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  1. +1 to the respawn of the group! If anyone in the Utah area wants an accountabilibuddy I am in the Layton area. I know Corona kinda messes up physical meet ups but we gotta know each other before we can organize anything.
  2. I jumped on the forums a little bit ago and was gungho to get started on my battle logs and go crazy... Then I got really sick on the first planned day, bad enough that I went to get COVID tested but thankfully it came back negative. Now that I am feeling marginally better I feel it is time to kick this off. With baby steps that is. My overall dream is set at Ninja Warrior but the first baby steps to report is that this morning when I took the doggo for a walk I took a different path which extended the walk to be about 10 minutes longer. Not a huge difference in my exercise but since I didn't
  3. So I found this YouTube channel a while back that I first thought was a joke but then realized it really wasn't. The whole idea is it is the Video Game Fitness Program. It isn't a full exercise program but I looked at it and started thinking it would be a good way to associate playing video games with doing squats/exercise. I suggest giving it a quick glance but then I was wondering if anyone wants to try a multiplayer game with me? I tried doing it solo in the past but found it hard to not just sit down and enjoy the game but I figure doing it while talking to someone could help to make the g
  4. My goals/dreams are somewhat varied but all revolve around making a permanent change. The dreams that I have are 1. Complete all the obstacles from the Ninja Warrior course. 2. Be able to do a cosplay that shows my torso with pride. 3. Find balance for mind/body/emotions.
  5. Hey everyone Saucicus here trying to get started with a personal revolution. I am a nerd with a wide variety of fandoms (really it's what's the flavor of the month, currently it's the Warhammer Universe and Age of Sigmar.) I have never been in "bad" physical shape but a number of recent events both positive and negative have made me decide it is time to make a lasting change. Since I try to focus on the positive as much as possible I put up the quote that made me take a step back and contemplate this change. Just starting out and will need to do a challenge (maybe two) before officially joinin
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