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  1. Reflections on Week of Aug 3-7 Overall, my training went well this week in terms of hitting my planned numbers for each of the four workouts. My knee, on seldom occasions, was a little sore post-workout, but this was probably no more than a 1 on a scale of 10. In other words, very minor in terms of aggravation. My legs feel pretty good for squatting 4x/week...though I was “dealt” low volume this week. It could be entirely different come next week. I’ve been reading up on isometric exercises, and I’m going to start incorporating wall sits into my daily regimen before I go to bed. This should target the patellar and quad tendons in a good way. The water goal, while doable, has resulted in a lot more bathroom breaks than I’d like, and I’ll have to rethink my water consumption this upcoming week since I’ll be in meetings all during the week. The guitar goals have been coming along pretty good. There’s some songs like Philadelphia Freedom that still need some fine tuning on certain parts, but I’m in the correct key. I’m starting to look for songs that are in keys that I’m still rusty on picking up. The sleep goals could use some more work. While I’m turning the lights off at the desired times, I’ve had several days where I continued reading on my phone for 10-15 min after turning the lights off. I need to get into a better “prep for bed” routine. Overall, it’s been a good first week on the challenge. Looking forward to week 2.
  2. How have your knees been feeling the past week?
  3. The Patellar Tendonitis Troubleshooting Quest & 1st Time Challenge Raid 7 August 20 Observations: Switched out the front squat exercise today and had a pretty bad flare up on the gracilis muscle down close to the patellar junction. Backed off a few minutes, and the discomfort diminished. Was able to complete all the sets. Did pin power cleans, Klokov Presses, and high pulls after the lower body stuff. The patellar/sartorius/tibia junction area is a little sore post-workout, but it's relatively minor. 7 August Challenge Stats: 1. Numbers on Goal 1 Met: Yes 2. Drank 64 oz of water: Yes 3. New guitar song: Elton John: Philadelphia Freedom 4. Sleep: Lights were off by 11:15
  4. What time are you usually getting up at? And do you find yourself waking up during the night? That's an issue I experienced w/ getting to bed early--I'd usually wake up between 1-3 in the morning, and then I'd find myself trying to go back to sleep. I've found that 11 PM-6 AM is my ideal sleep period. But...different strokes for different folks when it comes to sleeping.
  5. The Patellar Tendonitis Troubleshooting Quest & 1st Time Challenge Raid 5 August 20 Observations: The tempo squat, box squat, and good morning were all low volume today. The front squat got 4 x 5 today, and it was a challenging 4 sets. Did 1 x 5 at 80 lbs on the Klokov Press and 2 x 1 on the pin power cleans at 90 lbs. Knee more or less the same as the previous two days. 5 August Challenge Stats: 1. Numbers on Goal 1 Met: Yes 2. Drank 64 oz of water: 1st 32 oz was consumed at work, and the remainder was consumed after dinner 3. New guitar song: Alice Cooper: No More Mr. Nice Guy 4. Sleep: Lights were off by 11:15
  6. @Captain-Bones Yeah, I actually re-started playing about two years ago after almost a decade of not playing. I did lessons way back in the day, but just never really got into it. But, in recent years, I thought, "Man, it would be cool if I could play based off how the singer is singing the song." I started playing that way, and initially was playing in the "Key of Crap" alot. But, eventually I started hitting the right notes and then the scales and patterns, and by that time, I was starting to put 2 and 2 together. And that's literally how I'm playing now. It's more lead/riff playing than it is strumming chords. I've contemplated making videos of how to play basic riffs that can be taught in 1-2 minutes tops, especially for those looking to play simple stuff. Basically, it's never too late to learn. @scottbbb Actually electric--it's a Les Paul Junior. So for an electric, I'd say it looks about as close to an acoustic that an electric guitar can somewhat get haha. @cd667 So far, so good. That water challenge is going to be interesting next week when I start having all-day meetings every day. Gonna have to think about my consumption plan lol.
  7. The Patellar Tendonitis Troubleshooting Quest & 1st Time Challenge Raid 4 August 20 Observations: Low volume today on the lower body movements. I overshot the Good Morning in terms of the weight for this workout, but it was doable and I'll just keep a standard rate of progression off that weight. Did 1 x 2 at 85 lbs on the power clean off pins, and did 1 x 5 on the Klokov Press at 75 lbs. The weight's dropped off quite a bit on those two movements since the late winter, but I haven't trained either lift in the past 5 months, so that's to be expected. As long as the numbers go up... 4 August Challenge Stats: 1. Numbers on Goal 1 Met: Yes 2. Drank 64 oz of water: Yes....but that poor toilet today... 3. New guitar song: Genesis: Land of Confusion 4. Sleep: Lights went out by 11:15
  8. The Patellar Tendonitis Troubleshooting Quest & 1st Time Challenge Raid 3 August 20 Gonna start recording my numbers in the spreadsheet located at the URL link on my signature. Observations: Hit all planned numbers for this workout. Knee issues were minimal, nothing that was causing problems during any of the sets. Box squat felt very powerful, especially doing them flat on the ground vs up on a bumper plate. Slowed down the acceleration on the front squat since the weight is starting to get to the point where I'll need to be careful not to overpower this movement (or else I'll wipe out like one of those contestants from that old Spike TV show MXC). After finishing up the lower body stuff, did a couple of power clean singles off pins. Planning to incorporate this exercise on days where the lower body volume is low. 3 August Challenge Stats: 1. Numbers on Goal 1 Met: Yes 2. Drank 64 oz of water: Yes, and did not have as many bathroom visits as anticipated 3. New guitar song: Average White Band: Pick Up The Pieces 4. Sleep: Tracking a previous day on this goal. Was out by 11:30 (Fri, Sat, & Sun evenings' plan is to turn lights off by 11:30)
  9. @Xena That’s exactly right. #1 is influencing #2 in a maybe good/maybe not so good way haha
  10. Best of luck! Those are some solid goals you have posted.
  11. First challenge of many to come. Here's the items on this docket: 1. Fitness: Perform a 3-second tempo squat for 1 set of 5 reps @ 215 lbs. Perform a regular squat for 1 set of 5 reps @ 225 lbs. 2. Nutrition: Drink 64 oz of water each day (I definitely could work on my water intake). 3. Lifestyle: Play a new song on the guitar each day. 4. Sleep: Lights out and gadgets off by 11:15 PM weekdays and 11:30 PM on weekends. The plan is to keep my records in the battle log. Getting ready to kick the tires and light the fires.
  12. The Patellar Tendonitis Troubleshooting Quest 21 July 20 **All exercises done w/ heels up on a 45 lb bumper plate Squat: 6 x 5 @ 135 lbs Box squat: 1 x 5 @ 145 lbs Front squat: 5 x 5 @ 95 lbs Good morning: 3 x 5 @ 125 lbs 5-rep squat test: 145 lbs Observations: Right knee was sore for the 1st two sets, but after adjusting the heels to be closer towards the edge of the bumper plate, felt much better and had no issues. Definitely felt the pump in the adductors. Getting home, knee felt a little sore, but no different than previous days.