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  1. This is a really cool theme I love it! Training yourself to reduce dizziness is something I hadn't even thought about before. And with how often you're switching hands your entire bodyweight is for brief periods getting used to supporting itself up there with just one arm which I can see being useful too. I like all the reading too and this is really bad but I can't remember the last book I read, so I may need to get on that soon too
  2. Vidd

    Vidd Makes No Excuses

    Thank you to everyone following along. I had an amazing start to this challenge today. Sleep: 9 hours Weight: 166lbs Protein: ~80g *I want to increase this to at least 120g+ a day. Workout: Handstand Pushups 10, 6, 6 reps Side-to-side pushups 8, 6, 4 reps on each arm Band-assisted one-arm chinup 6, 5 reps on each arm Chinups 12, 15*, 12* reps, used bands on the asteriks to keep the volume high Hanging leg raises 10, 8, 8 reps So the big victories of the day is hitting 9 hours of sleep versus the 5-6 I've been getting the past few weeks, and also a personal record of 10 reps on my top set of handstand pushups. 10 reps is actually the top-end that I want to be at on my primary lifts. So now I've got a couple options to keep progressing. I can aim to hit 10 on set 2, and 3, or I can very gradually begin to implement the weight vest. And by gradual I mean I may just put on the vest with all the weights taken out because the vest itself weighs close to 5lbs. That'd be like adding a 2.5lb microplate to each end of a barbell on the shoulder press which seems like a reasonable method of progression. This is a really difficult lift so I want to keep climbing but do it slow and steady. Tomorrow I'm going to be getting some L-sits in, stretches, and also a grocery run to start filling the house with protein-rich foods. I gotta say it did feel sketch towards the end of my workout when it started getting real dark out. The only light I had was a street light that kept flickering like it was about to go out. Kinda spooky.
  3. Hey welcome back fitnessgurl! Glad to have you following along again Today I finally wrote up my 4th NF challenge and it's all about combating the tendency to throw your goals to the wayside during this Holiday season. With colder weather, shorter days, and Holiday food everywhere there are going to be a lot of temptations. And while I plan to enjoy life some, I want to regain some momentum during this time and start feeling like I'm moving up whether than just treading water. So the whole idea of this new challenge is no excuses. I'm really excited for it and I'm going to be posting to my battle log way more than I have recently. Anyway as a quick update to today. I didn't do any resistance exercises but I got in a lot of stretching, and some ab work. I did this all indoors because by time I clocked out of work I could already see the sun setting. I also ordered 3 pounds of beef jerky as a healthy high protein snack to make it easier to turn to a high protein snack, than something full of sugar and carbs. I'll be back tomorrow with a resistance day update.
  4. Hey everybody! It's time for me to get started on my 4th NF challenge. My last challenge was just me taking care of business and updating once a week, but it's time to start building that same momentum I used to have when I first ended up gymless back in March. We're approaching the holidays, and the weather is getting cooler. Now is the time when it feels natural to slow down a little, and maybe let your goals slip with all the great food abound, and the days getting shorter and shorter. This challenge is going to be a pattern interruption. Instead of chilling out it's going to be back to go-time. There are going to be temptations everywhere and finding excuses are going to be easier than ever. But I'm nipping that in the bud right now and making the primary goal of this challenge to not make any excuses, and come out of this winter feeling better and more accomplished than ever. Rule #1 - No excuses! If it's raining out, if its snowing out, go anyway. If it's pitch black outside take out the bands and do an indoor workout. The name of the game with this rule is to adapt and make it happen no matter what. This goes for getting things done in life, but also in my fitness journey. The schedule is a resistance day every other day, and off days are either walking, stretching/yoga or abs. Rule #2 - Update Daily. It can be an update to this challenge thread or to my battle log, and this feeds into rule #1 because these updates are my report card at the end of each week as well as a source of accountability. Rule #3 - What gets Measured gets Managed. I will be walking around with a notepad and jotting down how much protein I'm getting from each meal, how much sleep, and also weekly weigh ins to ensure I'm on track with my goals. I've had these final 5 lbs that I've been wanting to lose for ages now. I won't be going super in depth with tracking every macro nutrient my strategy is going to be substituting meals and snacks with lower calorie and more filling options. As always I will be using intermittent fasting to make dieting easier. Rule #4 - Practice the L-sit Every Other Day. I can't think of a better no excuses movement to focus on for this challenge here. All I need is a small space on the floor and my parallettes. I almost wanted to make this a do the L-sit every day kind of thing because it sounded more hardcore and fits with the no excuses theme but I'm a big believer in rest and recovery lol. This is going to be a great time to build up my core with this movement, and when Winter passes and I can get back on the bar daily to try out some new calisthenics moves I think I'm going to be glad I put in the time on this move. Now to keep the motivation rolling I'm going to be finishing my rewatching of the Arrow series just to get into that superhero vigilante mood haha. And also if I'm really lacking in motivation, I'll find some Greg Plitt videos. That man has been motivating me since I started in the gym way back in 2011. Anyway I'm excited to do this challenge and follow along on everyone else's too.
  5. Hi everybody, I hope you've all been well. It's been nearly a month since my last update I can't believe it! I'm starting to feel the impact of this change of seasons. I start work in the dark, and clock off in the dark... I've never really paid much attention to the weather until now. I'd always have a cozy gym to go to that was always set to the perfect temperature, 24 hours a day. If you told me a year ago I'd be working out in a dimly lit playground in the cold I wouldn't of believed you. Anyway, nothing a pair of gloves and some layers can't solve One arm Pushup 8, 5 reps Feet elevated Assisted One arm Pushup 10 reps Inverted row 10, 8, 8 reps w/ 35lb vest Bodyweight dips 15, 12, 12 reps Band Bicep Curls 15, 12, 10 reps Notes on workout: 1. This is my second workout hitting that 8 rep mark on this lift. If I can keep up the pace and reach 10 reps, I'm going to 'level up' and start doing these feet elevated 2. More volume 3. These felt decently difficult. Ordinarily I do single armed but my core felt shot after those pushups lol so I threw on my vest and just did them weighted 4. I don't do these enough so I figured I'd throw them in 5. Just some bicep volume here
  6. Hey all, I decided to start logging my training after many years of lurking Nerd Fitness articles. My real name is David, but I chose the alias Vidd as the final syllable of my name. It's a simple alias and one that I hope to give meaning to through my actions and journey. I owe Steve a lot for motivating me to workout way back in 2011 in a way that spoke to me, and so I hope if anyone decides to follow this log of mine will find some inspiration within it. My origins were me at 6ft 1, 145 lbs wanting desperately to bulk up to a Thor physique so that no longer would I be the target of bullies, or seen as weak. After many long years, I made it to 190lbs at my very peak and felt incredibly strong in the gym... However, something was missing. I'd gotten the body, and even the respect and recognition from those around me... and it wasn't until this lockdown where I was forced out of the gym that I had the time to think about my inner motivations. Growing up, I'd always admired those who had immense strength for their size. Altair from Assassin's Creed, and as you guessed by the title, Oliver Queen from Arrow. I realized that my warrior aspirations were in part to quell an insecurity I had, and that it's ok to branch out from pure muscle building. I started rewatching the first season of Arrow, and his training in isolation, spurred me on to stay strong during my own isolation. Here's a montage that really inspired me, I hope it's alright to post: My first step during lock down was to become aware of my surroundings. What could I use in my immediate environment to workout with? I was able to find a pull up bar, some old perfect pushup stands for some greater range of motion, and some ledges to practice my vertical jump. Later on, I was even able to find a package of heavy duty resistance bands at a store during one of my grocery runs. The first thing I noticed from the start was my entire body was extremely tight! I had truly neglected my flexibility and balance during all of my gym training. On top of that, my day job, when I'm not out fighting crime, happens to be me in a cubicle as an accountant for 8-10 hours a day. So flexibility remains a big focus area for me. Anyway if I were to envision myself as a super hero much like Arrow, I believe my purpose is to 1. Inspire others and 2. Become strong enough to protect my loved ones and those that cannot protect themselves. With that said, here are my current achievements and goals: Achievements: - Complete a one-armed pushup - Complete a set of 5 reps pistol squats each leg - L-sit for 15 seconds - Assisted one arm chinup Goals: - Improve flexibility and balance Done! But this one is an ongoing goal - One-armed pushup for reps Done! - Do a handstand against a wall and hold it for 30 seconds (I -really- have a mental block being upside down and I need to improve on this) Done! - Do a muscleup Done! New Long-Term Goals: - Two one-arm chinups - Ten One-Arm Feet Elevated Pushups - Fifteen Hands Elevated Handstand Pushups Against a Wall - Ten Muscleups - Five pistol squats each leg with 35lb vest - Five Front Lever Pulls That's it for now. Bit of a long post but I'm excited to share my workouts as I complete them. I workout 3-4 times a week full body. If anyone has any questions, has any tips, or even wants advice from me, shoot me a message. I really can't say it enough that this time we have alone is the perfect time especially for we as assassins to improve our fitness. Challenge Archive: Challenge #1 Muscleup Challenge #2 Front Lever Challenge #3 Taking care of business