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  1. Thank you guys for the guidance, I am going to take a decent amount of time looking at any dojo before I join, before I wanted to do a chinese art because I learned some chinese in school but I have recently gained some interest in Korean Martial arts as well, which is something i never looked into before so its really eye opening and cool that Danjf just linked one.
  2. It may seem like a big jump but maybe just get her involved in a swimming sport, I always knew how to swim well enough but it wasn't perfect form or anything like that but I took a class in high school to become a life guard and we had to swim ALOT so while most (but not all) of the people in the class who joined where already better than me it was being there that I learned proper form and got alot better. so perhaps just joining a swim team to learn proper strokes, kicks and swim exercises isnt too bad of an idea, but i do understand it being alot at once going from novice to walking on a team.
  3. Hi, and welcome to LI NY, im flip and im 20 (in August) i have lived here for around 6 years now. what area of the island are you moving to? there are two counties, nassau (closer to the city) and suffolk (the eastern half of the island) i live in suffolk county all the way out by smith point beach. as far as i can tell NY rebels, majority being in manhattan (oddly alot of them specificly reside in hells kitchin, but some toward the upper side as well) or live upstate. i think there may be a grand total of 10 LI rebels unless we have got a lot more since i last checked (admitadly a while ago) atm I am still looking for a new car so I wouldnt be able to do a meet up soon unless you just happend to move near my part of town lol. but i will be sure to keep in touch, i feel as LI rebels are rare. but i would love for some to speak up and prove me wrong.
  4. Hi Rebels, so I live in NY and just got into my school of choice but its all the way out in NYC which is a ways away for me, i have to take the train in all of the time. I have decided that i want to join a dojo out there and have been doing so research but I wanted to know if any other rebels are currently members of a dojo in NYC. working with a rebel would make it alot easier joining as the noob to a place. what im looking for in a dojo: Size: I like the idea having a smaller class size and much more personal time with the instructor or with a partner. Cost: i cant afford something crazy expensive but if its reasonable i should be able to get it done, anything asking for much more than 50 per month, or on some kind of scale like that becomes a little to hard. style: I dont have too big of a say on this matter, i dont care how flashy it is as long as the trainig is effective in keeping me in shape and i get to be a total bad ass. I would prefer a chinese based martial art but am totally open to any other kind. krav seems super cool but im least interested in it, if i had to rule one out. Exp: im a biginner so i have to start from the beginning but i dont want to be a 20 yr old practicing punches and kicks in a room full of 10 yr olds. Location: I normally take the train to penn station, and go south to 22nd and broadway, anywhere around or between those spots would be great, how ever im open to all around manhattan. i guess thats it, i look forward to hearing back from others and especially excited if this ends up being a NYC rebel meet up when looking for classes.
  5. its generaly just who can do the most push ups without quiting. at the end of our sunday morning work out, who has done the most push ups win.
  6. I was doing push days on tuesday n pull days on thursday. other exercises on different days.
  7. Jumping in 3 days late, but btr than nothing. I only have 3 goals this time around. 1. try the detox water my sister goes on and on about, and note if it has any positive or negative effect on me. 2. try baking cauliflower bread (sounds delicious) 3. Lastly beat my friend Joe at a push-up compatiton, we have them every sunday so i have 6 chances to try and beat him. he has been doing more than me lately, but my "spirit of compatition" is great and his is weak (as i tell him all of the time) thanks for tuning in to my goals this time around, ill try and post often (maybe after every compatition) and Good luck to all others in their goals this 6 week challange.
  8. So as far as I understand the one thing that these shoes all have alot in common is heel support. which I understand because you want to drive through your heels on alot of lifts. But has there been any question into the possible reward/loss of using more flat ware of shoes or even more extreme going the 'barefoot' effect with something like vibrams? or is it just dangerous to go without the support?
  9. So here is what im working with right now: Originally I was only making enough time to go to the gym 2 days a week, tues and thursday. strength days. I have been transitioning and adding more but let me start with the core which is my strength days. I wanted to go with a sort of Yin-Yang method (new to me) or Push/Pull. and Full body instead of focusing or targeting individual muscles. Push: Bench Squat DB Military Press Pull: Deadlift Pull-ups 1 arm DB row Is there anything Obvious that I might be missing? I have been making very good success (especially when my diet is staying clean) so im not worried about a lack of progress, just looking for some rebel's feed backs. If I get some good feed back then I will add in the other stuff in that I have added to my schedule. iv slowly transitioned from a 2/7 days work out to more around 5/7
  10. I second that, I adore my Vibrams and hate wearing anything else.
  11. My Final Results for this 6 week Challenge: 1.Diet: cut all soda/energy drinks for the next 6 weeks. 3pts CON success: minus the one reflex sip, but I have noticed that the reflex sip doesn't happen any more and that is awesome. 2pts CON awarded. 2. Fitness: on my rest days walk 3-5miles (substitutable with some random adventures I go on/ end up in) 3pts STA complete and total failure: although I inevitably ended up walking more because I went back to school it wasn't exactly what had in mind when I made the goal. walking long distances I don't mind, in fact I enjoy it but to walk before and after school made things too difficult on me with the little sleep I get when I have school followed by work. I walked in total about 1/10th of my goal. so 1/30th a point of stamina awarded? lol I will stick with zero. But I did learn the most from this fail out of any of my other goals. an insight into my time, bodys limits and many other things so Im not calling it a complete loss. so not a complete fail 3. Fitness: Pass lvl 4 push ups in angry birds workout with flying colors (3 stars) 3STR 2STA Success: Although I did not get to pass the level four, I did make significant progress in this field, at the start of the 6 weeks I was doing 15real push ups at a time, so 30 after 2 sets. Now I can do a total of 60('s) in two sets so I basically doubled. my best attempt at hitting my goal of 80 was 66. soooo. . . . 82.5% 2.5STR 2STA Awarded 4. Life Goal: Have a complete financial overlook for my household's income/outcome for the month of august and septembers being on the way. 2pts WIS Success: This one was also a compromise, to get a complete overlook was impossible as it took to much information from my moms part that she didn't have. However I was able to get a fraction of that and after enough haggling we settled for me having the total info in what we spend on gas, and we commute alot. This is a super important part of the overall goal because soon ill be starting my own business that will deal with a good amount of commuting myself so its a good insight 1pt WIS awarded. this was a great experience and I am the kind of person that really needs to have a personal experience to get a firm grasp on something. and now I have my first six week challenge completed and im only going to grow from here and do better in future challenges. thank you all for the support. good luck to all the other challengers.
  12. hello ladies and gentlemen, @JediNickD I used to play rugby in south CA, it is by far my favorite sport, right now I live on Long Island NY and am not on a team, but hopefully one day soon that will change. walking definitely is time consuming and I do try and walk'n'talk with my friends when im at school as much as possible. @coonskee haha i know it was a very little slip up but im just a perfectionist when it comes to myself. how ever i am glad to say that i did not drink any soda after that at any point, yay me! lol.
  13. Long time no update, here is where we are at: I have been doing really well dropping all soda, when im at work i never find myself really craving it at all, I have stuck with my ice water, and once in a great while ill mix lemonade and ice tea. but that has only been one day so far, I basically stick with ice water all the time. but alas I have to deduct 1 point from my first diet goal (3CON total so i was going with a 3 strikes you're out kind of theme) because a while ago my mom asked me to pass the sprite she just bought her self and I took a sip of it, with out even thinking/realizing right before I gave her the cup. THEN freaked out all over the place, and had to explain to her that I just f*cked up by doing that. fun times. For fitness, well its only going so-so. I have not gone walking as I planned on the days I have work, but I have slowly increased the frequency with which I work out so I am still being more active, my over all goal. I worked out on the 15th and today the 20th. which brings me to my final thing. . . I have now graduated level 3 push ups and am onto level 4!! im glad to finally break that barrier and happy to see myself being one step closer to my fitness goal of passing level 4 with 3 stars
  14. Also I got a tape measure for the start of this challenge and here's what I'v got: 30" waist (over belly button) 34.25" waist line (actually wear pants) 13.5" bicep right 12.5" bicep left 38" chest 15.5" calf right 15.5" calf left 22.5" right thigh 23" left thigh I am so unsymetrical @_@ and I am interested to see the differences for when the challenge is over. its about the best I can do for now because my camera is broken.
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