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  1. That's a good idea too. I might do that next weekend.
  2. Unfortunately I'm not the only one that buys the sugar! But you're idea is a great one. One of the reasons I shove it in my mouth when I see it is, unconsciously, I think it's going to disappear. If I tell myself it will still be there in 15 minutes I won't be so anxious about eating it!
  3. Thank you for asking, Julie. The week has been treating me well, but have I been treating myself well? I have failed miserably on my goals but have come to a few realisations: 1. I have a sugar problem. If I see sugar I'll eat it. Solution: hide the sugar from myself, or better yet not have it in the house. Last week we had liquorice and jellybeans in the house and I kept hiding them behind the flour and what not, but my husband kept getting them out after dinner or moving the flour! There are also certain parts of the pantry where my eye is less likely to encounter things so if I keep dangerous foods there, I can resist them. 2. I really do have an internet problem. I use the internet to avoid doing what I should be doing, like right now, I should be doing a workout! I have a constant need to check the news, facebook, instagram and email. I can't even sit and quietly spin without having an audiobook or podcast going. So I am trying to be more "in the moment" and sometimes I hide the devices from myself. 3. I won't do a workout unless I put my workout gear on when I get out of bed, so days like yesterday, when I have to drive people here and there and do errands result in no workout. For the next challenge I'll double my workout goal from 15 to 30 mins / day and hopefully that will result in more workout minutes per week, even if I miss a couple of days. And as for stretching....I just forget to do it. And now because I have been typing this instead of doing a workout I have almost run out of time to do one!
  4. Yes those are all good ideas but then I'd have to actually make them Because I normally calculate calories and if I don't know how many calories I'm eating I'll overeat I need a simple way of counting calories and eating non boring food and this is what I came up with....just for lunch, weigh my food. Lots of calorie dense foods like chicken breast, cooked, pasta cooked rice etc. have about 150 calories / 100g so if I eat 200g of left overs from the night before I'll be eating about 250-300 Calories. Then I add about 100cals of nuts and/or fruit and that's lunch. This is similar to the Japanese government recommendation that people eat a certain volume of food, depending on their age and gender, because the number of calories / 100ml is kind of constant and Japanese people pack their lunches tightly into bento boxes, so all they need to do is buy the right sized box.
  5. I guess my MIL used brown lentils but my Indian friend insists kitcheri is made with mung dahl (split mung beans) because it is very creamy. https://www.ayurveda.com/recipes/kitchari
  6. Thanks Manga can definitely be addictive! And then you end up learning Japanese and one thing leads to another... On the subject of food... I love my breakfast, which is one of my homemade protein bars and 2 eggs. I usually eat it at around 10am when I get hungry and that lasts me til 2. Lunch is a problem though. In theory I eat chicken breast with vegies, a few nuts, some yoghurt and half. a banana but I've got so bored of it that I go looking for something else and that's when things get bad because as soon as I've eaten something "I shouldn't" I just keep eating. Dinner is usually chicken breast with vegies and a fat bomb for dessert. Love my fat bombs! And one fat bomb just switches off my appetite so I can relax and not keep thinking "Is that it? Can't I have some more?" Probably not great for my cholesterol though. But yesterday I was "good" . I managed not to eat anything sweet and my weight went down 200g. Suggestions for lunches would be welcome!
  7. Thanks. I will keep that in mind, Yesterday I was eating brown rice with cottage cheese (because my tummy was crummy) and it was delicious. The rice was left overs and had mixed with the salty sauce from the main dish and oh....so yummy...and comforting. My mother in law used to make kitcheri with rice and lentils and that was super yummy too. The lentils somehow made it creamy.
  8. Roast chicken? Coleslaw made with homemade mayonaise (so you can control sugar and salt) Berries with cream Smoked salmon sashimi Green salad with avocado and olives Nuts, nuts, nuts
  9. My husband and I watched the first series of the anime which stops abruptly. It's very weird how something so grotesque can be so addictive! I couldn't actually bring myself to watch the second series. Yesterday I failed on all my goals! No exercise, no stretching and white bread! Now I am heavier than I was a month ago. Sigh! One bad habit I have is when I've been dieting for awhile and my weight goes down I then relax and everything goes back on again!
  10. Yeah! And yesterday I did no workout and I just ate a pile of cheese because I was thirsty! Not doing very well am I? Attack on Titan eh? Cool!
  11. Wow! So cheap! And the attention of an instructor. How cool is that? I can imagine how busy you are....or maybe I can't! Good luck with your challenge.
  12. Failed on my "no sweet things" resolution for emotional reasons. But my screen time was down to 2:15 .... that's better. Maybe today I can crack the 2 hours mark! But my weight went up. I'm blaming this on a salty dinner and inflammation of my legs from starting workouts again. It always happens. When I return to workouts my weight goes up. The solution, obviously is not to stop working out! Eggs for breakfast!
  13. Stuck to my resolutions for a second day. According to the trackers I've installed on chrome and my phone I frittered away 3 hours on screens. That's the baseline. Let's halve it. Although...to be fair, a lot of that is reading the news.
  14. I hate cleaning too. That's for servants! Here are my thoughts on it. First of all, there's tidy and there's clean. Clean is important because it helps keep you healthy. Tidy is not so important and maybe you're just tidying because you're frightened your mother, or another woman, will come 'round and click her tongue at you. I worked with a woman who was head of a government research group and one day I went to visit her house and she quite clearly did not think it important to put *anything* away. And she was quite unselfconcious about it. As for myself, the dining table, and other horizontal surfaces, pile up with stuff. I just push it out of the way until the day it starts to get me down and then I have a big tidy up. Now, as for cleaning. It took me years and years to realize that some parts of the house need constant attention and others need almost none. So now I keep a microfibre cloth in the bathroom and a bottle of domestos beside the toilet. In the time it takes my moisturiser to dry I can wipe down the basin and bench and clean the toilet. I also vacuum the shower with a window vac. All in all it takes about 5mins every day. About once a fortnight I clean the shower and sometimes I sweep out the bath. I never ever clean the whole the bathroom in one go, because it would never get done otherwise. My other handy hint is, no shoes in the house. Its amazing. Once you go all Japanese the stuff on the floor remains mainly at the front and back doors, so I concentrate my sweeping there. A quick run around with the broom every day or so. The other end of the house hardly gets dirty at all so I might sweep back there about once every 10 days. And the other surprise for me is that taking our shoes off keeps the dust down on other surfaces. Much less dusting needed. The other thing that needs constant attention is kitchen. That needs a quick wipe of the benches and cupboard fronts every night. Again, 1 minutes worth of work! And other things, like my filthy windows, I make a mental note to clean "one day". I might even do that today. Or not. So absolutely! A bit at a time! As much as you can stand. Focus on the things that bug you and leave the rest.
  15. Day: 15 minutes HIIT and a few minutes stretching. I may have had a tiny bit of marzipan! My weight is going up!!! Screen time was about 90minutes, but that is probably low, since the measuring apps weren't running all day. Today will be the baseline.
  16. I have had zero motivation to exercise lately and it shows! Challenge for this round: 1. Exercise 15 mins / day (700 Met.minutes per week) 2. Avoid overtly sweet things (including bread) except on between 6-9pm on Saturdays. 3, Reduce screen time.
  17. Some how or other I followed a link from somewhere and ended up posting in an old challenge. I'd delete this thread, but I can't figure out how!
  18. I have had zero motivation to exercise lately and it shows! Challenge for this round: 1. Exercise 15 mins / day (700 Met.minutes per week) 2. Avoid overtly sweet things (including bread) except on between 6-9pm on Saturdays. 3, Reduce screen time.
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