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  1. Yes!! Point taken! Gotta set yourself up for success! Will do next time
  2. My second challenge! I'm camping out in the Rebel forum for a while because while I want to get stronger, right now I'm just generally focused on my health and fitness Well, my first challenge went... differently than I'd imagined 😰 My goal choices were definitely idealistic and not really realistic based on what life looks like these days. I've also just been backsliding lately, cutting some corners on my nutrition goals and losing some progress, which is pretty discouraging. So I want to reset, go back to basics a little, and really make a concerted effort this month to execute my goals. I'm exercising (walking outside) regularly and consistently, and I don't really have the space/equipment/mental capacity to start strength training right now, so this challenge I'll really be honing in on my diet, which I feel like I've really been slippin' on lately. I've been considering different solutions, like maybe Noom (I know what to eat, but you know, I feel like I need a little help saying no) but for now I'm trying a wellness coach that I can meet with through my insurance plan. Hopefully this will help me with accountability without having to drop $$$ for something I probably don't really need long term (if not for 2020, online classes, and major burnout - rip). That being said, goals! Goal 1: I want to eat under 200 g of carbohydrates for 6 out of 7 days per week during the challenge Goal 2: I want to keep from eating / snacking on treats for 6 out of 7 days per week during the challenge Goal 3: I want to journal every snack I munch on, writing down the time, what I eat, and how I feel / what made me want to get a snack, daily during the challenge Goal 4 ("level up your life"): I want to meditate every day during the challenge (using the Headspace app) Let's get this bread! ...or lack thereof.