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  1. I've been meaning to search some papers for you, but I keep forgetting, sorry. xD Don't have any on top of my head, but I think there are some in my school documents... I've been busy, not much handstanding, no cooking. Started my new internship on Monday, intensive care. It's more fun than expected and I get to do things I haven't really practiced before (mainly respiratory therapy - very passive for the patient, very active for me, depending on how awake the patient is... xD and cable management. ). But it's also... intense. xD Whole new world. Not a bad one though. Sometimes a bit sad, sometimes a bit icky, mostly good though. Thankfully the canteen in my new hospital is super cheap and still tasty, so I don't have to worry about preparing food. Makes this challenge kinda useless though. Sorry. One failed challenge... xD Ah well, next one will be better. This one just didn't fit my life as well as I initially thought. Working on the side doesn't leave me with much time and I'd rather spend that little time I have playing with friends (be it DnD or Guildwars) and dancing (our August bellydancing festival is creeping nearer and nearer each day) than thinking about food. xD
  2. I am. Some of them are getting PT because they need it for the body (the older someone gets, the more different things to fix they usually have), but also you can do PT for people with mental health problems as well. Body and mind are one entity, and one can have a huge influence on the other (just try walking slowly while slumping and looking down versus walking briskly while looking far in front and upright). And there are some symptoms of mental health issues, that are best treated by PT. It's really quite fascinating and very challenging because every patient is different and they all need something special. Love it.
  3. So, I finished my first internship today. I already miss it... It was amazing, I could really see myself working in psychiatry long term. The hospital is super pretty (sadly it will relocate next year), the team is amazing, the patients are nice (as long as they don't have a bad day. ). Loved it there. Next one starts on Monday. Intensive care. I need to brush up some things before then... But first: celebrate and play a bit. I also had my last pole class before summer break yesterday. Wrote a choreography to a Rammstein song (Sonne), and we had a blast. Video is over on instagram, let's see for how long, insta is usually pretty fast with deleting all things Rammstein... Or remotely fun. xD
  4. Oh yeah, almost forgot: I went to a concert yesterday. Open air. Wardruna. It was amazing! ❤️❤️❤️ We got some hot dogs on our way home as you do if you go to a concert and come home late.
  5. OMG I love sweet potatoes and totally forgot about them. Thanks for reminding me! Bread, veggies and hummus seem to be my new go-to-food... It's nice and cool(ing) when there are over 32°C outside and inside... xD This week it's a bit cooler, but still nice to eat something cold. Also I grew to love (fake) coffee with vanilla icecream and a hint of cinnamon. yumyum.
  6. So my work food this week was: 2 rice with veggies, 2 hummus, bread and veggies, 1 lentils and dumplings. xD I actually took the next week off in my office job so I might have a tad more time to prepare something... At least I did a few handstands. Not daily, but 3 times this week so far. They are very weak right now because it's so hot and I'm tired.
  7. Sorry for going MIA again... xD Saturday was quite fun, hubbies sister was getting married (or rather: they got married 4 years ago but due to having kids and the whole covid stuff, they just now had the big party. ^^) so I ate ALL the delicious food and cake. Sadly I went there alone since hubby was still in quarantine (we have weird laws around that here... ), but we brought him in via zoom during the important bits, so it was ok. Not perfect, but better than nothing. Had to do a lot of smalltalk that day since I didn't know that many people there, but it was still fun and again, the food was amazing. And since the happy couple and most of their friends have little kids, I got home early enough to play some Guildwars, which is always a plus. Especially after social situations, I need to "desocialize" and GW is perfect for that. Sunday was just chilling and playing, very nice. Plus we had wedding cake for breakfast since I could bring some home for hubby. Monday the "big week 1" started - I have two 50 hour weeks ahead of me (or rather I'm in the middle of the first one) since I have to make up lost internship hours while still working around 15hr a week... So it was 7,5h internship followed by 2,5h work and then... Guildwars and die. xD Tuesday: same same. Food: not very interesting, I had some rice with veggies yesterday and since it was so much I ate the rest of that today. I realized this challenge might be the most boring yet, because I simply don't have the time to prepare fancy meals for taking with me... For tomorrow I have some hummus and will buy some bread on my way to the clinic. Plus some veggies - bell peppers and tomatos. Also haven't done handstands in a few days, it's just too hot to move here. Apart from the fact that I'm moving a lot during my internship... (Still love it though! Only 8 more workdays and then already the next one starts! Time flies!!)
  8. (sorry I'm late :D) That sounds awesome!! Those classes sound like a lot of fun. Also: deadlifts are amazing!
  9. Awww thank you! Cough-wise I feel fine, it's completely gone. I'm still a bit more tired than I used to be, but that could also be due to the heat wave right now... I don't do well with high temperatures and especially if it doesn't really cool down at night. And summer hasn't even fully started yet... Weekend!! Last three days at the internship were amazing, I love it there so much! ❤️ I got 2 times bread and hummus and one pizza so far. Not very special, but this week was for getting there and surviving while still not 100% healthy. xD I hope to get something more substantial to eat next week. We will see. xD It's not easy to prepare food if you aren't really home from 7am to 10pm... xD I forgot about this...
  10. Oh, writing another book! Very exciting!! And I feel you, especially with the heat everything feels more exhausting than it needs to be...
  11. Right?! I have a box for this somewhere, no idea where... xD I will look into it, thanks. There should be enough articles about bento boxes on google... So I am fine again and could test free yesterday. I'm glad to be back in action. Today I did bring bread with me, and hummus and a nice big red bell pepper and an apple. It was plenty. Easy to prepare and to transport. Tomorrow will be leftover pizza from today so I got that covered as well. I am a bit low on supplies right now, because of course I infected my poor husband and he is the one managing all the food stuff in this house... I'll try and get groceries tomorrow after my internship though, so we will see what Friday has in store. xD Overall it wasn't too bad. I'm just very very tired now.
  12. Thank you!! Feeling even better today! I took just one nap yesterday (as opposed to sleeping all afternoon on Thursday), the rest of the day was divided equally between work (homeoffice - need to keep my hours there up when I have to make up lost days in my internship in the next weeks xD) and guildwars. Today I'll finish some school stuff and then the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to playing and chilling and doing nothing of use. Getting healthy. xD
  13. Feeling a lot better today. No more fever! Now it just feels like a regular cold, so I have high hopes to escape quarantine jail soon.
  14. Thank you both!! ❤️ I really hit me around noon, spent the afternoon on the couch sleeping with a fever and am feeling a tiny bit better now (aka can sit in front of the computer. xD). I just hope it goes away as fast as it came (I went from "teaching a super advanced spin pole class after walking 15k steps without a problem" to "wimpering feverish bundle on the sofa" in less than 16 hours. xD ) I'll keep you updated.
  15. Today I woke up, felt I slightly sore throat and... tested positive for covid. .... great. So the challenge will be on hold for now... I just hope I can get a negative test after 5 days (the earliest we can try to "test free" here) so that I don't lose too many precious days and hours at my internship - I need to do a set amount of hours, that might be a bit hard if I miss too many days... At least I have the weekend in between, that doesn't count towards my days.
  16. Wednesday! Today I took leftovers from yesterday (hubby cooked. ❤️ ) - rice and veggies ("Peperonata", it's ratatouille-like - zucchini, peppers, tomatos, onions, garlic. Yumyum. Also eggplants, but we didn't have any xD). Today was also a very eventful day in my internship (medium sized hospital, mental health ward - yes you can do physiotherapy for mental health. Mind and body are closely connected. It's really quite fascinating) that started on Monday. My supervisor wasn't there, so she prepared a lot of stuff for me to do - I got to hold morning and afternoon group classes with the stationary patients and in between I met a lot of people, got to try out occupational therapy (I've been thinking of you, @fearless 2.0 I got shown around and then could choose something, so I was doing pottery, it was great fun, very relaxing. ), got a guided tour of a different part of the hospital... all in all it was a great day. And of course, in between while waiting for the very slow PC to boot I did a few handstands. Tomorrow is a holiday and on Friday I get to do my first individual therapy by myself with a patient I got to know on Monday, so that will be fun as well. Now I'm chilling for a bit before driving off to pole class. I'm a bit tired from the day, but I know I'll feel energized again once I'm at the studio. Today I have some super advanced spin pole students, I hope I can demo everything well enough. xD On Monday I walked for over 20k steps due to the internship, today it's only been 11k so far. xD Gotta get used to that. xD My step goal on my watch so far is 5k because I was leading a quite sedentary studious lifestyle. xD
  17. Oh, how could I forget about bread and sandwiches!! I took bread with cheese and a few veggies (peppers, carrots, tomatoes - snack veggies xD) with me to school for quite some time and now totally forgot that this is a possibility. Thanks for remining me!! Leftovers are the main food I plan to take, it's just figuring out what to cook so that there ARE leftovers... xD Oh yes, salad is great as well, very portable and variable, thanks! What's your favourite salad? I'll try... First food, then upside down. Or... first upside down, then food, might be a bit better. xD
  18. Ooooh, pretty nails!! It's a very beautiful color. ❤️ I can't really wear nail polish during my internship, so I hope to live my nail color addiction through you. ❤️ #nopressure
  19. I'm a simple woman. I want handstands, and I want food. I started my year of internships on Monday and I want to be like my amazing supervisor, who always brings in her own food which looks delicious. Now I don't have much time to cook in the evenings/weekends because I still have to work two jobs and play Guild Wars and DnD. So I need superfastfood. (I mean really fast, today I made porrige with apples and berries in the morning to bring with me and declared that my lunch. It was nice, and it was enough, but I don't want to do that every day.) If anyone has any tips, they are greatly appreciated. I have a fridge there and a microwave and that's it. xD Zero-week will be for searching recipes and ideas while eating whatever. xD Thursday is a holiday here, so that helps because 1 less meal and 1 more day to prepare. Other than that I want to continue doing handstands every day. Not necessarily while cooking, but who knows... xD (and of course, as always, there will be pole and bellydancing classes. )
  20. Congratulations, that's awesome!!! This as well! Can you already kinda use the kitchen?
  21. Yaaaaaaas!! Cool picture!! Sorry work sucks so much.
  22. I will try it, thanks!! Sometimes I can feel it in my fingers, sometimes I forget about them... xD
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