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  1. The challenge is already up! 😱 So my goal was to do a handstand every day. Did I do that? Nope, especially not during the week or so where I had a cold (still coughing btw, this really stays with me forever... xD). But I did a lot more handstands than I would have without the challenge. So I'm pleased with it. I tried many different variations and exercises, I can feel them being more stable, sometimes I can even gauge the right amount of momentum to get up and float a little without the wall. And I didn't ruin my wrists, elbows or shoulders in the process. Win!! My first video of the challenge was this, my latest one looks like this (one day this will be a tuck handstand... xD maybe. xD ). Not a huge difference video wise, but I can really feel it. Other things that happened in the last few weeks: finished the semester (apart from internships - those start on Monday, but I'm DONE with exams for a long time now), still got my sanity, played a ton of Guildwars (which helps with the keeping sanity stuff xD). Not sure about the next challenge, I might just wait during week 0 to see how my new life as an actually working intern treats me before deciding on an additional challenge goal... Or I might make the internship my challenge. I need to prepare my lunch the day before and bring it with me for example, so a meal prep challenge could be fun. We will see.
  2. Wednesday ... was a very high anxiety day because of my last exam today. Exhausting day, even though I spent most of it at home. Work in the morning, studying in the afternoon and a little zoom meeting with my buddies talking stuff through. Then I went to pole class which helped me calm down, I felt soooo much better afterwards. And floated a little as well. So handstands done! Should probably have done some during the day, since they also help with the stress, but as it is... if you need it the most, you don't make time for this stuff. Came home late, did some last minute cramming and then off to bed. Thursday: got up early, went to school where we again practiced our stuff for the exam. Had my exam in the early afternoon and it was good. Not great, but good, and I am glad it's over. Last one for this semester!! Dobby is a free elf now! (almost - still need to write two things and ah yes, on Monday my internship starts... xD). Today I have just one class in the evening, will be very chill. I plan to go to the studio a bit early to dance the stress away. xD I'm super tired, I'll sleep very well tonight.
  3. Wohoooo! This sounds awesome, keep going!
  4. Been there, done that, got the star in the app. Hope you have a great DnD session tomorrow!
  5. Thank you!! Quick update: The last few days were spent between studying, a few handstands and lots of guildwars. I just finished playing a really lovely session first doing Fractals (mini dungeons) with the guild, talking lots and lots in discord (long time readers might remember my shyness there - I totally got over it. xD I'm having actual conversations in English now. xD Who cares about a little accent, most of our people are non native speakers anyway. ), and then running around with my Husband who finally decided to play a bit again. ❤️ Love it. I'm almost a bit sad that I can't really play all that much the next few days because I have pole in the evenings. xD But that is fun too.
  6. What Jarric said. Share as much as you want, I for myself enjoy reading it.
  7. It sounds amazing, even if the reason for doing it wasn't nice. Hope your teacher gets better soon and classes can resume soon!!
  8. I never knew there were this many different kinds of blinds. xD But I have to thank you for doing this research, I need some new ones for two of my windows as well and your neat list makes it easier to choose some. So many cats for this week, well done!!
  9. Reading your story is very inspiring, thank you for sharing so much! ❤️ You got this!! It's awesome that you already found groups and a forum for your goal, this will help very much I think.
  10. I managed to float a little!! So Friday and Saturday were really nice days. On Friday I got to sleep in and then had school all day (most oft it spent in the school gym), But the evening was nice, we did a little date night. We wanted to go to a vegan (streetfood) festival, but there were tons of people, so we went for a cocktail instead and afterwards had very yummy Vietnamese food. It was really nice, a warm evening, strolling through the city, talking about everything. 10/10 points. I didn't do any handstands yesterday though, forgot about it at school and didn't really have time afterwards. Saturday: got op super early, went to school, I met up there at 8 to study with a friend. At 9 our class began. Again, we spent the whole day in the school gym doing all kinds of fun monkey stuff including: bouldering. That was awesome. After that I met up with a few friends to try the streetfood thing again and had lunch here (Ethiopian, very very yummy). After some ice cream I went to the pole studio to practice for my upcoming classes, but after six consecutive days of sports and movements, my body was done. xD So I just did a few handstands (this is where the floating happened ) and went home. I'll spend the rest of the day relaxing and playing Guild Wars because I need that evening off everything. So after all finally a non-anxious Saturday. Though it felt like a Friday... So maybe that is why. xD
  11. My newest form of handstand torture: link to imgur I love it.
  12. I love your motivation! Keep it up!!
  13. Oh cool!! So we are basically colleagues! I smashed todays exam, I got the clinical syndrome I know best and had hoped for and got to demonstrate the technique I taught a few colleagues on Tuesday, so total win. I also got super nice feedback from my professor in the end, which boosts my confidence a lot. I feel amazing now, love my life, am excited about the internships and happy with my studies of choice... Now ask me again on Saturday... xD But: only one more exam to go!!! (We still have exams during the internship phase, but not as many and with real patients doing what we have been doing all the time in the internship, so I bet those will be doable. Plus one Bachelor exam at the end. ) I have school all day tomorrow and half day on Saturday (next week as well), it's an elective course on physio for children and we will spend a lot of time in the school gym, so I bet that will be a fun one.
  14. So... try it out for a challenge or two. No need to think "forever" now, try to take it one day at a time and see how it treats you. (there is also quite a bit of money saving potential there, if you need another incentive. )
  15. Wednesday! Got up super early for school, today was a really nice day for this. We had a bit of time left and did a quick recap of everything we did this semester which always helps. xD (Last subject, exam next week). Then I worked for a while. I had about two hours after work before I had to leave for my pole class, and wanted to study (exam tomorrow xD) but I drifted off to sleep while sitting in front of the computer, so that didn't work too well. xD But my pole class woke me up again and I did some handstands afterwards with a friend. What was planned as "a few quick handstands after class" turned into 45 mins of handstand training because we had fun and pushed each other. It was really nice. I can really feel my shoulders now, but in a good way. Now I'm wide awake and try to read a bit for tomorrow... I don't feel super duper prepared, but I think it will still be fine. Aaah it just started raining and it smells so good. ❤️ (it's the little things. xD)
  16. Yes this is very true!! Also: after school I actually get my weekends and evenings back. Working in my experience is way less stress than going to school (I've done both. xD) And physio school is a different thing all together, at "normal" university (I've done that as well xD) you can do exams whenever and go to lectures if you feel like it... Here we have compulsory attendance all the time and fixed exams times you HAVE to take, so it's really strict and a bit stressfull. Ah well, right now I'm fine again. Spent the morning working, then off to school to practice for the next exam (Thursday) and well, school (did my handstands there). xD Then studied for a bit and now I'm playing Guildwars eating ice cream since I deserve that too. Overall a pretty solid day.
  17. Sucks about the money issues, but yay for the concert!! Also I read about the 9 Euro tickets, it's amazing. They really should do these things more often. Hope you can use it a lot in summer. It starts tomorrow, right?
  18. Monday! Was even better. Almost feeling normal again. xD Exam went well (two to go, this was our very last moodle test...). I worked before and after (one reason why I love "from home moodle exams"... No sitting around waiting to get anxious, just work until 5 mins before, do the exam, get back to work, no need to feel funny. xD The afternoon was spent at school, we did some nordic walking today and finished soon enough for me to get home, shower and eat my dinner in peace without having to hurry to get to my dance classes. So I did a gazillion steps today and now my feet are sore, but it was actually nice. We walked in pairs and I talked a lot to my friend who was walking with me (what else to do if you have to walk around for an hour) and she is having similar thoughts and feelings as me, so I guess it's just the stress and nerves for all of us. xD Dance classes were great fun, first some bellydance, then more pole choreo. Today I was already a bit better at picking up the choreo than last week, which was nice. I posted the video on instagram if anyone wants to see. Still coughing, just for the record... xD Overall feeling much better.
  19. Meowls are the best thing ever. Solid weeks 2 and 3, keep it up!
  20. I'm feeling a bit better today, but still not great... Started the day with a zoom session with my fellow students talking about tomorrows exam. Then I did a few hours of procrastination and some more studying, now I'm finishing another thing I need to do (or rather right now I procrastinate some more ahem... I need to turn this in today, so I will finish it sooner or later anyway xD). And as soon as this is done, I don't wanna hear any school stuff for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be a bit nicer, with lots and lots of movement and dance and I hope that will help as well. Still need to do my handstands, but hubby is running around with the vaccuum right now so I'll wait until he is finished and the floors are nice and clean again. #blessed (usually I clean the bathroom while he cleans the floors but I fear that might not happen today)
  21. Thank you!! Thank you!! ❤️ Much appreciated.
  22. Some days are high, some days are low. Saturdays tend to be on the lower side for me, don't know why but I can see a pattern. I tried to study today (two weeks with three exams to go! Then I'm kinda free and doing internships xD), but it wasn't very fruitful. Negative rant inc, feel free to skip, I just find writing it done somewhat cathartic: At least I did my handstand again today, 10 ball-assisted ones until my abs started burning.
  23. Tuesday was rather uneventful. Oh, I have one highlight: Played Guild Wars since we had guild raid and I got a super rare drop. First one of its kind in all the over 9 years I've been playing... xD I legit thought those things just don't drop for me... xD Feels good. Wednesday was fun. I had only one pole class but it was soooo much fun! Did just a few super quick handstands afterwards since the room was occupied. But still, awesome day all around. Thursday was a public holiday here, so it was a chill study day. Two pole classes and some more handstands afterwards. Today I could really feel myself floating in that handstand again, it almost starts to feel somewhat stable for a second or two. I'm super close to get this, I can feel it!! I did just normal wall handstands because I haven't done as many in the last few days as I'd like. Now very tired and off to bed.
  24. It's not that bad, just the cough that is persisting and those tend to stay for 2-3 weeks for me. Or more. I blame my asthma. xD I have a nice cough syrup now that keeps me sane and enables me to still teach my classes without having to cough too much. Oh yes. Totally. Also no need to go on pointe ever, the rest is just as enjoyable and doesn't hurt as much. Oh yeah it totally is a skill like any other (same with freestyling btw. ). Yay for not kicking anyone, you rock! (and I mean it)
  25. OMG that sounds awesome!! Cool light saber!!
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