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  1. Plus, if you drink it all in one go, you can blow up the bag when you've finished and use it as a pillow so you can take a nap.
  2. You don't sound ignorant at all. Quite the opposite. I should preface all of this by saying I have only ever had one teacher, and I deliberately haven't looked into too many alternatives; I don't wish to become an expert, merely a competent practitioner. But these are some thoughts. There are lots of schools of Tai Chi, and anyone can start one. The aims and objectives of these schools are wildly different, and the claims made about what it can do for you are different depending on who you ask. There is a traditional Yang style Tai Chi, which you could consider an international standard. This is probably what your prospective teacher was talking about. There's no dogma, although bear in mind many of the materials are direct translations from Chinese and don't sound as good in English. Personally, I see the benefits as something that: Makes me a little more flexible. Will allow me to become a better old person. Gives me a few minutes every day where I just focus on my breathing and movement, in normal circumstances with other people. Will help me live the best version of my life. I really recommend it. Better than a mindfulness app.
  3. Yes, do it! My days with Tai Chi in them are much better than the ones without.
  4. I don't really do memes, but this seemed apposite.
  5. I have felt this all my life. It was worse when I lived alone. Sending positive thoughts.
  6. One can hardly blame them.
  7. Oh, @Tateman, that is rough. I have been a longtime carer to my sister who also has troubles with mental health. Look after yourself, matey. It's worth reaching out to a mental health charity to see if there's any help for you, as a carer.
  8. Hello Salinger. You don't know me, but I have read this thread. Just a thought that I wanted to add to the chorus. I never met either of you, of course, but I bet your dad would have been really proud of all this stuff you're doing in spite of all that grief. You're smashing this. Some details aren't perfect, but so what? The general trend is upward.
  9. Oh, that sounds a bit grim. Look after yourself!
  10. Fun fact - it was a hospital. Which still exists! https://www.slam.nhs.uk/our-services/hospital-care/bethlem-royal-hospital This is an inspiring challenge. I would defo like to read the story. And more about Whole30. You are at the place I want to be, health wise. So I have a lot to learn from you. Following.
  11. Hey, I feel like that at the minute. I think it's a common thing. Sending positive thoughts.
  12. You're lapping everyone on the sofa!
  13. I have the misfortune of coming from the town said Mr Clown was an MP of before he scarpered when the mayor of London gig came up. I have met him several times. He was a waste of space. Before that, we had Michael Heseltine. I really disagree with Michael Heseltine, but at least I respect him. He helped out a lot of people who came to him. Boris was simply never there. Bojo is fundamentally dishonest. He won't even admit to the number of children he has. If he hadn't gone to Eton and Oxford, he'd be some sleazy used car salesman. Aaaand relax.....
  14. I don't think that most people who come from the British Isles (or anywhere, nearly) are going to fight you over their nationality. It's portrayed as us all hating each other, whereas really what you hear about are a vociferous minority.
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