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  1. As we draw to the conclusion of this 5-week challenge, I'm thinking of how it's gone... - I'm happy with the progress I did make: -- I managed 2 cycling workouts 3/5 weeks, despite some chamois/saddle "issues," which is an improvement from what I had been doing. One of the weeks that I didn't manage a 2nd workout was due to a migraine, so I don't really count that as my own failure. -- 2/5 weeks I managed at least one other workout session, including some work on the "chin-up challenge" -- I *crushed* the goal to get the doors and trim painted. All done, plus windowsills! I
  2. Thanks for the advice, Sloth! I agree that it may just be an issue of my old shorts wearing out - they have a few miles on them, to say the least. I think I bought them in 2015. So it's definitely time. Was just interested in what others have found most comfortable since I've previously just bought what was more reasonably priced at REI. Re bike fit, I am actually using a Terry saddle (and yes, it has a cut out) - which *is* a change from when I was last active on the bike last fall. The Terry saddle was supposed to be an upgrade, but it may not have been the "right" upgrade for my bone
  3. Maybe peeps on here have already seen this, but I just discovered it and thought I'd share. Just a bit of fun...
  4. Getting back on the bike these last couple of weeks has taught me something - I need new bike shorts. The chamois (Pearl Izumi "Elite") that has served me well for years has either worn out, or my body has changed, or something. I'm getting pressure in very sensitive places, and chafing around the edges - those tendons/ligaments that run between your crotch and your legs, to be specific. I also seem to put a fair amount of pressure on my pubic bone, toward the front of the saddle, than I do on my "sit bones" where most chamois tend to put most of their padding. So I'm in research mode about ch
  5. Today's update - despite some cruddy news on the job front: Bent rows, 20#DB, 2x8 + 1x10. Kinda surprised I got the 10 reps on the 3rd set even with the increased weight today. Left side is definitely weaker than right, as getting the 10th rep was pretty tough. But I got it. Yippee for me! And this was *after* my cycling workout today - usually I try to do the strength training on non-cycling days, but that didn't work out this time.
  6. HARD cycling workout today. Increased my FTP by a couple of points, which makes me happy. Up to 118 now. Decided that I think I'll feel like I'm as powerful/fast/strong as I want to be when I hit somewhere in the vicinity of 160. Once upon a time I was at 146, and that was before starting on immune globulin replacement therapy. This medicine has made things like recovery and forward progress actually possible for me now, which has been a revelation. The bad news today was that the doc doesn't think it will be safe for me to start seeing patients in person anytime soon. He was like
  7. And in today's big action...sanding. So. Much. Sanding. Actually not really that much, but it was all I could do because I used up all my sandpaper. Got 3 of 7 windowsills sanded in prep for painting. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm supposed to be working on the doors, but it's been too hot to paint and I'm in a painting stage on door #3. So today I decided to start prepping the windowsills. I'm counting this as my workout today, because between the sanding and the vacuuming I spent 3 hours at it, and it was fairly athletic. I was sweating and my heart rate was elevated (not as much as during a "real"
  8. So...didn't manage another strength workout last week, so stuck with the 15#DB this week for 2 workouts. Managed to get to x10 in the 3rd set for a second time today (1st was Wednesday), so plan to increase weight next week. Baby steps are still steps forward, right?
  9. Thanks for asking! I'm finding it difficult to make time to type up posts - I compose them in my head, just having a hard time getting in front of the computer long enough to actually type them up. Last week I did manage one more cycling workout on Friday, but no other strength work. This week has been a little closer to goal: Tuesday - cycling workout (and OMG that was a *hard* one!) Wednesday - not-CF workout plus bent rows - 15#DB 2x8 + 1x10 Thursday - cycling workout (not as hard as Tuesday, but still pretty tough) Today I'm still feeling Tuesda
  10. So...no cycling workout today. No workout of any kind because the painting got away from me. Curse past owner of this condo that used different trim around ONE door only, and then caulked it in like nobody's business (then didn't bother to paint the trim they'd so painstakingly caulked in...). Now I have to fix the wall as well. Ugh. But I got the bad trim taken off, most of the gross caulk residue scraped off, some touch-up spackling on the wall, and the frame primed as well as one side of the door primed. Just took waaaayyyyy too long. So cycling will be tomorrow, and hopefully a not-CF work
  11. Oh yay, I was hoping there would be something on here for those of us doing the chin-up challenge. I did my initial benchmarks yesterday - made it to 20sec hanging w/out feet on ground. Worse than I had hoped, not as bad as it could have been. My grip strength is more the problem than my shoulders - this I expected because I've struggled with wrist & elbow tendonitis off and on for years. We all start where we are, and this is where I am. I followed my regular workout with 2x8 +1x10 bent rows with 15# DB - I'll do this one again Friday, and if I can again get to x10 in that 3rd
  12. So...maybe I'm not doing this right, but here goes. I've "signed up" for the NF chin-up challenge - which the email said was 7 weeks, but these forum challenge things say they're 5 weeks...hence not sure I'm doing this right. Whatever. I wanna be able to do pull-ups someday. So I'm starting now. Today I did the "benchmarks," and it was even less pretty than I expected. I made it to 20sec of hanging from the bar (TRX handles hung over my bedroom door, whatever) without my feet on the floor. I will say I did the full minute of hanging with my feet touching the floor, and didn't really rest
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