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  1. @Elastigirl Wow just thank you so much. I don’t know what to say - really appreciate all of your help! Thanks for putting in all this time to help me out! I hope your own fitness journey is also going well, wherever you’re at :)
  2. Hey thanks so much for the reply! This could be a big reason why because I’ve been struggling to figure out my diet. Feels like I’m either eating too much or too little. Here’s an idea of what I’m eating - it’s ok if you can’t but I’d really appreciate if you could take a look and let me know if you have any advice (if it helps: I’m a 19 year old male who weighs 58kg and is 166cm) Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs and usually a drink (either coffee with milk or tea with milk or just a cup of milk; my stomach can’t take straight black tea or coffee) - max: 395 cals lunch: Quinoa, veggies, some form of protein (usually salmon, tuna or chicken) - max 550 calories dinner: still live with my family so I kinda have to eat whatever my mum makes but I try to model it similarly to lunch where 1/4 of my plate is starchy carbs (eg rice, pasta), 1/3 of my plate is protein (eg chicken, prawns), and the rest (or sometimes even more piled on top) is just vegetables - max: 550 calories snacks in between meals: Some combination of veggies (eg celery, carrot, cucumber), Fruit(apple, banana), protein shake (usually after a workout), Greek yoghurt, nuts - I set a max 400 calorie threshold for my snacks overall total max: 1900 calories thanks so much for your comment again and for any advice you are able to give, I really appreciate it!
  3. Hey, I’m a 19 year old. Just started focusing more on diet and exercise this year. Just wanted to ask about cardio. Ive always loved playing basketball, going on runs, etc. But now that I’ve started doing body weight strength training 3 times a week, I just find that these doing these forms of cardio on my rest days in between ends up killing all the work I did on my training days. But I really miss the social aspect of exercise as a result (used to play basketball with my brother or go on runs with my friends but now I’m just by myself in my room doing body weight exercises by myself). I really miss it... just wanted to know if there’s any way to incorporate them back into my week without seeing my gains get killed? thanks
  4. For the past 3 months or so I have been trying to clean up my diet and focus on my fitness more. A major part of this was starting to try body weight exercises 3 times a week to introduce strength training (something I hadn’t done before). For a long time, one of my favourite past times has been playing basketball but now I’ve been finding that playing basketball on my rest days has begun to kill my gains. At the moment, all I do now is body weight exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on my rest days I do some combination of a core workout, interval running and/or a walk or I just let my body rest (Ie I just see how my body is feeling and I’ll either do either none of those activities or between 1-3 of them). This has begun to help in reducing the gains I lose but I really miss basketball and other enjoyable forms of cardio (such as long distance runs). Is there any way I can incorporate those back into my week without seeing a loss in gains? Thanks!
  5. Ok thanks for the motivation!
  6. Yeah sorry - should’ve been a bit more specific. Over the course of the 2.5 months, my main goal has always been to lose fat while either maintaining or building muscle. The first few months I saw my weight drop (went from 60kg to 57kg - I’m only 5’5”), I put on more muscle and my fat (primarily around my waist and belly) significantly decreased. But then I hit a plateau where nothing was really happening! So I’d really like to overcome this plateau and see more fat loss (My number 1 goal) and either muscle building or retaining during that process
  7. Hey, I recently discovered Nerdfitness and wanted to start taking my fitness more seriously. For the last 2.5 months I’ve been watching what I eat and increasing my exercise more. I saw great results probably for the first month or month and a half but recently things have seemed to plateau. I’ve been trying lots of different things and none of them seem to be working - which is why I started looking at nerd fitness articles and giving some of their recommendations a go (eg putting more emphasis on strength/resistance training). Would love any tips or help to make sure I start seeing results again.
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