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  1. Lovely painting!! And best wishes for the surgery!
  2. Saw the kitty pic, sooooo cute!!! ❤️ Sometimes doing nothing is very much needed.
  3. No, I'm glad YOU are here. Yeah I used to think I didn't have time for raids either and now look at me... xD Nah, I just think raids in guildwars aren't as much a time commitment as they are in WoW which everyone is referring to... I never played FFXIV, but my friends all did. For me it was always just Guildwars. Got plenty to do with one game Friday! Finally!! I was really looking forward to tonight because I had a "raid date" with one of my guildies. He taught me a new role and then we did Wings 1-3 with two of his friends and some pugs. Usually we do this on Saturday evening but he doesn't have time tomorrow and I don't really either... It was amazing though, had so much fun and I'm feeling so hyped right now. I got enough raid currency for the fourth piece of my armor now, but I need to do some events first... Maybe on Sunday morning. Rest of the day was ok. Internship was fine, and I wanted to use the afternoon for my thesis, but I was sooooo tired, I crashed and took a 2 hour nap. Oops. Might also come down with a cold, maybe, I was super cold all afternoon... I only got warm once I started playing my new role, the pressure of having to HEAL people instead of just dealing damage got me. So much responsibility... xD I did manage to finish some school stuff between the nap and the raid though, so I'll give myself partial points in that regard. Plan for tomorrow: Get up, clean the flat, do some thesis work, DnD (, maybe guildwars depending on the time we finish). ❤️ 💠💠🐉⭐🐉◻️◻️Guildwars 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉◻️◻️Duolingo 💃◻️🤸‍♀️💃◻️◻️◻️Dance ◻️◻️◻️◻️👻◻️◻️Thesis/Schoolstuff
  4. Ohhh that sounds like a wonderful day and evening!! Have fun climbing tomorrow!
  5. Yaaaas, prettiest ankle weights ever. Congrats!! I also love your pole updates, they make me want to jump on the pole right away as well. We call this unicorn feeling at my studio (and I guess everywhere else). When you get to class tired and leave super happy and accomplished.
  6. I know that feeling... It's so hard to get in the shower when it's cold out... But once in there it's actually nice. Just think of the nice an cozy feeling of getting into bed freshly showered...
  7. Always. Which is also why I skipped a few challenges... ^^ But I miss NF. ❤️ Little recap for this week: Monday: Started my new internship (working with kids age 6-8 with cerebral palsy this time, it's actually fun, they are really cute children. ), then worked a few hours followed by dance training with my bellydance friends and a nice evening of Guild Wars (like... 9:30 to 11 pm xD). ❤️ Tuesday: Same. xD Less dancing, more playing, on Tuesdays we run WvW with the guild (as we do on Thursday and Sunday). Stayed up until 1:30 am because... Wednesday was a public holiday (our national holiday), so super chill day. Slept in, spent a nice morning with the husband, had a very late breakfast, played some G... Diablo 2 Resurrected (OMG it's so good, feels just like the real thing but looks normal xD). Then I went to train pole with a friend, taught my class (just one for now), rushed home to join the PvE Raid in Guildwars... Busy busy. But fun busy. Thursday: Internship, work. I'm done with work for the week now, so tomorrow afternoon is reserved for the bachelors thesis. ^^ Evening: I'm doing some events in GW now while typing this (lots of waiting around happening here xD), and I have a bellydance class later in the evening. In short: 💠💠🐉⭐◻️◻️◻️Guildwars 🦉🦉🦉🦉◻️◻️◻️Duolingo 💃◻️🤸‍♀️💃◻️◻️◻️Dance ◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️◻️Thesis Explanation of the symbols:
  8. Sometimes you just need a little cake every day. Hang in there, once you're feeling better, this will get easier again. ❤️ You are doing great with baby steps!!
  9. Hi! Chatting with @Mad Hatter over at her challenge made me realize how much I miss doing challenges. Or just telling you guys about my life, I guess. ^^ Life is quite busy right now, with me being in my last year of physio therapy school (lots of internships, which take about 30-35h a week (not including any documentation I have to write as well) plus working for 10h a week plus teaching pole 1-2 evenings a week, but I'm stopping that soon for time reasons. Ah, plus group projects and writing a bachelors thesis and we still got a few exams... never boring over here. xD), but I have a few things that keep me sane and for this challenge I want to concentrate on that. These things mostly being games and dance, as always. So my goals for the rest of the year are: GUILDWARS: Get my second set of legendary armor, this time the (heavy) raid one (already got the light WvW one), I already got 3/6 parts. Which means doing a few raid wings every week - they can be completed once a week. Usually my guild does them on Wednesday and finishes up on Saturday, though Wednesday is also my pole teaching day so I'm not always able to join. You can see how I'm doing in that regard here. On the side I'm also getting the medium version of the WvW armor so I got all three sets. Why? Quality of life. You can use that on every character at the same time and change stats as needed, so very convenient. The raid one also has a very neat effect when getting into combat, but I usually use other skins anyway, so I don't really care too much about this. So, weekly goal: do as many Raid Wings (1-4, maybe start doing 7) as possible. DUOLINGO: I started learning Dutch for fun and giggles and am on a 75 day streak now. I want to keep doing that. Ideally I do a minimum of 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening (for ALL the double XP boosters). Side goal: Getting first place on the Diamond League because there's an achievement for that and it's one of the only ones I haven't gotten yet. Diamond is crazy competitive, I was easily Top 1 (to 3) all the way up to it but now I'm stuggling to stay in the top 10... I hope to get that around Christmas at the latest. :3 If anyone wants to be friends there - or chat in Dutch - hit me up! DANCE: I meet up with my bellydance sisters once a week (or try to - I'm allowed to miss one of those during the time of the challenge), have a bellydance class once a week and a pole class as a student once a week. If no classes: train at home, especially pole. I'm finally starting to feel really strong again, need to keep that up. On the side of all of that I have two DnD groups that might get mentioned as well from time to time. Bonus (but needed xD): Do something for my bachelors thesis 3 times a week. Let's get busy!! Sleep is overrated anyway.
  10. Oh yes, not even thinking about it anymore. I don't even have push-to-talk on most of the time, just normal voice activation. Even met up with one of my guildies when he was visiting Vienna last week. Like real life meeting, it was fun. xD Yaaaas, wanna see when it's done!!
  11. I'll be done by the end of June next year. 3 Internships done, 6 to go. Plus the Bachelors Thesis. And 5 exams remaining. Not too bad. But it adds up time wise with work and stuff... And guildwars. GW Goals: I started raiding, it's super fun and now I'm halfway done with the legendary raid armor, so that is a goal. And I want to do a second legendary World v World armor so I got each (light, medium and heavy I mean, already got the light WvW one). So it's just... play some every day. Raids on Wednesday and maybe Saturday, WvW on Tuesday, (Thursday - got a dance class there atm), Friday and Sunday... xD Busybusy. ^^ Maybe I should just do a challenge for all my guildwars stuff. :3 This is so good!! There you see what stress does with the brain - or how some free time helps. ❤️ Creepy Halloween choreo!! Which song? Aaaah wanna see
  12. Not right now, life is so busy with school stuff that I don't know where to fit a challenge in there. xD Well, I do have goals (in guildwars :P), but I do those anyway... I try to come here from time to time to read other challenges though. Very good!!
  13. Never heard of the game, but I'm here to watch your story. ❤️
  14. Oh your theme is "no theme", very clever. Might steal that.
  15. Maybe she wanted you to be extra secure? That inside arm is nice to have when first learning BM because it is more secure and also helps you getting out safely, but then: there are plenty of variations and moves out of BM where you don't have it, so when the knee is secure, it works well without it. Would be easier to answer if I had some pictures or was there, though. Can just speculate. New toy is a new toy.
  16. Been there, done that, didn't even get a damn achievement for it. ok it wasn't that bad, but close and I know how you feel. Glad you could it get out of your system and can focus on more fun and less destructive things now.
  17. Hi, sorry for being late. I can just say: to things happening here. It's been a few days, hope you are well. ❤️
  18. Oh yes, that might also be the case. Thank you!!
  19. I finally did a few handstands again today. Went to the gym for the first time since February. xD Had a lot of fun with my friends there and even lifted a few weights. Also this was my chance to get on a scale again, since I don't own one at home. And to my surprise, I actually lost like 5kg. I'm at my goal weight now, at least I think I am, can't remember what my goal was. xD I mean I felt pretty good about myself lately, but to see it "scientifically proven" is really nice. Now if I just knew what I did to get there. xD I guess it's the combination of it being so hot (so I ate less in general and more salad-type things and veggies) and me teaching higher level pole classes again. I can't complain. I'm still a bit heavy for a pole dancer, but as long as I can lift myself I'm happy.
  20. Yes send me yours, along with a pic of your new haircut. It only matters for World v World, for everything else it doesn't matter, we could still play together. Awww thanks, you're right. Maybe I will.
  21. Oooooh cool!! Which server are you on? (only matters for World versus World, but since that is my preferred game mode... I'm on Gandara). That sounds amazing! It is about the length now that I want to to be, but it's a bit thinner than it used to be (probably due to all the stress), so will still take some time to really grow it back. But it's ok, I got the time. Growing hair is easy, you just put it up all the time and wait. xD
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