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  1. Hey everybody, sort of feels like I've been treading water so I'm going to be mixing up my training. For almost a year I've treated calisthenics almost like bodybuilding. I'll do hard compound movements with long rest periods, and diligently track my sets and reps. I want to shift gears into some higher intensity work and make use of higher reps and giant/supersets. This'll work my muscular endurance which has been neglected some, but most importantly I just need a new stimulus. Tonight was a lot of fun and despite this workout being 24 sets, I got through it in about 40 min. Some
  2. Your tattoo looks really cool I can't wait to see how it turns out when it is finished! Following along for these goals, yeah, the stretching is so hard to stick to I hope you can see some lasting results with it.
  3. Hey all, I woke up this morning with my legs really stiff, especially my right. I think this relates to my herniated disc a couple years ago while deadlifting. I tried to stretch it throughout the day, but to be honest I don't know if I know how to correct it. I actually brought it up to my physical therapist but she thinks I should just proceed with our stretches and seems to think it will correct itself. I hope she is right. Work dragged on today and as I neared the end of my shift I was feeling that lack of motivation set in and the fatigue, that I've been fighting for what seem
  4. Hi everybody, I'm bringing this battle log back from the dead A rather productive Monday, I got a dentist appointment scheduled, did some cleaning, and actually did a workout. The park was filled with parents and kids so I avoided the pull up bar I usually use to avoid disturbing their play. I remember during this time last year the park was completely isolated. I'm now experiencing what a normal spring is like as a bodyweight trainee. The good thing is I found a bar to do some inverted rows, and I decided to use that same bar to do some one arm pushups since I wasn't feeling stro
  5. Hey everybody. Sleeps been really meh this past week. A lot of tossing and turning, and waking up earlier than I should. I did fit in a walk today, and five sets of hanging side to side knee raises to build up my abs some more. I'm pretty tired but stretching doesn't really take much for energy so I'm going to be doing that tonight too. Other than that I'm going to spend the night researching some convenient protein sources. Around the end of last year I had replaced protein powders with jerky because I wanted to try something more satiating. It was delicious, filled me up, and ver
  6. Hey Mike, yeah It's been a little over a week since I made the plunge with that taxable brokerage account, and I think I will start to build up cash to feel more of a safety net. I say this because, I have this problem where in my head I logically know I'm holding for 5+ years, but I still wake up, pop open the app, stare at the graph, sometimes even monitor it throughout the day lol. This is of course not at all conducive to a long term investor and I feel the more I pour in, the more I'll start to care about what happens. But the more cash I have, the more I can detach emotionally from wheth
  7. Yeah a lot of people treat homes as an investment. I only see that to an extent. If it's the home you live in, I don't really consider that very liquid. Moving is a big hassle, so is selling it I imagine. Also, if just getting credit card debt scared me, the idea of a 30 year mortgage is something I don't even like to think about lol. Anyway for now, I have the comfort of having freedom. I can move states with relative ease if I ever wanted, and psychologically this idea of still having all these options really lets me still imagine about my life. I'm not ready for things to feel set in stone.
  8. Yep my long term savings are in a regular investment account. This was the investment that took me the longest to pull the trigger on because without the tax advantages retirement accounts offer, and a shorter timeline, it is riskier. To mitigate this some, I chose an ETF version of the S&P 500 because it trades like a stock, so I can choose when I want to incur capital gains tax. I have similar fears about the market, but I do believe in going long on the S&P 500, and I really just want to combat some of this inflation. This does mean I don't plan on owning a home any time
  9. I fit in a lot of stretching today as usual, and then a leg workout consisting of the slow and controlled exercises that I'm working with my PT on. I do feel like my legs have lost some hypertrophy in me moving away from my old style of training, but I think working through these issues will give me more training longevity. And with my work being done over Webex, the outside world only sees my upperbody anyway, so if I wanted I could even skip legs altogether... just kidding As for a personal finance update(if this stuff bores you just skip this whole next paragraph lol), all of
  10. Hey, quick update on my workouts of the week. My most recent physical therapy session we spent a full 30 minutes going through stretches and high reps of various leg exercises at a slow and controlled pace. My legs actually feel sore because I'm still used to the faster more explosive reps. The day after, Friday I believe, I did a one arm pushup and chin up oriented training session. Here were the sets: One arm Pushup 9, 5, 4 reps Assisted one arm chin 5, 4, 3 reps Superset: feet elevated pushups/Inverted rows 3 sets to failure Hanging knee ra
  11. Ahhh crap I'm really doing bad on goal #2!!! I'm posting to cling onto this challenge and not give up. My motivation is still very low but I do have a few positive updates. The first is my ROTH is now in order, and I've maxed my contribution for 2020 before the deadline. Whew. Secondly, despite slacking on my 2nd goal, I've been extremely diligent on the stretching. Far more than I have for a very long time and that was my focus after all. I spend at least 30 minutes, but sometimes much more. The trick is to be doing something else while stretching. In this case, it has been listening to youtu
  12. Hello everyone, back again with another update. Today I got in my stretching for 30 min, and then performed high reps of super slow air squats using a narrower stance. This is part of some physical therapy I have been doing. I met with a PT about a foot injury but we are working through a lot of issues. To sum up her theory is, I'm using my power and strength to compensate in a lot of movements, and it is true if we slow things down, it doesn't look great. So in addition to lots of stretching I've been doing some slow motion workouts which I don't expect any muscle gain from, but it definitely
  13. One thing on my finances is my 401k contribution is cranked up pretty high because I feel behind on that too. So if I do lower that some, my take-home pay will be quite a bit better. I'll need to think it over, and write out a plan. For now I'm just going to check out apartment reviews and try to narrow my choices down to a few near my work(I go back to the office in June), and use this credit card I've gotten. I don't care for new cars, but where I do spend a lot on is food. I don't need to spend as much as I am right now, my logic is I only have one body, it's best to give it the best fuel p
  14. I should've tried snowboarding in all this snow too, looked fun I like the challenge and I resonate with a lot of your frustrations I sort of feel in the same boat. But these goals look like good ones to get you back on track to learning new things. Writing out a plan for the year is a really good idea too. And I may steal your multi tasking portion in goal #3 with all the stretching I've sentenced myself to doing lol. I'm glad the inspection went well, good thing you remembered the pot pipe haha. Sometimes we live with things a certain way for so long we kinda forget
  15. Thanks Paul, yeah the plan is to establish some credit in a few months, then get my own place. It's something I've wanted for awhile just to have my own space. I've never been in a situation where I can really just kind of make my own rules in my own space. Maybe I'll end up lonely and try to get roommates again lol but I think this will be a positive experience once I make the dive. I think you're right in that I should start looking now. As far as rent not taking up 30-35% of my income, is this take-home or gross income? If it is take-home I may not be ready still. I typically earn a little
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