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  1. Thank you, Mezzo! Good is much better than perfect, imho. So: we are doing great! Yesterday was pretty good too. Did my stretches in the morning (today too), had classes in the evening - we had a full blown Sailor Moon Special yesterday, with full costume and all, so much fun! I love that there are enough nerdy polebabies for stuff like this. It's one of my favourite classes to teach. And of course, another treat of icecream afterwards... Can't help myself, one of the best icecream places of the city is directly next to the polestudio... Life is hard. (Nah, I think a little bit of vegan icecream after 3 hours of poledance is quite ok xD).
  2. It totally is a win, cd667! Didn't go to bed on time yesterday again, but I got up on time anyway and that is all that matters. ^^ Today was a big win too, I started with my mobility exercises, followed by my stretching routine and a little meditation. After lunch I actually went to the studio to train pole with a few friends and it was awesome, just came home from that. I feel prepared for my classes tomorrow now and even managed to get a little snap for Instagram (perfect? No. But I consistently managed to do a few tricks I haven't done in a long time today, and that is a total win.). Went to eat some icecream with the girls afterwards - it's vegan icecream, so basically healthy, right? Now all that is on my to do list for the rest of the day is: playing Assassins Creed and going to bed on time. I think I might manage that. So stats for this week (Mo - Su): Sleepy time: 4/6 (7th is today) Meditating: 7/7 Stretching: 6/6 Training: 3,5/2 (the 0,5 are because one time I went to the gym and also count that a little bit ) Mobility exercises: 6/7 (not part of the challenge, but something I should be doing anyway, so I'm tracking it in my calendar^^) I'm excited for week 2 now!!
  3. Yay for feeling better! Hope you had a great day. Straight lines are boring, it's the squiggly ones where all the fun stuff happens... Each day is a new chance to get it better than yesterday, so you are doing great!
  4. It's something everyone can learn, if you are willing... (Same with everything, really. You don't start squatting 200 pounds but I guess eventually you can get there...^^) Yesterday was pretty bad... Only thing of my list I managed to do was meditating (and not buying sweets - I even was grocery shopping and didn't buy anything not on the list, so that is a win!). Didn't even go to bed on time... But today is a new day, I started with some mobility exercises, stretching and choreographing (that counts as training pole ^^) and am feeling much better than yesterday. Still looking pretty good with all the x in my calendar.
  5. I have an x-pole, they are pressure mounted, super easy to install and take down, and they don't leave any marks on the floor or ceiling (well other than a ring of dust on the ceiling ). Sadly I didn't really use it much during the lockdown (we don't have a lockdown here anymore), but I can use it now. Btw I'm really feeling my arms today... So I guess it's gonna be legday at the gym later.
  6. Hi there! I'm Epsilonte, still fresh at 31 years old and proud mom of two adorable kitties. I live in Austria and have been a nerd since the beginning of time! I found NF ages ago, I think around 2011/12, but felt way to weak to actually DO anything besides reading the articles. Me joining a gym?? Never. I was a classic couch potato. Gaming by day, studying physics by night, sleeping whenever. Very healthy. Or so... Until... I discovered pole dancing in 2013. After surviving my first lession I was hooked and addicted and switched the gaming for dancing. 2016 I even got "promoted" to instructor and have been teaching it ever since - with a few gaps. First one was in 2017, when I hurt my elbow and couldn't do anything for a few days (ever tried brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand? It's fun. xD) and couldn't do any dancing for 2-3 months. I never fully recovered from this, since I only started teaching low and easy stuff after the injury and got stuck there at that level... Finally as soon as I was ready to do more advanced things again - Corona happened. At least this got me to start stretching every damn day, yay flexibility! So my main quest is to get back on that pole and become as strong as my former 2017 self. This was my goal from the start of 2020 (I gave myself three years to complete it, since that is the amount of time it took me the first time around), I even joined a gym in February to train both sides equally and get stronger faster, but well... The lockdown didn't exactly help with this quest. At least I'm already more flexible than I was in 2017, so this will help. Side quests: rekindle my love for aerial hoop and silks - I did both before my injury, but never really got back to it... It's harder than pole and I'm quite a bit heavier now than I was back then... Besides dancing my hobbies include: more dancing (Bellydancing - Improvisational group dancing, soooo much fun, and "tribal" fusion), reading, playing DnD (ok right now it's not DnD but Carbon 2185), playing RPGs on the computer and PS4 and cuddling the cats. I already found this community here very welcoming, thank you, and joined my first level 1 challenge! I think I might join the Assassins later...
  7. Wish you all the best! Hope you can "catch" it with diet and exercise. Maybe change your challenge goals to reflect it? So you don't have so many challenges at once but can focus on this a bit more? And a random thought: have you been drinking enough water? Might help with the headaches (though - if you recently cut out a lot of sugar from your diet, they might also be related to this...)
  8. I did it! And it went way better than expected. I had rather good grip today and after training the moves I need for my class on Monday (whew, everything still works. Not perfect, but solid enough. ) I even attempted one trick I haven't done in aaaages (elbow grip ayesha for everyone curious. I first got this sucker about 5 years ago and have since then a pretty intense on-off-relationship with it. xD). And succeded. I planned to go to the gym as well, but in the end I didn't... I went on Monday last time, so it really is time to go there again. So that is my big goal for tomorrow.
  9. Hi Bixby! Oh, you are a long time follower turned forum user too? That's awesome!! Love the handstand goal, handstands are so much fun! Good luck with the callenges!
  10. Hi there, fellow level 1 hero! Congrats on getting the cute doggo! Maybe you can also do some yoga with her, worth a try. And please tell us where we can read your novel when it's finished! Urban fantasy sounds awesome!
  11. Maybe 10 is just a tad too early for being a good bedtime? 11 is still great though! Though I guess aiming for 10 and getting 11 is better than aiming for 11 and getting 1am... ^^ And yay for riding that bike!
  12. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this fear... xD Though... Isn't it better then, to make it not so fancy since then it will be boring and nobody will want to read it? Win-win. ^^
  13. Yay for drinking a lot of water and doing that workout! Keep up the good work!
  14. Thank you!! Oh yes, they do!! I use the Passion Planner, totally in love with it. It hast a lot of similarities with the challenges here, like thinking in big goals and then breaking it down to managable things... And everything that is not written in this calender, doesn't happen! Thank you!! Pole is sooooo much fun once you get over the first "omg I'm dying and I can't get my arms over my shoulders anymore"... It is what got me into sports in the first place. Challengewise... Meditating, sleeping and streching are all going great, I've done each and every thing each day so far. Not buying any new sweets as well (my newest favourite snack is a handfull of frozen raspberries, sooooo good in the summerheat!). Pole... not so much. I simultaneously miss it and am afraid of starting again. xD I plan to do some easy polethings (a few spins and a bit of conditioning) tomorrow after stretching, wish me luck that I actually do it. Next week will be easier with this, because I can go to the studio for it. Right now the studio is closed for summerholidays, so I just have my pole at home, and that one is not very high and has not a lot of space around (first world pole problems ^^)... I use it mainly to choreograph new things, not so much for actual training. But I think a few conditioning exercises should go well enough. I will report tomorrow evening.
  15. Good luck with the challenges! I feel you on the "make the journal perfect" front there... So yay for permitting yourself to just journal no matter what! You can do this!
  16. Love this goal! Are you using an app for meditating? How long are your sessions? Good luck with the challenges!
  17. Hi! Love your "no devices, more books" rule. More reading time is always great! Good luck and have fun with your challenges.
  18. Thanks for the nice welcome! Haha, I just needed to check right now if "kneepit" is an actual word - english is not my first language. Phew, it is. Always happy to provide new fun words. As for the challenge: did my first stretching session today. Totally forgot to meditate in the morning (it is not yet a habit), but I will do it now. So far, so good.
  19. Hey everyone! Oh my, how exciting! I first found Nerd Fitness AGES ago (I think it might have been some time around 2011/12), but never did anything with it since I found myself too weak to work out and too shy to even click on the forum link... Since then a lot happened. I got super into training all kinds of stuff, hurt myself, had to take a break and am since trying to get back to my former self. Since I have a bit more time than usual on my hands right now (I just quit my dayjob and plan to go back to school in September), I decided to check out that awesome workout site I remembered at the back of my head - apparently just in time for the new challenge to start! It's destiny!! So my goals for the next 5 weeks are: Do 1-2 training sessions a week. I'm a pole dancer and teacher. I couldn't do any pole dancing during lockdown. Now I want to build my pain tolerance up again (I really forgot how much it hurts to hang upside down on a chrome pole by your kneepit... who would have thought. ) and become strong enough again to do and teach the more advanced moves. So training in this case = hanging around on the pole, slowly working through the first 4-5 levels. This does not include my teaching (1-3 evenings a week), just the training I do for myself. This will be the biggest challenge of these. Stretch 6 times a week. I did this for 3 months during lockdown, then the "normal life" started again and I fell off the bandwagon. I want to jump right to it again, build that habit again and get flexy. Big goal for the next months is the middlesplit for me. I want this since I started 2013, and finally made some really nice progress this year, I'm sooooo close! Plus: stretching is awesome during summertime when it's warm. Don't buy any "extra" sweets. A bit of honey here and there is fine, and I totally will bake a cake for my birthday in two weeks, but apart from that it's fruit and all the tons of stuff I already have at home. This is enough to easily last for 5 weeks. I might have a little sugar addiction problem... It helps that it's really warm right now and I'm not craving sugar as much as I do when it's colder, so I want to try to roll with this "I don't need as many sweets right now" feeling as long as it lasts. Go to sleep by 23:30. This might seem late for a lot of people, but my normal sleeping time right now is more around midnight to 1 am and I only have to get up at 7:30 in the morning, so I think it might work out fine. Babysteps. And build up for September, where I will need to get up earlier... Bonus: Meditate 4 times a week. I have the headspace subscription, I just need to use it... Now that I can structure my days however I want for the next six weeks, I want to incorporate this. I don't think I will update daily, but I want to write about my training sessions when they happen, to keep myself accountable. I will also take progress pictures for my stretching (since I always do this and it's awesome to actually see and track the progress), I'm not sure yet if I want to post them here, maybe. For sleeping and meditating I have a little tracking section in my (paper) calendar, and will include any progress there in my updates here. Thanks for reading my little novel.
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