. This time led to a lot of introspection. I've come to the realization that a lot of the people I've admired growing up have always been those that were strong, yet also agile and had mastered their bodies. I don't need to be bulked up to feel comfortable in my own skin. I'd much rather look like Ezio/Altair from assassin's creed, or Oliver Queen from Arrow who has currently been a big motivation for me. And so this brings me to my overall goal: Main Quest: To do all in my ability to train to become a modern day super hero. This will mean that I will need to develop a diverse array of skills such as calisthenics, parkour, and eventually, perhaps some form of martial art. At this time I believe to reach the goals I have for myself, I need to first build myself on strong foundation. If I can master my bodyweight, everything else I attempt to do physically, should come much easier. And so the theme of this log will be to string together a set of goals that will allow me to accomplish the Salmon Ladder in the next month! Okay I'm kidding on that! I just wanted an excuse to add this cool Arrow gif of something I am still dreaming of being able to. I gotta remember I need to set SMART goals not ones that will get me killed The real goal will be to do my first Muscle-up. I've used this metaphor before with calisthenics movements I'm trying to learn but I envision a skill tree, where you need to level up lesser versions of the skill before finally getting to put points into that really cool ability. I've selected each of these goals carefully in hopes they will build up to that first ever Muscle Up. So let's get started! Goal #1 Nutrition-related: For the duration of this challenge I will be implementing Intermittent Fasting utilizing a 16 hour fast, with an 8 hour feeding window. How this works is I will wake up at 8, and my first meal of the day will occur around noon. I will stop eating anything as soon as 8PM hits. The purpose of this is for me to still feel like I'm eating big meals, despite still being at a caloric deficit. How this ties into the muscle-up is the leaner I am, the stronger I'll feel on the bar, so long as I preserve my lean muscle. My goal weight loss is 5lbs which may not seem a lot, but I want to do this very slowly to ensure I'm not losing muscle at the same time. Goal #2 Lifestyle-related: Sleep has been a theme in my battle log, and it's going to be one in this challenge as well, but this time I want to quantify it. I will aim for 56 hours of sleep per week. This averages out to 8 hours a day. The reason I am doing a weekly tally is life happens. If I only get 7 one day that doesn't mean the entire challenge is ruined, it means I need to sleep 9 hours the next day. I need to really watch this because I can very easily get into a sleep deficit. How does this tie into the muscle up? With an explosive movement like the muscle up I need not only my muscles to be recovered, but also my central nervous system. Rest is critical for this aim. Goal #3 Fitness-related: I will be continuing my every other day full body routine schedule, with my off days being active rest that will consist of abs, yoga and walking. However the focus will be on muscle-up practice, and working on the component movements. Movements I've identified as components are as follows: Speed Pullups(Chest to bar), Hanging Knee/leg raise, straight bar dips, and muscle-up negatives. That's all for now. Yes I can write a lot, I'm grateful to anyone who enjoys reading about my goals. I can't wait to check out all of your challenges too