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  1. Yeah its been good, a learning trip but good 😎 Dietary changes are starting to settle in, the biggest being ditching any form of grains & all added sugar, I was so unprepared for the onslaught of hunger that would come from ditching grains while I scrambled around looking for suitable replacements especially to my fast breaking bowl of special K + fruit. I'm not an eggs on a daily basis kind of person so this took some experiments to find something that served the hunger lvls and didn't upset my stomach. I don't really eat breakfast till nearly 11am so by that time I've walked
  2. Thanks @Xena 😊 Heading for my first fortnightly weight & inches check 😁 I already know its gonna be reasonable, my jeans hang off me 😂 Finally seem to be getting somewhere with treating long term rotator cuff issue (9 months now 😕) I requested a change of physiotherapist, see if a new take on things might change things & now we're cooking, every day it gets a little better and I get more movement in that shoulder. Soon I will be able to a workout without having workarounds on the left arm. I walked 37 miles last week,ran 5 & did 4hrs of yoga
  3. Thanks @Elastigirl I'm treating 50s as my 40s 🤣 my 40s were mostly spent battling the issues that come with photosensitivity & finding yet more ways around them. 50 is where I'm determined to start living more of a life 😁
  4. Thanks for the welcome 😁. I'm not really following any set plan other than carefully pushing my truely dreadfully stamina levels and gently gently increasing my 6mph run times. I do a session on the treadmill every day, 5 days I work stamina & cardio with multiple 45 sec jog sets in my 3.5km program then I have 2 active rest days where I stroll through 3.5km at a brisk but not breathless walk having done a good stretch workout & 1/2 km at 3mph gentle walk. So, nothing seriously taxing yet, I want to get into the city this weekend and get fitted for a pair of running shoes
  5. Hey there, I found this place a few hrs ago when I searched Google for fitness advice/coaching company. Lost those few hours in the forums & articles and decided to hang around since it felt like I'd walked into a coffee shop with comfy sofas rather than teetering bar stools 😊 So.. About me.. 20yrs ago I was a very fit 30yr old, size 8, walked loads, had a social life & I was a single mom of 2. 20yrs on.. 50 is rapidly approaching, I've been married 19yrs, have 2 more kids (who just left home to go to college) I've suffered high photosensitivity for 19yrs & 8 months fo
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