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  1. So I've managed to keep up with the only having soda 6/7 days and my gradual increase of bodyweight exersices but the meditation and food journalling have been a complete failure for the last week
  2. So I managed to do one circuit of the bodyweight workout. It was hard. Next week I'm doing Monday & Wednesday.
  3. I'm using headspace, might as well use that spotify student subscription and usually my sessions are 10 minutes. So for the start of this challenge, Sunday Monday Tuesday I managed to have no fizzy drinks other than water, I've been recording everything I eat and I've meditated Sunday Monday. Tomorrow is the first bodyweight workout for which I will warm up using the switch jump rope program.
  4. Hi I started bullet journal the week before lockdown and for me the best way to keep using it has always been keep it as simple as possible.
  5. So I've been dialing down my soda consumption recently, down to one glass a day with the rest being replaced with fizzy water.
  6. So as part of my goal to get fitter and loose weight I'm going to be doing these items. (Diet) Record everything I eat into my bullet journal. (Diet) Not drink any soda for 6/7 days (Fitness) Do the beginner Bodyweight workout starting at 1 a week and then increasing by 1 every week until I am doing 3 times a week. (Level up Life) Meditate 5/7 days. I'm trying not to do too much at once because then I just get tired and don't want to do any of the rest of it hence the gradual increase of exersice. Wish me luck.
  7. So I'm currently planning my challenge thread. What I'm doing is using jump rope and bodyweight exersices alongside eating better.
  8. Hi I'm a 24yr old. I'm joining up to get some support over getting fitter. I want to do this so I can do more fencing and larping without getting out of breath. So hi.
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