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  1. Yes!! Point taken! Gotta set yourself up for success! Will do next time
  2. I've gained a few pounds lately for sure, but still proud that by and large I've avoided the COVID 15 and the freshman 15, all within a year of each other!! Honestly if right now I can just maintain my weight without gaining any more, I'll be happy
  3. My second challenge! I'm camping out in the Rebel forum for a while because while I want to get stronger, right now I'm just generally focused on my health and fitness Well, my first challenge went... differently than I'd imagined 😰 My goal choices were definitely idealistic and not really realistic based on what life looks like these days. I've also just been backsliding lately, cutting some corners on my nutrition goals and losing some progress, which is pretty discouraging. So I want to reset, go back to basics a little, and really make a concerted effort this month to execute
  4. Any advice at figuring out how to get more accurate inputs?
  5. Awesome! Toph is definitely the best... and the Zuko redemption arc can't be beat! A word of warning, though: DON'T watch the Percy Jackson movies!! They're super really bad and pretty much butcher the books (if you've heard of how bad the Avatar or Eragon movie adaptions were... it's worse). I would definitely recommend reading the book series (there's a lot now, but Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the og) but yea... avoid the movies at all cost ://///
  6. hey guys! i found nerd fitness when i was just googling "how to have a healthy diet" one day when i felt motivated to eat a little healthier. ever since then, i've been lurking around nerd fitness's blog posts for a while, trying out some various ideas to get healthier and lose weight. since the articles always hype up the nerd fitness forums, and everything is crazy due to covid-19, i thought i'd finally get involved! this is my first time (and i know that a new nf quest hasn't been announced yet) so i hope i'm doing this right, but i figured i'd set myself up this weekend for a q
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