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  1. Hello everyone! I did not handle very well the stress related to research position applications. I had an emotional breakdown and needed some time to recover. I am going back to France to spend time with my family for about a month. I don't think I will be on the forum much, and I am not planning on doing any challenge. So see you all in a month!
  2. Ah! That's a good idea. I don't have the book yet, my (french-speaking) book store hasn't received it, but it can arrive any day now. I saw your post yesterday morning, and both yesterday and today I worked on my research project in the morning so that if the store received the book during the day I could go pick it up after work. I don't usually use reading as a reward because I know reading every day is good for me. It works with Rhythm of War though, there is no way I'd rather not work and not read it so it is a good incentive!
  3. I had the same problem when I had a water-tracking goal. My goal was pretty high, but I stopped drinking as soon as I reached it, no matter what time it was That's what matters!
  4. Interesting! I wouldn't have guessed. I feel like it is more difficult for me to focus now than it was a couple of years ago, and it is affecting my ability to learn. But when I was in university I had to focus for long periods of time, I was "trained" for it, I guess I lost the ability due to a lack of practice.
  5. I watched the video and went on to read other people's thread, but the song is stuck in my head on. I did not expect the "Gobble gobble" part to stick so well ^^'
  6. I am not working that much on the bigger plan. It is making very nervous and I am just avoiding it. I'll do better tomorrow.
  7. Stoping therapy and meds this summer, with the covid crisis going on, must have been difficult. It is good you are finding things that are helping you feel better! I hope you will find a long-lasting balance
  8. It seems I am once more doing weekly updates only. Intention 1: a still mind Honestly, I am going better and better. I had many things to do last week, and some anxiety about it, but I feel like I dealt with it pretty well. I still have issues with the bigger plan thing, which might bring some anxiety back later on, but overall I don't feel as hopeless as I did a few week back. Intention 2: a moving body I started the "start bodyweight" workout every other day. It was my fourth time today and so far my neck didn't get stuck, so I have big hopes about this. The
  9. I relate with so much of this. Have you tried reading or finding resources about perfectionism, self-esteem, or mental health in general? Answering irrational thoughts is helping me, but there are probably other interesting exercices that can be good tools if you don't know how to deal with questioning yourself so much. I think seeing that you have unrealistic expectations, or that your reactions to "failure" (or, well, not complete success) are not rational is an important first step. I guess not being so hard on yourself also applies to mental health: you are not perfect, but it's alri
  10. Ah, you are doing the Start Bodyweight program? I am considering starting it, there are a lot of moves I'm already doing anyway, and the full workout seems reasonably long. Well I speak French but I don't really need to practice ^^'. Let me know if you have questions though!
  11. Sounds exciting! Would you really be locking yourself into one thing? I don't know anything about art, but if you choose a niche, start experimenting with it, and find you don't like it, you could probably explore something else. If the niche you chose first worked well it can provide an income while you explore something else on the side. If it didn't work well you can make a U-turn with no regret. Reading this makes me realize I have a similar issue with finding my research "niche". Thinking I am now deciding for the rest of my life and beyond is bringing needless
  12. I think he's a great author. Definitely one of my favorites. I read for the first time last year, and I remembered a lot of it (more than I thought), so some part were a bit long on the re-read. But it was my first re-read, and it was fun to pick up on things I had missed the first time. I was on the kickstarter too. I had completely forgotten about the novella, it was a very nice surprise! I agree. It is sometimes hard to find the will to go out, but I do feel better when I don't stay inside several days in a row. It seems like a reasonable
  13. I tried the bomber push-up, but I felt it more in my pecs and shoulders. I might just be weaker there! I liked it, I might integrate it in my routine once I figure what I need to do so that my neck doesn't get stuck.
  14. I haven't been very present here this week. I'm going to try to recap everything: Intention 1: a still mind Meditation and 15 minutes of mental health are not done on a daily basis but I remember to do them whenever I need them, which is already quite good. "Prioritize reading over screens" is going very well (hence my lack of activity here). Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive 4 (Rhythm of War) is coming out on November 17th, so I re-read the first 3 books and I got really caught up in them. I finished the 3rd book just in time for a novella (taking place within the b
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