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  1. My lightsaber!!! My vanity table. So excited about this space away from electronics. I have my bullet journal stuff at this table (markers, washi tape, rulers etc) I'm thinking through how I want to set up my jewelry and accessories in this area.
  2. Pretty good, all things considered! Quick catch up: Week 1 was a success! Week 2 was fantastic for non-challenge reasons: I went to STAR WARS LAND!! Guys, it was AMAZING. I loved everything about it. It was immersive and my little geek heart loved living out my own Star Wars story. 10/10 will go again. I could spend so much money there.... but I just got a lightsaber and a cute shirt. (Sweet Pea got a coordinating shirt/dress and I got a little R-2 toy for Pumpkin. He loves robots. <3) Bard and I had a wonderful trip for our anniversary. I did a couple workouts and I'm counting the 20K steps at Galaxy's Edge as a workout too. This week: 3 workouts so far and consistently clean sink! Rearrange Household Update Kids' closet - DONE! Toy Room Master bath - STARTED Vanity Table -STARTED Kitchen Cabinets Pantry Office - STARTED Paperwork/Filing System
  3. Man, this cold is really hanging on! I hope it goes away soon and you feel 100% again!
  4. Oh I'll have to check out that episode. I love the Art of Manliness. It's actually how I found Nerd Fitness years ago! The guest are hit and miss, but Brett is consistently good. What other podcasts do you listen to? I love this! Creative time is important and well spent. Will there be pictures of the butterfly wreath when complete?
  5. Welcome to the forums! There are a few Critters around here (I'm one of them!) and it's a pretty cool place! Your goals look good! Never miss 2 is a great mindset. It's simple, but so difficult to achieve (for me anyway....)
  6. So glad to be back! Thank you, my friend. Thank you, Heidi! After a long spell of apathy, I'm finally motivated to tackle these things so I'm hopeful it'll all get done. I mean, is there a non-haphazard way to move? In my experience, moving is always chaotic no matter how organized I try to be. Thank you, and welcome to Nerd Fitness.
  7. Oh how cool! Artificer is the class I'm most interested in playing if I ever get a game together. The idea makes my crafter heart happy. Have you decided on a subclass? Awwww clumsy Tabaxi is a fun contradiction! Love it!
  8. Whoa. I hadn't seen you doing ball handstands on insta... Super impressive Epsilonte!!!! That's crazy core work! I hope you enjoy your mini break. What kind of DnD character are you rolling??
  9. I hope the sunshine finds you soon. Following along!
  10. Woohoo for handstand progress! Following along my friend.
  11. I hope you feel better soon!! Head colds are no fun. Following for running solidarity and meal planning inspo. It's one of those things I aspire to, but haven't figured out in the day-to-day.
  12. Here's my Workout/Spending Spree tracker from my journal. I'm a sucker for a pretty BuJo spread and it helps motivate me.
  13. I'm back! Recap: I ended the March challenge with a new 5K PR (32:20) and achieving a weight goal (back to pre-pregnancy weight!!). I took the April challenge off because my Bard was out of town for 4 of the last 6 weeks and I needed to focus on keeping the household running and my kids alive. I did try to maintain my workouts/runs and my weight and was mostly successful. This challenge is going to be a little different. It's focused on a series of household projects/reorganization. We've been in the new house a year and a half now. When we first moved in with a 2 year old a newborn baby, we kinda just unpacked everything haphazardly. Now I'm going to rearrange our home to work better. Moving the kids to a different room, reorganizing the kitchen for better function, setting up my vanity table in the bedroom... stuff like that. It's exciting in a boring adult way, but still! 5 workout/runs per week I'll be choosing a new race and starting a new training block during this challenge to work toward my 30 minute 5k. Shine Your Sink The end goal after the rearranging of the house to keep it nice. I read the FlyLady's book and perused her website and I like a lot of her stuff. Step one of her method is to get in the habit of keeping a clean sink. So at least every evening before bed, I will clear and clean the sink. Rearrange Household Kids' closet Toy Room Master bath Vanity Table Kitchen Cabinets Pantry Office Paperwork/Filing System **BONUS** I have a shopping spree planned for my birthday in a couple months to refresh my wardrobe. (You may remember, I'm 'earning' the money with my workout/runs challenge.) If time allows, I'm going to start going through my closet and start getting rid of things that don't fit and planning what I'd like to add. This kind of stuff does not come naturally for me, but I'm determined to do a good job. I want to like my clothes and feel confident in them. I did a color analysis with a friend so now I know the colors that look best on me. (which honestly sounds so dumb but I don't have an eye for that kind of thing, so having a third party assess that for me is really helpful). I'm also doing some YouTube/Pinterest research so I know where to start as far as styles and cuts and stuff. And I'm trying stuff on at stores to see what I do like on me. It's a process but I'm starting to get excited about it. I don't have any illusions about being an Instagram girl or anything but I'm hopeful that I can actually succeed on this project! That's enough for now.
  14. Late to the party as always... and a belated CONGRATULATIONS on the successful Half!!! I'm chasing that sub 30 5k too; I love your training plan. Following along my friend.
  15. I'm a sucker for a pretty chart/spreadsheet. Runners unite: I'm cheering for your half marathon training! Following along, friend.
  16. And.... The challenge is over It's been a good month overall, just hectic and it continues to be. Bard is out of town for a while so just me and the kids. I didn't do a good job with flossing or journaling (largely hit and miss so partial credit) BUT I have a new 5k PR!!! I ran my 5k on Saturday and I shaved 2:25 off my PR! My new time is 32:20. AND this PR has an asterisk because I didn't wear my normal running shoes so it could have been faster. (I packed them but Sweet Pea unpacked one of them and I didn't notice sooooo I had to borrow sneakers there were a size too big). I hope to catch up with everyones threads over the next couple days and maybe gear up for a very lowkey challenge.
  17. So I just looked it up and water picks are actually affordable. Somehow I was under the impression that they cost hundreds of dollars ( were they expensive in the 90s 00s?) There's one in my cart now. Saturday morning cartoons are a thing here too! Go for it! This is an excellent point. Physical activity is great distraction from TV and fun too!! We're having a better time now that it's warmer outside! Both my kids love going outside so the winter is rough for them...
  18. I am! Lol love the gif I feel like I blinked and a month went by... Thanks for checking in. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I think you are right; he's trying to make sense of the pattern and needs more input. I'm gonna look making a little wall calendar for him!
  19. following along, late as always. I really appreciate your willingness to share and facilitate the discussion around hypertension. I'm seeing the doctor this week and expect to have a similar conversation as my blood pressure measurements at home are consistently high. I'll be following along for piggy back advice and cheering for you to find a positive solution without falling into the old traps. PS I love the reframing of salt as poison! Also, your advice and expertise on hair and skincare/ products over on Harriet's thread are so helpful and clearly written and I am very appreciative of those as well.
  20. Just Recently finished Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane on audio book. It wasn't as scary as Coraline (its a really high bar, that graphic novel gave adult me nightmares) and I really enjoyed it! Next up, The Eye of the World from the Wheel of Time series. I have 14 days to listen to 30 hours...
  21. Winter is hard. We're finally all healthy again and settled back into our 'normal' so I'm back for another challenge. 1. Workout/Runs (race day March 19) 5-6 workouts/runs per week. Workouts and runs are going great. Bard is having a great time programming my workout and I greatly enjoy not having to figure out what to do. The trick is he has to write it down for me on our workout whiteboard. If he tells me what to do, I get combative in a "don't tell me what to do" way... I'm sure that's probably something I should discuss with my therapist. I've been increasing milage weekly. Last week I ran 15 miles! Bard has me doing heart rate training so a lot of those miles are very slow to keep me in Zones 2 and 3. But in my recent interval run, I was doing half mile stretches at 9:30-ish pace, so that seems like progress. I have a 5K on March 19. So I'll do 15 miles this week and next week and then Bard says I'll decrease mileage so my legs will be fresh. The goal is to beat my PR (34:45) and the big goal is to run it in less than 30 minutes. I may not make it this time, but I'm going to get close. 2. Smile Protocol I mentioned last challenge that I got braces. "It will be worth it" is the mantra. In the meantime, I need to up my oral hygiene routine. Here's the goal: Brush after all meals (when possible) Even days: Floss top teeth in the evening Odd days: Floss bottom teeth in the evening (bottom teeth are more crowded, they get the extra days per year) Use Rx toothpaste on Sundays, as prescribed Flossing is a pain without braces and with braces its even more important. But I don't have a habit for it (yet!) so this is my compromise. Hopefully it'll stick? and eventually I'll floss everything everyday? That's possible, right? 3. Bullet Journal!!! Tracking habits and life in general in my paper brain is so helpful. So why don't I do it?!? I need to figure out how to make this habit stick. Because right now its: journal for an hour one day and don't touch it for a couple days, 20 minutes of 'catch up' documenting, 10 minutes a couple days in a row... you get the idea. That's enough for now. Parenting question: Our no TV days were a mix bag. We watched less TV but now Pumpkin's first question of the day is whether its a TV day or not. He's throwing huge tantrums about TV when its time to turn it off. Restricting TV made it even more important to him.... NF parents: How do you handle screens and TV with your kids? I think there's a balance to be struck here, but I'm really close to just no TV period for a while.
  22. Heeeeeey! Following along (here and on Insta, loving the pole/handstand videos!) Yes. This. the clutter is so out of control here and it's getting in the way of a LOT of habits I'd ideally like to get down....
  23. Following (a week late but ) Oh KBGirl! *hugs* It's okay to not be okay. You're powering through hard mode right now and that is draining. I really hope that you get much needed rest and recovery time. And that Jaap feels better soon too! PS. I am loving all of your videos. They are so inspiring. I feel like I'm learning a lot about kettlebells.
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