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  1. Right! And anything else is not street legal here, so that's what we call an ebike. Although you do see people mysteriously zooming along without pedalling from time to time. I guess the police will start cracking down on those as they become more common.
  2. well I guess I could convert it back to a road bike, but why would I do that? If you turn off the motor it becomes a *really* heavy bike. The motor won't go unless I pedal (that's the law) and the more I pedal the faster it goes....just like, you know, a bike! All the motor is really doing is flattening out the hills for me. There are lots of bikelists out on the road today but I didn't see any ebikes. I saw some people who could do with an ebike to keep up with their mates.
  3. I've just booked my bike in to be converted to an eBike. The hills here are just impossible and the weather is so beautiful. I'd been toying with the idea for years and now I've done it. Meanwhile, I am not having much success to motivate myself to work out. I think I'll go set up the weight for tomorrow. morning.
  4. Thanks for asking! Last week we went on a little trip because it is school holidays and we are allowed to travel within our state now. It was fun, but not exercise. I also read "The Diet Myth" which is really interesting and now I'm embracing olive oil, made some sauerkraut, which is still fermenting, and trying my hand at making cheese. Yesterday I got back into my workouts (after two weeks, but I did have a couple of good excuses) and this morning I have legs to do. My weight is neither increasing nor decreasing, so that's an improvement. I keep hoping it will miraculously g
  5. well this week has been a bit of a bust, but I'm going to make a new rule and say that on weeks you've had a "procedure" you only need to do 2 workouts. .^_^. Besides, I saved the planet yesterday and became the icon for the climate march on the ABC news .... not really. That's my daughter and me. I've decided I've had enough of keto (if I ever was in ketosis) and have decided to go back to my original diet but now everything is so yummy. And I can eat raspberries and cream without sugar and taste the deliciousness of the raspberries. I've also come to realise that
  6. Are you on a low dose pill by any chance? Like Yaz? That will make your lining unstable and could cause bleeding out of cycle. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but if it continues, I would have it checked again in a year. There may be a polyp that wasn't picked up on ultrasound and, as @Quillsaid, it might be something suspicious. Bad things can happen, even to young people. If I hadn't listened to those doctors who told me the dark spot on the ultrasound was nothing because I was too young for that sort of thing, I would still have breasts.
  7. Yesterday I had a little "procedure" and the anaesthetist could not find a vein in my right arm to save himself. My veins have had a battering from chemo, but that was 7 years ago and I've had operations since then with no issues, so I guess it was the loss of water from the keto? When he did stick the needle in, no blood came out, like a vampire! So he swapped to the left arm, which I'm not supposed to use for needles. Tomorrow I have a busy day, so I hope I can squeeze a workout in before 9am!
  8. A similar thing happened to us. They advertised at $X00,000 and then said "Oh no, when we said $X00k, we actually meant $X00k+ $20k" so we said no, because we thought we couldn't afford that. Actually it would have made very little difference in the long run, but I think we bought a more suitable house 2 doors closer to the township.
  9. Another good start to the week. Workouts 1 & 2 done! And I've lost weight. All this salt and fat is making me nervous, but it is working! So I'll stick to 25g of carbs / day til the end of the challenge and then go back to my more comfortable 50g net. Doing this keto thing has really made me appreciate how much my eating is driven by a craving for carbs!
  10. That's the weekend I had planned....so what is that pile of washing doing on the floor?
  11. So! End of week 1 and I did all 4 of my workouts. Am I preempting the start by a day? Well, anyway, 4 workouts done. My hamstrings are fine but my tennis elbow is hurting. Yesterday was my first real keto day and it made me realise how dependent I am on the dopamine burst from carbs. Hopefully by going keto I'll reset my brain. I'm avoiding artificial sweeteners too which mean keto desserts etc. taste like dirt. Its really counter intuitive to me to eat so much saturated fat but I don't expect it to be a lifelong diet; I'll go back to my usual moderate carb diet eventually.
  12. I had my knitting friends over 2 weeks ago and lo and behold, the house got clean! Now it is a sty again, but in 2 weeks they'll be back so I'll have to clean. I think this is an excellent arrangement! LOL! Apart from those suffering from Dunning Kruger. Personally, I think it's healthy to doubt yourself, but not too much.
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