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  1. Week 4B.5 -Wednesday Despite my resolution to out-walk whatever scary thing is living in my lungs, I didn't do a workout on Monday, so I did two yesterday, so I'm rejigging my schedule . I did today's workout + bonus 20 mins of Aerobics Oz Style, making 1 hour altogether. I should suck my powerbreathe after dinner too and do some more stretching. Monday – Chest and Side Delts Tuesday – walk Wednesday – Upper Back and Rear Delts Thursday – Arms and Abs Friday – Legs Saturday - walk Sunday – walk After all the walking I did in the previous 4 days, I think I coughed up so much yuck that my VO2Max increased! My average heart rate over the same route and walking cadence decreased dramatically. I'd like to get a fitness tracker so I can track those sorts of things better but its against my principles to buy electronic toys. How many HRM have I owned in my life? Hmmm? Mood image of the day
  2. Week 4B.5 The Plan Same as last week. Trying and failing to eat less sugar because on top of scarey nodules, my fasting blood sugar is high, apparently. Monday – Chest and Side Delts Tuesday – Upper Back and Rear Delts Wednesday – walk Thursday – Arms and Abs Friday – Legs Saturday - walk Sunday – walk
  3. Well, Bummer! Week 3B was left hanging with no leg workout and then I get a lovely report from the radiologist with scary words like "neoplastic pathology", nodules and other gross words. And of course, of course, you can't get to see a respiratory specialist because they're busy with ani-vaxxers and smokers. So all I can do is focus on my exercise until I know more. so Thur 1 hour walk 120bpm Fri 1 hour walk 120bpm Sat legs + 10 mins walking Sun 1 hour walk 120 bpm
  4. Week 3B The Plan Same as last week. The goal is still to get that weight gradient heading in a negative direction!! At least it's heading a less positive direction now. Monday – Chest and Side Delts Tuesday – Upper Back and Rear Delts Wednesday – walk Thursday – Arms and Abs Friday – Legs Saturday - walk Sunday – walk Day 1 Woke up this morning with a big jiggly blob of what I hope is water on my tummy. I'm gonna see what happens if I drink a boggins load of water today. Day 2 Almost didn't do my workout but then put on some ELP playing Fanfare for modern man and aced it! .^_^. Day 4 Well there we are. Still on schedule to finish this weeks workouts. Enjoying my workout play list. .^_^. Weight still going up at 2.8g/day which means I've gained 180g since I started this battle log. Sigh! Day 7 All but one workout done, which means I'll have to carry it over to tomorrow. I've got a CT scan tomorrow and booster on Thursday, so what's the bet I feel crummy for most of the week?
  5. Oh I see! So, just like you said, it's similar to what I'm doing.
  6. Oh cool! We can't get them here because we're supposed to do PCR if we're sick, but the testing stations are bedlam at the moment! We're all very nervous because we haven't had covid in this state, pretty much, for 2 years but just as omicron arrived the premier decided to open the border. All very stressful.
  7. Hope you and ROTDJr are doing well. Do people use rapid antigen tests where you are? In the next state over from us, according to the news, hosts are going to be asking people to do RATs before coming to Christmas lunch this year. A sign of the times.
  8. So umm... I don't actually know what that means. What's a weight split? I just follow the workouts on the musclestrength page. I have a feeling that what I'm doing is really a "man's" workout, since it emphasises arms over legs. I hate leg day, so that's OK with me. Anyway, at my level, any workout is a good workout.
  9. Week 2B The Plan Same as last week. Since the silly virus has stopped us going interstate to see my family, even Christmas won't be an excuse for not working out. Still gonna try for a -ve gradient on my weight! The goal is to get that weight gradient heading in a negative direction!! Monday – Chest and Side Delts Tuesday – Upper Back and Rear Delts Wednesday – walk Thursday – Arms and Abs Friday – Legs Saturday - walk Sunday – walk Christmas Day Doing well this week! I think I've got into the mindset of working out everyday. Today I have to do a walk and tomorrow legs and a walk and that's week 2 done! Maybe I'll cross a threshold where my muscle mass increases enough that I just suddenly start losing weight without changing my diet. That's a thing, isn't it? Boxing Day Well, look at me! For the first time in I don't know how long I did a week's workout in a week! Actually, 6 days because I cheated last week. Weight's still going up but not as quickly. I hope one day I'll pass some threshold where I've made enough muscle that I start losing weight without changing my diet. That's a thing, right?
  10. Well, indeed. But I can't be bothered counting calories and definitely can't be bothered counting macros (been there, done that) and I don't want to eat the same things over and over again. The meat plan, if you could call it that, works, as long as I stick to it. That would be the same for any plan. But I'm open to suggestions!
  11. Let's call it week 1B The Plan The plan was to continue with my 200g / meal regime, even though it is not working, and start a new musclestrength workout, highly modified to fit my equipment. Also, I will not be doing 90sec, rests between sets or it will take me all day, so I'll be doing 2 minute rests at the end of each circuit. The goal is to get that weight gradient heading in a negative direction!! Monday – Chest and Side Delts Tuesday – Upper Back and Rear Delts Wednesday – walk Thursday – Arms and Abs Friday – Legs Saturday - walk Sunday – walk Day 4 4 days in and I've only done one of the weight workouts and there's no sign I'm going to do Tuesday's workout today (Thursday), which means I'll have to do a double workout tomorrow. I'm so silly. Day 5 Still haven't done those workouts, but have been on another walk. Day 7 Done! Well done me! Although it did take a day more than I had planned but, oh well. Weight is still going up at 2.5g per day But I actually feel a bit excited about doing exercise now. I should make the most of it while it lasts.
  12. Week....gazillion The Plan The plan was to continue with my 200g / meal regime and the last week of the musclestrength workout but then the intense Japanese course I was doing for the last three weeks got in the way! How on earth did I use to work and keep fit. Well, the answer is that I prioritized workouts over just about everything else. So here I am restarting the week from three weeks ago. Sigh! I actually only have 3 workouts to go from the 6 week plan, which has taken me way more than 6 weeks, so the rest of the workouts will be walking/aerobics. That should be doable. I've just rediscovered "aerobics oz style" and I think aerobics is unfairly maligned. As general fitness, I don't think there's much that can beat it. Sat: Core Sun: Walk Mon: Core Thues: Walk Wed: Walk Thur: Legs Fri: Walk Day 1 Starting the week as I mean to continue, that's a good sign. Day 2 Just did a gruelling Japanese test but came home and had a walked as scheduled, no excuses. Now I'm zapped but still need to make dinner! Day 4 Didn't do my workout on Monday. The house was full of D&Ders but did tidy up the house and walk to shops to get food for D&Ders, so that counts as Tuesday's walk. Today, went to see the lovely Timothée Chalamet in Dune. So many booms and zaps and giant things flying about, I came home quite exhausted, so tomorrow must do walk and workout. Day 5 Went for a nice walk with little D and did my core workout, like a good girl. And I ruled up a new workout diary in anticipation of starting a new routine next week. Day 6 A leg workout seemed too much after a day of doing translation exercises, so I skipped to Friday's walk. Tomorrow I must do my legs and then the whole regime is finished. Day 7 ... or 9 Finally finished the putative 6 week workout regime. Did all my workouts for this week, but the week seemed to take 9 days, somehow. Weight is a disaster, although it might have gone up today because of all the salt I'm eating. According to google sheets my weight is going up 3.14g/ day or 1.146kg/year or 11.46kg / decade. That is unacceptable. I have to fix that! New fitness goal, change that gradient to a negative one, even its only -3.14g/day. Is it coincidence that I'm gaining weight at the rate of pie?
  13. I just googled the app and found its been taken down because the dog-in-the-manger owners of the word "Mordor" had threatened the developer with legal action. What a bunch of killjoys!!
  14. Walk to Mordor. LOL! I've heard it's a terrible place. Owlshire sounds lovely, like there'd be, I don't know, Owls! Forest of Dean; that's a Harry Potter reference! Love your hair! Watch out for those Orcs and giant spiders on the way.
  15. Week3 The Plan The plan is to continue with my 200g / meal regime and the next week of the musclestrength workout?? You can see that this week starts on Monday, although last week ended on Saturday. Hmm. That's a good start. Mon: Walk Tues: Legs Wed: Core Thur: Arms Fri: Walk Sat: Legs Sun: Arms Tuesday may be a problem because I'm going to be out most of the day. Day 1 Monday: Had a lovely walk with my daughter. Weight is going down and I'm back down under my target line. Day 5 Friday: Hmm... so much for my plan to log here every day! Yesterday I did the core workout which is supposed to include 3 x 4mins of tabata. The first video I found started with pushups and that just wasn't happening so I pulled up a Jane Fonda workout and did that. Much more my old lady speed. I think aerobics is unfairly maligned. I used to do "aerobics oz style" all the time. I'd record it on my VHS recorder and then run two episodes back to back. Day 6 Saturday: Got my workout done! Yay! But weight went up as it always does on a Saturday. Beef Wellington for dinner. Yumm. But I cooked it too long. Sad! Must make some peanut butter bars because I'm going to Uni every morning next week, so I'll need portable breakfast. Day 7 Sunday: Well, I think we can count this week as a success. I didn't weigh myself today, so I can't really say what my weight has done, but I got all my workouts done, thanks to @Fairly_Bouncer keeping me accountable!
  16. No 2 in a row! That's a good rule. Unfortunately, I've already missed two workouts in a row, so it will have to be no 3 in a row!!
  17. I've had a bad day with eating peanut butter on bread too. And Thursdays are always bad for me because there's cake! So hard to resist. But that's OK. Tomorrow I'll pull up my socks and do better! Let's just start again...again.
  18. Week2 The Plan The plan is to continue with my 200g / meal regime and the next week of the musclestrength workout, but how to schedule them?? Sun: Walk Mon: Arms Tues: Legs Wed: Arms Thurs: Walk Fri: Legs Sat: Core The problem will be Thursday which will be super busy and I will be very tired by the afternoon. Day 1 Sunday: Didn't do my workout but did go for a walk, so I'm rearranging my plan to reflect that. And lost 500g!! Everything I put on at the restaurant + 200g more. Now the trick will be to stop my brain telling me that I can pig out because I'm losing weight, or because I'm well below my target weight for today. Maybe I should move the target!! Day 2 I was very hungry and ate a few things between meals, but nutritious things and I didn't pick or shovel food. My weight did go up by 200g, but there are so many factors affecting weight and I can't literally starve myself. I only did 2/3rds of a workout for various reasons. I wasn't feeling excited about the workout in the first place and then the greens rang up looking for a donation and that was that. Day 3 Even worse than yesterday. I didn't do a workout at all, so now I'm in catchup mode. Picked a bit at peanuts and raisins which I realised was thirsty eating (eating when I'm thirsty, not hungry) but I lost 100g. I'm now losing 90g / day and the slope keeps getting shallower, but that always happens. The first 500g are always the easiest. Better go do a workout.., or two. Day 4 Oh dear! Peanut butter disaster and no workout!! Time to pull up my socks. Day 5 Ok, I might be able to turn this week around. I did a walk and a workout yesterday, so now I am only one wokout behind. If I do arms and core today I can catch up. My weight didn't budge yesterday, but maybe today there will be some downward movement. The important things are, eat healthy and stay fit! Day 6 Now my weight is actually going up. I think I've had enough of being hungry and getting no result. Can't be bothered any more. Day 7 Well disaster. My weight is much higher than a week ago and I ended the week 2 workouts short of my plan. Yesterday I woke up with a very sore tooth so I was drinking from the metal straw in my daughter's cutlery kit. There was something up there that humans shouldn't ingest, I think. I felt rotten all day. But today I'm feeling better so let's hope for a better week. Perhaps what I've learnt is that you really need to be constantly vigilant to lose weight. (I knew that already). And I really should stop worrying about the scale and concentrate more on my muscle mass. That's what's going to help me look strong and stand up straight and pick up the shopping bags in my old age!
  19. Week1 Day 1 (or 5 depending on how you look at it) Well I've made a good start. I did my workout. yay! And stuck to my meal plan. Yay! And lost some weight. Eating eggs for breakfast makes it pretty easy to control my eating for the rest of the day. Day 2 I didn't do my workout! I need to do it today and go for a walk as well to catch up. I get so engrossed in my Japanese study that ... no excuse!! But I did stick my eating plan (pretty much) and lost a little bit of weight, which will all go back on tonight because we're eating out. Even if I'm careful about serving size, the salt alone in restaurant food will make me bloat. But it's a birthday so I'm going to enjoy it. Day 3, End of Week 1 Well I did manage to do a nice walk with my daughter and a workout! Yay! And we had a lovely birthday dinner and I ate too much, but I didn't binge. After years of subscribing to the concept of "cheat meal" on a particular day, I realised it was turning me into a binge eater. Now there are no forbidden foods and I have a very sane biscuit after dinner every night. My weight did of course go up but it is still under the target weight for today. So! Week 1 is a success.
  20. Here I go with my first battle log in an attempt to keep myself accountable. Although it is Wednesday, I'm going to count Sunday as the first day of the week. My timescale for this log is until Australia Day 25 January. 1. Exercise - I'm currently following this https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/summer-shape-up-womens-home-workout Although I've almost finished the 6 weeks (in quite a bit more than 6 weeks) So Exercise goal is to do one of those workouts 5 days per week and walk at least 30 mins on other days. 2. Nutrition Simple. I can't be bothered counting calories and macros so the goals is: Eat three times a day, 200g of food each time. 3. Log here everyday, including weight and write weekly summary on Sunday mornings. If I can stick to this then perhaps I'll add more goals as I go.
  21. Right! And anything else is not street legal here, so that's what we call an ebike. Although you do see people mysteriously zooming along without pedalling from time to time. I guess the police will start cracking down on those as they become more common.
  22. well I guess I could convert it back to a road bike, but why would I do that? If you turn off the motor it becomes a *really* heavy bike. The motor won't go unless I pedal (that's the law) and the more I pedal the faster it goes....just like, you know, a bike! All the motor is really doing is flattening out the hills for me. There are lots of bikelists out on the road today but I didn't see any ebikes. I saw some people who could do with an ebike to keep up with their mates.
  23. I've just booked my bike in to be converted to an eBike. The hills here are just impossible and the weather is so beautiful. I'd been toying with the idea for years and now I've done it. Meanwhile, I am not having much success to motivate myself to work out. I think I'll go set up the weight for tomorrow. morning.
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