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  1. You are doing so many things! We didn't do anything for Thanksgiving, which was our first one in Canada. I am considering making up for it by cooking a Thanksgiving meal at some point, but I am not sure what to make. I might just steal all you side dish ideas!
  2. I skipped the pull-up practice and bodyweight workout several days because my upper back was stuck. I started again today and it felt good! I think my traps don't react well to stretching, so I'll stop stretching them for a while and see how it goes. Today I had a walk with my co-worker, it was really nice!
  3. I think it would. Sometimes I start by writing a bunch of thoughts down, and then tackle them one at a time. After I do just a few I find the last ones I wrote down don't matter anymore. Answering the first thoughts help to clear things up more globally. I now have a pair of comfy jeans, and it's a real step up! I also thought my dress-style didn't matter if I was staying at home all day, but it turns out wearing leggings everyday for several months is not very good for my self-estime. So I'm very happy about the comfy jeans! I am planning on getting a skirt, and then I'll be able to wear leggings AND be elegant. Crazy! There are a lot of skyscrapers, and many shopping malls and shops concentrated in the same area. I am not used to that, in Paris there are small shops everywhere, even if some streets have more than others. There were some roadworks, which I thought was annoying, but I now realized the road was blocked and there weren't any cars, which actually made it nicer. It's also a part of Montreal that feels more north-american than european, so it seemed more exotic to me!
  4. Frozen veggies are such a life saver! I find it so cool that you are in the process of writing your own novel!
  5. I wrote down my intentions earlier this week, even if I only posted yesterday. So I have a couple things to say about how my week went! The 15 minutes of mental health are a really good thing. They are especially useful when I start feeling low/upset during the day. I then set a 15-minute timer and write down automatic thoughts, identify distortions and substitute more rational responses. It helps pinning down what is wrong, and it's easier to start doing productive things again once I am done. If it was not needed at some point during the day I do it in evening. It is less useful, but it helps me keep the habit. My special thing this week was to go shopping for some clothes. I don't like shopping at all, and I have delayed it since I arrived because I am not familiar with the shops here, so it is even more annoying than usual. But I went on Thursday, and it was pretty nice. I went in a part of the city I don't know very well, and I enjoyed the walk. I also tried a new ice cream place which was very good! I did not get everything I needed (I have been delaying this way too long), so I'll have to go back next week. The other thing I was supposed to do was go to an online meet-up of women living in my city on Saturday. I felt anxious about it and I didn't do it, we went for a long walk instead. It kind of fits into the other intentions (moving body, still mind) so it's alright. Making next week special will involve: Going back downtown to get the last clothes I need. Hopefully after that I'll be able to wear REAL clothes (not leggings) that are confortable enough to wear while staying at home all day Asking one of my co-worker to go for a walk together. She often takes walks in a parc close to my appartement, and going together would be a good opportunity to both go out and get to know someone from work
  6. Thanks. I wanted something more flexible like we talked about last challenge, but it turns out I think in a structured way, and my goals are SMART by default. It's ok, I can have SMART goals and modify them as needed, keeping in mind the more global intentions. Thanks
  7. Following to see you fight internet scrolling!
  8. Do you know the 2 day rule? The idea is that if you are trying to do something everyday, you can skip one day, but never 2 days in a row. I like it because it says it's okay to skip the habit once in a while, you don't have to feel guilty about it. As long as you only skip it once, it is part of the plan.
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    I think most of them are more suited for 4 players, but we enjoyed playing them just the 2 of us. Magic Maze is time constrained, it's a bit frantic. Not very relaxing but quite fun. The other 2 are more relaxing. You have information that the other players don't have, and you have to cleverly share some of it so that everyone can make good decisions. When you play with the same people you develop some unspoken rules and strategy and you understand each other better, I think it's nice. This effect is probably even stronger for Hanabi, but we've had it for 2-3 years now so we know the game very well and it is not as interesting anymore. We still brought it in Canada. Both Hanabi and Yōkai are very small, we can easily bring them wherever we want to play we other people.
  10. Things are not getting easier with the pandemic. I started my current job during the pandemic so I have always worked from home and I feel isolated. I got to know a few people in the city since I arrived but with the lockdown I can't see them anymore, and it is not helping with the feeling of isolation. Things are not going as well as I'd like at work, and I am trying to find a permanent research position back in France which is quite stressful. Overall my mental health is not at its best right now, so my main goal this challenge is to breath, reduce anxiety, take care of myself and hang on until things get better. I realize this is a fitness forum, and I also have some fitness goals! Physical activity is important for my physical and mental health anyway. Intention 1: a still mind - Meditate (every day) - Take 15 minutes each day for my mental health. Most of the time it will be for identifying/responding to automatic thoughts or understanding anxiety, but I don't want to be too restrictive - Prioritize reading over screens Intention 2: a moving body - Do pull-up practice/inverted rows everyday - Bodyweight workout 3 times a week - Get out of my appartement. My goal would be to go out 5 days a week. Intention 3: trusting the bigger plan I have made a weekly plan of things I want to do career-wise. I will review this plan every week and do what is planned (or at least try) Intention 4: making each week special Each week I will pick some things I want to do to level-up my life, or to break the monotony of the lockdown. All of these are intentions, not goals. Most of them are formulated in a SMART way but I am not planning on tracking or reporting on each of these individual things each week. I'll probably talk about what is working well and what isn't. I might report on the bigger plan and making each week special though.
  11. I am mainly vegetarian but now that I am trying to think of fun stuff I realize what we eat is quite boring. Things I would like to do but never tried include pizza (making the dough myself), panisses (fried snack food made from chickpea flour) and vegetarian sushi. I also tried making buffalo cauliflower wings recently, I failed but it was fun ^^
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    Waanie climbs on

    I don't know any of these games so I had to look them up, and they are indeed of a different scale! I have never tried games of more than 1h (theoretical time; I spent more than 1h playing some games for the first time). We like Magic Maze, Hanabi and Yōkai. I also like Pandemic, but we haven't played it much, my husband finds it requires too much focus.
  13. After my first challenge I wanted to pick a guild but it felt overwhelming, so I decided to do this challenge here with the Rebels! I then wanted to find a theme because it is more fun this way, but I didn't know what to choose and it was delaying my post so I gave up on that. I then realised that without a theme it was not easy to find a thread title. Oh well. No guild, no theme, no title… at least I have goals! For context, here are my introduction thread and my first challenge Now: THE GOALS Nutrition: I tried counting calories for several weeks but it just does not work for me, bringing a lot of anxiety. On the bright side, it helped me realize my diet is alright, I just need to remove mindless, unhealthy snacking. So the goals are: No snacks outside of "meals" (the 4pm snack is a "meal"), except fruits Drink at least 2.5L of water every day (5 water bottles) Exercise: I am currently doing strength training twice a week + group strength training (cross-fit) once a week and cardio about twice a week. I am happy with this, the only changes are: Stretch after EVERY workout Bonus: Do yoga once a week Not being lost in the health system anymore: I moved to Canada in february and because I don't know the health system yet I have delayed several things I need to do : Make an appointment for a blood test Find a place to take my blood pressure Find a physical therapist for my back/neck issues And last but important goal: I need to apply to permanent research positions (in France) in the winter, and for this I need to identify teams that work on subjects that interest me contact them