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  1. Week 2... meh x means not successful bad headache the past two days!
  2. Update on goals last week. To explain... I had a toothache all last week, was finally able to get to the dentist on Thursday. Now to me a toothache can be compared to giving birth to a 20lb baby with no medication (all you mothers will be able to understand the analogy). I didn't work out, I didn't eat much at all and I didn't sleep. Now. I am finally pain free and hoping this week goes a lot better.
  3. Reading through your log. You are an inspiration to me, your discipline is amazing!!!
  4. This is my second challenge and although last challenge wasn't a complete flop, it wasn't the best either. Since then and now I have had a vacation (and well we all know how that goes). But I am back at it and hopefully with no foreseeable vacations or holidays, I am hoping to get some good momemtum. Goals for this challenge: Goal #1 SLEEP I am going to get 8 hours or more of sleep each night. Goal # 2 Eat Veggies EVERYDAY Goal # 3 Strength Train 3x a week I am only going to give myself 3 to work on this challenge, but in addition I am hoping to read a book for work and complete some CEU's for my licensure.
  5. Of course I am late posting my weekly updates... I started on a Wednesday so I counted that as the first day. Week 1 (for me) July 1st thru the 8th Diet; I made it 5 out of 7 days for drive thru (I was doing about 7 days a week) 4 out of 7 for the two veggies a day (this is kind of embarrasing) Fitness: 4 out of 7 days (improvement) Mindset: 1 out of 7 days (again embarrasing) So even though I didn't do as good as I would have liked to, there was some improvements. Yay Me!
  6. @First Mate Davy I am trying to get my mindset into lifestyle changes instead of dieting or something quick. Breakfast is something I struggle with, I am eating boiled eggs and sometimes a half peice of proten bagel with some whipped cream cheese. I have also done overnight oats also. What are some of your go to's for breakfast?
  7. @Xena I am not new to Yoga, but it is not something I have done regularly in the past. I have taken classes. I am a mental health therapist so I have even taken a yoga for trauma training. I love yoga and eventually would like to become a teacher and start integrating into my therapy sessions. What about you?
  8. @//Min I am doing the academy workouts. I am on level 2 every other day doing yoga. I am working out in the morning. I am attempting a veggie with every meal
  9. Hey everyone! I am new, I have been signed up for almost a week now. This whole format was made for me, I love challenges (quest) and I love to check things off. I hope that starting late is ok. My Big Picture goal is to lose 30lbs and create new and healthy habits Diet: No fast food drive thru's for breakfast and eat 2 servings of veggies a day Fitness: 30 minutes of activity a day Mindset: get out of the bed 30 minutes earler (which means no playing on the phone for 30 minutes) I am really looking forward to connecting to other people during these challenges. I am in need of accountablity.
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