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  1. thanks all she is a rescue, so we're not sure where the name came from, but do love the indiana jones reference
  2. Thanks @cd667! Your Max is beautiful! This is my Indy
  3. Great goals, Mezzo! That permission is blissfully freeing. I love to look at pinterest or insta for fun, but my own sporadic journals are a scribbled mess. I alternate between BuJo organisation and the Artist's Way stream of conscious/morning pages.
  4. Thanks @juliebarkley and @MezzotheLefty. I do youtube videos at home, and sometimes I just freestyle whatever feel's good. YogaWithAdriene is a favourite, but for Yin there are a few other youtubers I like too. Challenge update. Week one. 1. Walks - smashed it Made it out at least ten minutes daily and beat the weekly target of 70 minutes by 85 minutes. 2. Yoga - missed it - 40mins out of total 60mins target for the week. One 30 min session and one 10 min session. This week adjusting for more small practices squeezed in. 3. Body-weight workouts - smashed it and di
  5. Thanks @Bouncer_the_Lovable! I hadn't heard of 4thewords before. I'll definitely be checking it out
  6. Great goals! There are some great apps out there for meditation, my fave is insight timer, but it's a habit I slip in and out of. Good luck!
  7. Thanks all @cd667-My novel is an urban fantasy with parallel worlds, magic and romance. @scottbbb-I've tried nanowrimo a few times, and love the atmosphere and camaraderie. I find it's a good way to write myself into a new novel, and usually end up with somewhere between 10-30K words. But 1667 words a day for a full month is too much for me. Averaging 500 words daily is more achievable, whilst still presenting a challenge, and more forgiving if I miss a day here and there. I need the pace to be sustainable
  8. First timer here. Keeping it simple with 3 health/fitness goals and 1 level-up-my-life goal. Minimum 10 walk daily - I know it's tiny, but I'm aiming for consistency/routine, and walking 90mins one day and 0 the next three days doesn't end well for me. 2x30 minute yoga practices per week - yin yoga is perfect for stress relief, and I love hatha and vinyasa practices too. 2x30 minute body-weight/core workouts per week - I need to build a sustainable base. 500 words daily on my novel - I'm in a workshopping course and a full draft of my manuscript is due October 11. I t
  9. Cool challenge. Hope you have better luck with the renovations this time!
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