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  1. Brokenlifting 3 Mar 21 Since the last post, progress has been made. It feels like my upper body is starting to adapt to the workload as this week hasn't felt like a grind compared to the previous week. The Z-Press (arguably the toughest of the three upper body exercises) has felt solid the past few workouts, and putting up 95 lbs on multiple sets felt relatively smooth. Overall, I'm pretty content so far. My back isn't bothering me much at all anymore, however, there are certain movements that I can tell aggravate it. So, I'm still gonna stay off the squatting for a few
  2. Brokenlifting: Week 2 Week 2 of this brokenlifting routine started off w/ a hard pump on literally every exercise. My muscles definitely got smoked on all sets. The Z Press was the most challenging of the 3. Looking back over time, I've changed my form on the Z Press. This photo shows my old form of doing the Z Press: The difference between the form in this photo and my current form is that I'm taking a much wider grip (close to the rings on the bar). And it's definitely working my shoulders and back a lot more. I'm trying to limit my tricep usage on the o
  3. The Beginning of "Brokenlifting" 20 Feb 21 I've given a lot of thought to my future, and for as much as I'd like to squat 500+ lbs beyond 40 yrs old, the reality is....that may not happen if I end up breaking down beforehand. I can deal with the aches and stiffness, but if I end up being put on the orthopedic surgeon's "line-up card", that's not a position I'd like to be in. So, I'm going to play the long-ball game, where I'll focus on a new style of lifting during the periods where I'm practically out of commission on the usual lifts: See, the
  4. The R&R Period (Recovery & Rehabilitation) 16 Feb 21 I'm planning to focus my attention on the Press component of the "Pentagon" over the next couple of months. I tried to bench press last week, however, arching my back aggravated my lower back/sacrum area, so I'm trying to avoid anything that aggravates my lower back at least for a month or so. So given that, I've switched out the bench press with the floor press, and I'm planning to build up the three following lifts: - Floor press - Floor JM press - Z-press All of those exerc
  5. The Wario Challenge: It Was Good While It Lasted 13 Feb 21 I injured my lower back/hip flexors a couple of weeks ago, and have been slowly taking it easy. When I look back at my most recent post on 19 Jan, I can see where there were red flags especially with the throbbing glute medials. So, I'll break down what happened and what my plans will be going forward: I was going through my normal Monday workout routine with no noticeable issues prior to starting. I felt fine, energy-wise, didn't feel sore, and I had warmed-up. Within the first set, I experienced a
  6. The Wario Challenge 19 Jan 21 Going into the workout today, I was pretty sore, and post-workout, I still felt pretty sore. I did power cleans, a set of deadlifts, and a set of Pendlay Rows. The movements were ok, execution-wise, but my medial glutes were throbbing quite a bit. My right leg felt stiff, and throughout the day, my knee was throbbing a fair amount. While it's definitely not welcoming, the reality is this is what happens w/ high volume training. Still gonna take it day by day and assess one set at a time. If I feel I'm able to get through the sets, I'll get
  7. The Wario Challenge 18 Jan 21 Well....can't decide if stretching over the weekend really helped me or hurt me starting out this week. My right leg (the leg that's been having the tendonitis issue) was feeling sore today leading up to the gym. Nothing too bad, but I could tell it was more noticeable compared to the start of last week. I managed to get through the squats (I had an even split between 7 & 14 reps on the sets for the main squat), although I was starting to throb a little bit in the medial gluteus muscles on the back tempo squats. I've tried to control th
  8. The Wario Challenge 12 January 21-15 January 21 The second week of the challenge has closed out. I used Tuesday as a deadlift & power clean day. I'm going to start incorporating deadlifts back into my routine on a regular basis going forward. Basically, I have a "Pentagon" approach to barbell training this year: The squat is the top priority in this organization, and that's where I'm doing the four accessory movements (tempo squats on Monday & pause squats on Wednesday) in addition to the main movement. I'm doing overhead presses on Monday &am
  9. The Wario Challenge 6 January 21-11 January 21 Picking up from last Monday, my legs felt like trash leading up to Wednesday, and going into Wednesday's workout, I was skeptical. However, I decided to just get through what I could, and I ended up completing the entire workout. Surprisingly, somewhat, I didn't feel as beat up going through the rest of week. On Friday's workout, I felt decent and managed to get through the workout without any issues. No soreness over the weekend. Starting out the second week of this challenge, I had less volume, rep-wise, on Mo
  10. The Wario Challenge 4 January 21 The third challenge is in honor of Mario's arch rival, Wario: After a hiatus of almost a month in length, I returned back to the normal gym routine. After realizing how out of shape I was before I went on my hiatus, I decided coming back that I would be upping the volume significantly. And after 70 squats (not including the 24 extra accessory squats following that) in today's workout, I left the gym looking like this: My legs were screaming "WHAT THE !%#@ DUDE!" to me. But, in all hone
  11. Transition Period 7 December 20 This post covers both the 4th & 7th of December, so I'll start w/ the 4th. It was the first time in a few years that I've done a workout where the total reps was around 50. I was expecting to get destroyed, but because I was conservative w/ the weights I selected, I was spared the destruction. All 4 sets felt good--I had significant pumps in both legs. The knee wasn't aggravated too much (likely because of the lighter weight involved). The accessory exercises consisted of paused squats, and those felt fine as well. For tod
  12. Transition Period 2 December 20 Compared to Monday, where the workout made it on Michael's Bad Album, the workout today was more of a bounce back: Wednesday is what I'm using as a "middle of the continuum" day with regards to reps. I have set the total reps to be performed on the squat at 24, and I'll either do 2 sets of 12 reps or 12 sets of 2 reps. Today, I did 2 x 12. This is the first time in a very long time that I've done more than 10 reps on the squat; I've usually been sticking around 5 or fewer reps on my sets. But, I have found signi
  13. Transition Period 30 November 20 This album cover sums up today's time in the gym: Not sure if the turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pies are to blame, but either way, this workout was terrible. I felt extremely uncoordinated and off-balance on the squats today. Unlike the past challenge, I'm going to up the frequency of lower body stuff going forward. So, I'll be combining the accessory exercises I've done w/ the main squat in a regular workout. Hopefully, the increased frequency will knock off the holiday rust I seem to have accumulated. T
  14. Don't Estimate 1-Rep Maxes 23 November 20 If there's one lesson I've learned from the past two months, it's the title of this post. Granted, I did make my 2nd challenge goal of squatting 325 lbs. But the baseline that was established at the beginning and the current metrics based off the previous weeks progress would've had me squatting much more weight that I was capable of doing today. To put things into perspective, I've been out of the gym 12 days (last day in was Nov 11). Last week, I worked more hours at work to catch up on tasks, and decided I'd use t
  15. The 2nd Challenge: Fighting King K. Rool 11 November 20 Today's workout is sponsored by Mr. Burns: He was selected based on my experience during the PCP movements today. My shoulders were burning pretty good during the three movements. Definitely not comfortable. However, I did hit my planned numbers, so that's a good takeaway from this session. The front squats moved well, with the exception of one rep where the form was slightly off. Actually, it was straight up ugly--shot the weight up too much at the top and lifted my heals slightly off the
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