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  1. Okay, so I think I figured out where Tuesday went. And I think I figured out what's throwing me off with keeping track of things. I'm tracking some things from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed and others from midnight to midnight. I need to pick one and do the same type of tracking across the board. I sat down and took a look at the breakdown of my days and realized that every day is broken down almost exactly into thirds. I'm awake for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours, and then I'm awake for 8 hours again. Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday the 8 hour portions of awakeness are spent driving and the other days they are spent at home. So if I break it down that way, maybe I can keep track of things better. Eat/drink half of what I'm supposed to each day in each 8 hour time frame that I'm awake. So 1 cup of fruit, 1 1/2 cups of veggies, and 30ish oz of water for each 8 hour period of awakeness. Thursday: Ate some fruits and veggies, drank some water, didn't track anything, didn't exercise. Friday: Forgot my lunchbox at home so I only had my water bottle. Planned to get something at the truck stop, but wasn't hungry and nothing sounded appetizing, so I didn't. I did exercise at the hotel, but didn't track any food or water. Saturday: By the time I got home Friday night I was too hungry to bother with healthy food and went straight for the chips and salsa. Chinese food when I got up, plus an extra energy drink because I'm having trouble getting started for the day. Trying to finish my bottle of water before I head to work. I've been messing around with my FitBit app and I'm programming in the foods that I eat most often so that I have fewer steps to log my food. My ankle is definitely doing something wrong, so avoiding the treadmill for now. Once I have benefits again I'll be going to the doctor to make sure I'm doing the right things to make it not hurt. Probably end up doing some physical therapy again. I did find out that there's a pool at the hotel, so I may be able to swim instead of walk. Much easier on joints and I looooove swimming. Just gotta find out if I'm allowed to use it that early in the morning. They don't have the pool hours posted for some reason. (Not exactly a 5 star hotel, but the beds are comfy enough and it's free, so I'm not complaining.)
  2. Nothing is showing up on my end. Maybe the @ isn't needed? It didn't show up when I copied and pasted it to make sure there were no typos. I also realized I hadn't checked out of the tavern from when I was setting everything up. Don't know if that affects it at all.
  3. Tuesday: ... umm... where did Tuesday go? Where was I? What did I do all day? Working night shift makes keeping your days straight a real challenge, lol. I think I ate some fruit and drank some water. (I just noticed I posted on Tuesday, too... I thought that was Monday... I'm so confused...) Wednesday: Ate all my fruits and veggies, drank all my water, tracked everything properly, AND worked out. Woohoo! Go me! I did something right! Making some minor modifications to the plan. I can't take cooked veggies with me on the road. There's no good place to warm them back up until I get to the hotel and I don't want to eat that close to going to bed. And veggies for breakfast doesn't sound good to me. Tried some raw squash and zucchini "chips" with a home made lactose free ranch dressing... thing... turned out pretty good. It wasn't as messy as I was afraid it would be and it's easy enough to scarf down a serving while my trailer is getting loaded. Gonna try mixing in some canned chicken and try dipping some other raw veggies in it. Maybe mix in some diced tomatoes or cucumbers to sneak in extra veggies.
  4. Well... I'm off to a horrible start... Sunday: Ate all my fruit, didn't touch a single vegetable, drank all my water but didn't track it properly, and didn't workout at all. Monday: Ate some fruit, didn't touch a single vegetable, drank some water but didn't track it properly, and didn't workout at all. Gonna do better today.
  5. I wouldn't mind trying if anyone else is interested in it. I'm not sure what you need to invite me to the party, but my user name is beccathingy42 and the code thingy that shows up in the party tab is @hb-2g6c9uoccv9xhb7pq. I absolutely love that you do this! It's so creative and inspiring. Once I get myself situated with my doctored version of your table, I might try my hand at this. Maybe give myself inspiration (redraw a card/reroll) for successfully writing it in story format.
  6. Holy crap there are so many good ideas here. Between your original plan for the cards and all the changes and comments... I'm definitely stealing this for future challenges. I love the random factor the cards add to it, although the cards themselves aren't really my thing. I may doctor your list and use D&D dice in place of them. I was lurking in the forums and I noticed you mentioned using Habitica. Do you still use it? I'm just getting spun up on it. I tried using it before, but got distracted and forgot about it. Just started over at level 1.
  7. It is a lot of variables, lol. I've been turning the idea over and over in my head and while doing it on a phone or tablet is way outside my expertise, I used to be familiar enough with Microsoft Access to create basic databases. I'm toying with the idea of taking a refresher course and seeing if I can create something similar with it. At least for some of the things I mentioned. It may not end up being the prettiest thing in the world, but it might end up being easier than flipping back and forth in a paper BuJo. And I like puzzles and figuring out how to do things. Thanks! I did some experimentation on Tuesday. Considering my boyfriend already ate half of what I cooked, I think it was a hit. I found a container of ranch seasoning and it's a game changer.
  8. Not much to report. Still getting into the swing of things. My right ankle has been a bit tender the last 2 weeks. Got some compression socks to wear while driving and I'm trying to be mindful of how I'm walking when I'm at home and barefoot. I have a bad habit of walking around on the balls of my feet and when my ankle was messed up before the physical therapist said that might be a contributing factor. Taking it easy on the treadmill for now and working on some physical therapy to build strength back up.
  9. Had to make some minor changes to what I planned to do this challenge; gonna have to take it a little slower than I wanted thanks to my ankle acting up. I'm gonna focus more on keeping track of things and getting into a routine than making progress. Next challenge I'll start increasing weight, difficulty, time, etc. 1st Goal: Eat better/Stay hydrated Every day I plan to eat 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups of vegetables, and drink at least 64 oz of water. Should be simple enough to do, provided I can get myself to do the prep. Either Monday or Tuesday (my weekend) I'll cook some vegetables for the week. Since my boyfriend will most likely be eating these as well, we may have to cook them twice a week or supplement with other veggie sources (canned peas or green beans with cheese are a go to for me). Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings I'll portion out 2 days worth of fruit, vegetables, and protein (cheese and meat). 1 day's worth goes with me to work to be snacked on periodically throughout the 20ish hours I'm out of the house. The other day's portion will be already prepped for me when I get home so I don't have to worry about it then. The potions will last from midnight to midnight as opposed to when I get up to when I go to bed, since I wake up at 3pm and don't go to bed until the next morning. Tuesday ends up being the odd day out in this schedule, so it'll be my cheat day within reason. (Along with my weekly allowance of 1 root beer on Saturdays when we play D&D.) I have a 20 oz water bottle that I'll be using to track my water. I'll empty it twice after I get up /before I go to work and then once while I'm driving to the hotel. The trip back I'll drain it once and then 2 more times after I get home/before I go to bed. (I realize that's only 60 oz, the other 4 will be when I take my pills when I wake up.) Bonus Goals #1 - No more than 1 energy drink per day. I may try to cut them out completely in a future challenge, but I like them, so I may not. I do need to limit them, though. #2 - No more than 1 soda per week. I have a root beer addiction according to my boyfriend. He's keeping me accountable and keeping the root beer under lock and key. 2nd Goal: Exercise My original plan was to walk on the treadmill everyday I'm at the hotel, but with my ankle being dumb I'm switching it up a bit and only aiming to use the treadmill for 30-45 minutes once a week walking at a fairly slow pace. The other days I'll be doing a very basic workout; assisted squats using a door frame, wall push ups, dumbbell rows with a 5 lb dumbbell, and a 15 second kneeling plank. 2 sets of 10 with at most a 2 minute cool down in between. Warm up before, stretching after, and I'll add in some physical therapy exercises from when I had an issue with my ankle before. With any luck, I'll be able to start doing some light jogging by the next challenge. 3rd Goal: Tracking As much as I'd love to have everything in one place, I don't seem to be able to do that and keep up with it reliably. So, I'm gonna try using a few different methods to track different things. Migraine buddy looks pretty promising; I've tried it for one migraine and it lets me track quite a few things on it. Since migraines are the main reason I want to keep track of things, it makes sense to use this one. If I have a migraine (*fingers crossed that I don't*), I'll track the start and end, what medications I took, pain level, etc. Fitbit is where I plan to track everything else. It automatically tracks my sleep, but I'll go in and add what I eat, how much I drink, and exercise. The only thing I can't figure out how I want to track is barometric pressure. Migraine buddy has a way to add weather triggers during a migraine, but it doesn't appear to have a way to track it on non-migraine days. https://www.timeanddate.com/ has a link to past weather and I can go back and see what the pressure was throughout the day both where I live and where the hotel is. May just have to make do with it. I wish I was tech-savvy and artsy enough to design a customizable BuJo app for phone or tablet. I know there are some out there, but I haven't seen one that's exactly what I want. Everything I'm coming across is either clunky, too complicated, not user friendly, doesn't track enough stuff, tracks the wrong stuff, or you have to pay too much for it. I'd have it automatically track things like the weather or maybe have something like a drop down menu to select things, customize what gets tracked (barometric pressure, temperature, etc) and how often, have a way to sync it to a smart watch to automatically track sleep and exercise and such, and have options to customize whatever else you want to track. All in one place. And laid out like a BuJo would be with daily and weekly pages and habit trackers and such, but with the ability to look at graphs and trends and highlight possible triggers and such. I'd give it a search ability, so you could search for days you've eaten chocolate and see if you always have a migraine after it or if it's not related at all to migraines. And it wouldn't just be for migraine trigger tracking. It could be for food sensitivities for stomach issues, anxiety/panic attack triggers, or really just about anything. Have the ability to include a journal, upload pictures into it if you like that kind of thing. Have an ability to print it out so you have a physical copy if you want one. Daily quotes, proverbs, riddles, or horoscopes. *sigh* pipe dreams, lol.
  10. Got on the treadmill again yesterday. Noticed that my right ankle is tender after walking for 45 minutes. Gotta adjust the goals of the next challenge to move forward a little slower on that front. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to go back to doing some of the physical therapy I was doing when I injured my achilles tendon the first time I decided to try running. Build up some strength and make sure I don't hurt myself... again... Got my routines typed up. Gotta figure out where I want to keep them so they're handy. Wrote out my next challenge (and then changed it to reflect my ankle being stupid) and a rough outline of the next one. I splurged and got myself a tablet. I was playing the Zombies!Run and The Walk apps while walking, but I realize I need more constantly engaging entertainment. There's a nice little ledge on the treadmill for a phone, so I can watch something on my phone, but having my phone out of my pocket defeats the purpose of the pedometer games. First world problems, am I right?
  11. Been a slow week. Got on the treadmill once. That's about the only step I've taken in the right direction other than researchy type stuff. Trying to come up with a good way to get more veggies into my diet. I'm lazy and don't wanna do a ton of prep and I don't have access to a fridge or a microwave when I'm on the road. Raw veggies would be the easiest, but they're not as appetizing. Dip is messy and is one more container to wash. Veggie chips would be great, but the prep is too much. Leaning towards roasting them and just snacking on them when I'm at home. That or things like broccoli and green bean casseroles. I know that's not the healthiest option, but I'm not really getting that much bad stuff in my diet, so I'm not too concerned with cutting a corner to make sure I'm getting enough veggies. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm gonna track stuff. Being on night shift I wake up one day and go to bed the next. So do I track from wake-up to bedtime, or midnight to midnight? There's pros and cons to both but I'm leaning towards midnight to midnight. I'm remembering how much I prefer grazing to eating large meals. Having containers of snackable fruit, cheese, and meat in the truck has been great. I eat a few bites (parmesan cheese and blueberries pair ridiculously well together) and drink 4-8 oz of water. As long as I have stuff pre portioned it should make it easier to not over eat as well as making sure I'm eating enough of the right things.
  12. You know that feeling when you've been sitting for a while and you go to stand? You have to rock back and forth a few times to get momentum just to stand up? Yeah... that's me right now. Got on the treadmill once in the last week and that's all I've done. Baby steps, though. Gotta stand before you can walk. Gonna sit down today and fine tune my plan and write out my routines. I'm in the hangover stage of a migraine, so there's not a lot else I feel up to tackling. Might enlist my boyfriend to help me get the workout area cleaned up a bit if I feel up to it later.
  13. Welcome to the forums! Yeah, ADHD makes sticking to a routine feel impossible some days. On one hand I crave routine, but then when I try to stick to it I feel like its a prison of sorts. Executive dysfunction doesn't help either. One of my things is I love making plans and routines, spend hours fine tuning it and making it as ideal as possible, and then sit around and play on my phone and accomplish nothing. Part of me wishes I could clone myself so I could be my own accountabilibuddy sometimes, but then I think I'd just end up with 2 of me sitting around getting nothing done. I've never completed a 6 week challenge before, but I have about 20 saved that I want to try. Might adapt one as a bonus goal on one of the 5 week challenges on here.
  14. I tend to gravitate towards night shift, so that part doesn't bother me. The times when I haven't been working I tend to stay up until about 4 and get up at noon. The bad part is that my boyfriend and I are on different sleep schedules now. Thankfully we still have opportunities to nap together. The hotel has fairly thick shades but they don't close well. A well placed binder clip solves that problem. And I've always been a heavy sleeper, so even the vacuum running in the hall outside my room doesn't wake me most of the time. Unfortunately sometimes my alarm doesn't wake me either, lol.
  15. Welcome back. I'm currently replaying the tutorial myself. What button to I push to jump again? Can I do combo attacks? Lol, I can identify with that. Beccarabbit, Beccathingy, Elfthingy, Lanithingy, and probably at least 5 more that I can't remember. Makes me think of a thing that I read (that I can't find to save my life so I'm paraphrasing). Guy was asked what defines him and he replied, "Nothing. Defining something locks it in and means it can't change." I think the same is true for internet handles. I'm not the same person I was back then, so I need a new name.
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