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  1. Last week was bad. Weather sucked, energy level sucked, kept getting interruptions and distractions. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately) this week isn't gonna be much better as far as the distractions. Got the call on Friday that I start training for my new job tomorrow. Been running around the last few days making sure I have everything I need. You'd be amazed how hard it is to find women's work boots with steel or composite toe. Apparently shoe stores are of the mindset that women don't do manual labor. Oh well, I got some and that's the important thing. Now I just gotta break them in. 😖
  2. Ear is doing better; I still have some drainage stuff going on which is bugging my throat, but my ear isn't randomly aching like someone is stabbing it with an ice pick. Made it to my physical therapy on time today. Not early like I wanted to be, but I'll take on time over late. Turns out it was my last visit. I'll keep doing the exercises at home that I can and go back if it flares up. Gonna miss the massages. Might have to arrange to start getting them regularly once I'm working again. Still raining and icky out, so no running today. Gonna push myself to at least do m
  3. I did better in the practice round. Yesterday was rainy and icky, so I didn't run. Tried to push myself to at least do my warmup and post workout stretching, but it never happened. Went to physical therapy this morning... got there 2 minutes late. And my heel is still sore from it, so no strength workout today. The earache from the other day turned out to be an ear infection, so I'm feeling very drained. I have nothing going on tomorrow, so I'm gonna allow myself one more blah day and then Thursday I'm gonna kick some butt.
  4. No strength workout today. Found out last minute my aunt and uncle were renewing their vows on zoom in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. That obviously took precedence. So today ended up being a rest day and I'll do the strength workout tomorrow.
  5. Currently at 5:40 walking/0:20 running repeated 5 times. I'm not sure if the LF is an abbreviation for something I'm not familiar with or a typo.
  6. Despite waking up at 4:30 with a migraine, today wasn't a bad day. Might have found a migraine treatment that works. My doctor had recommended trying aspirin, benadryl, and 8oz of coke last time I saw her. Coke at 4:30 was out of the question and my migraine prescription was downstairs. So I grabbed a benadryl from the hall closet and an ibuprofen since I couldn't find aspirin. Woke up a few hours later and the migraine wasn't gone, but it was like a shadow of a migraine. It's still there now, but still a shadow and I can work through it. I made a note of the combo and I'll try it again next t
  7. Finished my post workout stretching at 5:07 yesterday. Would have made my tentative 5pm deadline, but my boyfriend came home in the middle of it and we talked for a few minutes. Went ahead up to 50 lbs, might go ahead and take the squats to 55 next workout. Not sure if I'm gonna be up to walking today because of feeling icky. I woke up this morning with a stomach ache, went back to sleep, woke up 2 hours later with a sore throat and an earache. Chicken noodle soup and saltines kind of day. Although it is a really nice day out. And sunshine is supposed to boost your immune system. Idunno. I'll
  8. Did my running intervals yesterday. Felt good, not too much heel pain afterwards, just a little stiffness. A little tender this morning, but no more than usual. Maybe even a little less than usual. Gonna try changing the interval ratio by 5 seconds each time until I hit a point that feels like a bit more of a challenge. Hopefully going slow like that I'll be able to get to a minute of non-stop running in no time. 15 seconds didn't leave me winded and 5:45 was a bit more recovery time than I needed, even as out of shape as I am. I have a physical therapy appointment this morning, so
  9. Hello! I've been doing a little soul searching (i.e. I can't make up my mind) and decided that, for now, adventurer isn't the class for me. I'm focused a little more on strength and not really going out and hiking/trail running/adventuring as much as I someday will. I also have a thing for picking the ranger/archer class in video games. Soooooo... here I am! 😁 This challenge is gonna be focused partly on time management. Starting out by posting on time instead of waiting until a week after the challenge has started. Yay! Go me! I did the thing! The other focus is gonna
  10. https://www.activateapparel.com/design/101065-i-got-lost/6733-heathered_gray_nl-md https://www.activateapparel.com/design/97845-i-m-not-bad-at-running/6733-heathered_gray_nl-md https://www.activateapparel.com/design/373005-i-run-i-m-slower-than-sloth-jogging-in-waist-high-peanut-butter-but-i-run/6733-heathered_gray_nl-md https://www.lookhuman.com/design/30227-i-m-leveling-up/6733-heathered_black-md https://www.lookhuman.com/design/323644-unicorn-lifting-team/6733-heathered_gray_nl-md
  11. I'm very bad at posting. I've also been pretty bad at staying on track the last couple of weeks. I did get my bullet journal all printed out and I've been using it pretty much daily; forgot to record a meal here and there. Got to use the migraine tracker I made and it works pretty well. The one migraine I've recorded fit in with my barometric-pressure-trigger-hypothesis. Unfortunately the prescription meds didn't make a difference. Not giving up on them just yet; but I'm gonna continue doing research and trying different things. Hopefully I'll eventually find something that will straight up pr
  12. Took it easy over the weekend. Back on track today, though. Had an endocrinology appointment this morning and confirmed that I do, in fact, have an auto-immune disorder called Hashimoto's. Thankfully it's not as scary as it sounds; just gotta take a pill every morning to keep my thyroid levels normalized. Could be worse. Thankfully it's not the kind of auto-immune disorder that causes immunodeficiency. Lost another couple of pounds! 😁 Down to 180! Still got a ways to go, but I'm one step closer to my goal. I don't think I'm gonna make my 172 goal for this challenge, but I'm still g
  13. I'd rather do them than planks or burpees, but yeah, they suck. I decided to start running about 4 or 5 months ago after never having run in my life. Did some research before starting and one of the things I read was that the important thing was to just get out there and start running. So I went and started running. Unfortunately I had cheap shoes and weak ankles from being a habitual toe-walker (for years I've had a habit of walking around the house barefoot on the balls of my feet, heels not touching the floor). Started getting pain in my left heel during and after running. Di
  14. 40 oz. water: ✖️ not yet, but I'm working on it. I have a timer set to go off every 30 minutes reminding me to drink. 3 cups to go. 4 hours 'til bedtime. I got this. 5 servings fruits and veggies: ✖️ I haven't had any yet. 😩 Gonna go cut some up once I post this. Strength training: rest day Stretching: ✔️ Did a little at physical therapy; gonna do a little extra stretching before bed. Write in BuJo: ✔️ not proud of what I wrote in it for today, but I wrote in it nonetheless. Work on new BuJo: ✖️ I know I said I was gonna do that after my physical therapy
  15. 40 oz. water: ✔️ Technically I haven't had the last cup yet, but I just filled it up and I'm working on it, so it counts. 5 servings fruits and veggies: ✔️ Just finished my "dessert" of strawberries and grapes. Strength training: ✔️Went up to 45 lbs. on everything but the overhead lifts. Tried one extra of them with the 45 lbs. and I can just barely do one. I'll keep it at 35 lbs. for the next week and push myself to do 45 lbs. starting next week, even if I can't do the full 5x5 set. Stretching: ✔️ I probably could have done more, but I was tired and hungry. Bonus: ✔
  16. Review of the last week (after which I'll attempt to post daily/every other day): 40 oz. water per day: mostly decent, only hit the full 40 oz. once, had a few days I didn't drink any water at all, though 😞 5 servings fruits and vegetables: meh, halfway decent. Getting better at doing the prepping stuff, so that's a plus. Strength training 3x a week: I've done great on this one! I actually find myself looking forward to it. 😄 Stretching everyday: I haven't done quite as well on this. I've been doing it after the strength training, but I've been slacking a bit
  17. Hello fellow adventurers! As always, I'm running a little late. (I blame the game Satisfactory on Steam this time, lol.) I had my goals all planned out a week before the last challenge ended, just haven't gotten around to posting. Diet Goals: MAIN GOAL - lose (at least) 10 lbs. My last check in with my nutritionist had me at 182, so anything under 172 is the goal. To attain this I will: Drink at least 40 oz. of water per day. I'm gonna aim for more and raise the amount in later challenges, but for now, 40 oz. isn't completely overwhelming. I have a sippy cup (don't
  18. Had a soda on Wednesday along with fast food. In my defense it was a grab and go moment. My boyfriend came home from work and we were about to go out to dinner when work called with an emergency generator that needed to be filled. So I tagged along and we were gonna stop and get food on the way home. Buuuuuut things don't always go as planned and we ended up having to sit and wait for 2 hours while they delivered another generator because the first one wasn't working. And then we had to wait for another hour while they ran the second one through the start up procedure to make sure it was worki
  19. Great appointment with my nutritionist today. I surprised myself and the nutritionist by losing 7 pounds! I honestly was concerned I had gained weight. Left me feeling super pumped and ready for anything. Gonna tweak a couple pages in my BuJo and reprint them next week. I doubt I'll have time over the weekend. Gonna start writing down the goals I want to put on my next challenge soon, too. ✔️No soda today ✔️No energy drink (I didn't have time to make coffee, but I had water with some Mio with caffeine.) ✔️Physical therapy exercises done twice already. ✔️S
  20. I lost 7 pounds! 😁 I had my two week follow up appointment with my nutritionist today. I was worried it was gonna go badly. As in, I was certain I had gained weight kind of going badly. He and I were both surprised when it was that much lower. Now let's see what I can do with some real effort behind it, lol. Physical therapy is still going well; still doing the stretches 2-3 times a day. My foam balancing mat thingy finally came in the mail so I can do the balance exercises at home now, too. I got my bullet journal all printed out and started using it this w
  21. Glad your foot is feeling better. I hear you on the shedding. I have 3 dogs, 2 of which are huskies. One day after vacuuming it doesn't look like you've vacuumed in a week. 😄
  22. Not gonna count my chickens before they hatch, but the interview went really well. The recruiter said that she is going to recommend me to the person in charge of hiring for the department I applied to. She also said that if that person doesn't want me for whatever reason, she wants me for her department. I'll find out within the next couple of weeks. Physical therapy went well, I've made a lot of progress. I'll be going twice a week still for the next 2 weeks and then he thinks I'll be okay to switch to once a week. Had coffee this morning (couldn't have gotten through
  23. I'm still here. Fell off the wagon big time over the weekend. A rough Friday, a D&D night Saturday with sodas and alcohol, a lazy Sunday, I don't know what happened to Monday, and migraine Tuesday. Sink was full all weekend and had an energy drink yesterday and today. For some reason energy drinks don't mess with my stomach, but coffee sometimes does. And migraines always make my stomach finicky. The sink is clean now, I got the BuJo printed out on Friday (just haven't started using it yet), physical therapy is going well, and the soda I'm drinking right now is the one I'm coun
  24. ❌Had 2 sodas (and fast food) ❌Had an energy drink (followed immediately by a nap, strangely enough) ✔️Physical therapy went great! ❌Did not clean sink... at all... ✖️Didn't work on the BuJo at all yesterday I wish I could say I had an excuse for falling off the wagon yesterday, but it really just comes down to poor planning and oversleeping. My boyfriend tried to let me use the excuse of my body adjusting to new meds, lol. Doing better today. Coffee in hand, about to stretch, knock out the dishes, and finish the BuJo.
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