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  1. Also I meant to put another one on the list - for a while I'd been eating No Cow bars (which I love) which have 20 - 22g protein and 1g of sugar, but I recently noticed they had nearly 30g carbs, which seems a lot. However, it also says on the website that they contain only 4g net carbs. What? I've heard of net carbs but what's the difference? Do they have 30g or 4g? Why does it have to be so complicated?
  2. Thanks for your response It's not as such the protein I'm not sure about. I've pretty much decided that 15g is the lowest I'll go for. It's more the other components in it, ratios of carbs and fat etc. Like I said, I don't track macros, but I'd like to be aware of whether a protein bar has decent macros or not since I'll be eating them more frequently. Fat I'm not as such bothered about but I'm never really sure how many carbs should be in a bar. I eat carbs at most meals, and to get my protein in I have to have quite a lot of beans and lentils which are also quite high in carbs.
  3. Currently the only protein bars I eat are the PhD Nutrtion smart plant bars. They have 20 - 22g protein which I believe is pretty good. There's quite a few vegan "protein" bars out there but a lot of them would hardly qualify as a protein bar, or have loads of sugar in them (not that a bit of sugar is bad). I'm starting to eat protein bars more often, i.e. one a day (with the exception of the day I don't train) post workout so I can build muscle. And I don't want to get bored of eating the same protein bars every day. I don't count/track macros or calories or anything, but I like t
  4. Just had a read of that article - really insightful. The abs work I do is a bit of a mixture of cardio and abs, but mostly abs. I probably do around three hours or slightly more of abs per week. Since my trainer doesn't really do much for abs, I don't really know what a good amount is. My main focus (and what I've been doing for coming up to two years now) is strength training (with my PT). I currently do this usually six days a week (generally having Sunday off) for an hour per session, usually training lower body three times a week and upper body three times a week. I haven't rea
  5. If I knew my rough body fat percentage that would probably give me a few hints but I don't think I can accurately find out. It's hard to use visual guides as well because I do get quite bloated (at least I think it's bloat) in my lower abdomen and sometimes I look rounder than others. I'm vegan so I just presume it's the large amounts of fibre I consume that causes it (even though I've been vegan nearly two years?) Anyway, I digress. I'm not sure how tall I am but I'd estimate around 5'5" or 5'6" and I currently weigh around 49kg (fluctuates quite a bit), which, as I've mentioned,
  6. Thanks for your reply. I do have some muscle definition, mostly in my arms, back, and some in my calves and quads (though it's not so noticeable in my legs because I hold a lot of fat in my thighs), but none in my stomach area. I do get bloated quite a lot (partly because I'm vegan and eat lots of fibre I think), especially in my lower belly area, but even when I'm not very bloated I still have no definition whatsoever. It's strange because I have some muscle definition elsewhere like I said, but no ab definition, yet I train both relatively equally. So I'm obviously gaining some muscle someho
  7. I've been doing strength training for nearly two years now and for over a year I've pretty much consistently trained my abs for five days a week (around 30 - 50 minutes per session), alongside strength training, but I've gained no ab definition at all. I don't know what my body fat percentage is, but I'm not overweight (slightly under in fact - trying to gain a bit) so it could be a layer of fat covering them. I do a wide variety of exercises, some using a dumbbell, to target all areas. But I still have absolutely no definition and I don't know why. I think my diet is pretty good and I eat ple
  8. I'm a fairly slim female (actually a tad underweight so I'm trying to gain some) and my upper body, upper abdominal area, and calves are relatively lean. But my hips and thighs seem disproportionately large and I can tell it's fat rather than muscle. I know women naturally have more fat around those areas but it is so out of proportion with the rest of my body and I don't know why. I am quite active; I do strength training five or six days a week for an hour, and abs/cardio work four or five days a week. So I'm building muscle and toning my abs but my thighs remain the same whatever I do. I kn
  9. • Roasted nuts. Particularly almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews 🤤. Though any are good. • Fruit, fruit, fruit. And a bit more fruit. Yum. • Protein balls made with dates/nuts/seeds/spices/protein powder etc.
  10. That's really helpful, thanks! I don't really have any body composition goals, it's too much hassle for me. I do strength training five or six days a week (currently at home because of lockdown) and my goal is to get lean, but I don't have any specific measurements or numbers I'm aiming for. I eat quite a lot of protein, a lot of which comes from beans and pulses, as well as nuts, pea protein powder, and protein bars, so I should be able to put on some muscle (which I have managed a bit). I'm quite small, just have quite a lot of fat that won't shift no matter what I do; but I don
  11. Hi, So, I really love food. By 'foodie' I don't mean someone who just loves to eat loads and loads or just eats a lot of junk. I'm just really into cooking cuisines from all over the world and using tons of different ingredients to make them authentically (veggies, sauces, pastes, seasonings, noodles, seeds etc.), rather than being a "chicken and rice" person (I don't eat chicken anyway but you get what I mean). I also don't eliminate any nutrient group (though I'm vegan so I don't eat animal products), and I eat moderate amounts of carbs, protein, fat (probably not that much fat a
  12. I really hate deadlifts. Is this just me? Regular deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts, the lot. I think it's because a) it just takes so much effort (I know all strength training does but deadlifts are just knackering), b) I never know if I'm doing it right so end up doing something different every time, hence my weight and reps are all over the place, and c) I'm not making any progress at all; if anything I'm going backwards. With what I think is good ish form, I can only do 35kg for regular and 33kg for sumo, for about 7 to 10 reps ☹. When I was at the gym (we're in lockdown 3
  13. Well it's been two weeks, and I've been practicing probably three or four times a week (with the occasional set in between that) and I can do one, but I've been stuck on that for over a week now and I just can't do any more. Why am I not improving? I've tried everything and I just can't get past one, even when it's not in the middle of an upper body workout. I don't know what to do. This is what happens every time I try and get better at press ups .
  14. Thank you all. I'll keep trying with the knee press ups (with proper form, no flared elbows). One question though. There's so much conflicting information on elbow positioning, everywhere seems to say something different. Do your elbows need to be tucked right in to your sides, or do they need to be about 45°? My PT says they don't need to be tucked in much, but from what I understand they do. It definitely makes it harder (i.e. impossible. For me anyway). Thanks
  15. Hello. I'm really disheartened at the moment, and have been for a long time now. I'm a 19 year old female and I still can't do ONE proper KNEE press up, yet (and this is so embarrassing and makes me feel useless) I've been weight training with a personal trainer for nearly a year and a half. I lift weights (normally at the gym, but we've just entered lockdown 2.0 in the UK so gyms have closed again, so I'm working out at home for a month) five or six days a week and I train about an equal mix of upper and lower body. But still after a year and a half of this, I still can't even do one press up
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