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  1. Ok, what can I remember from the weekend? Which makes it sound like I partied way harder than I actually did, so let's back up and set the record straight. Saturday: Hydrate: Drank my water before having any alcohol. Had a mixed drink early on at the party, but then stuck to sipping on wine after that. Counter: 6/34 Organize: Ended up cleaning my mudroom after my dog's rough night. Lift: Rest day. Counter: 3/14 Liturgy: Had Bible study but did not do Bible Eater or Morning Prayer; luckily, that's only getting counted on weekdays. Counter: 5/25 Yule: Had a very Christmassy evening at my friend's party. Kept the drinking under wraps, but I did stay much later than planned. Left my phone in her coat closet all evening. Counter: 6/34 Sunday: Hydrate: Drank my water and didn't have any alcohol. Counter: 7/34 (Side note: weekends are always where I struggle most with water. A 7 day streak is very encouraging!) Organize: Had some plans to clean, but my sister and brother both came over, so I ended up spending the day with them. Lift: Did not get my workout in, partly because of family stuff, but mostly because I was really tired from my late night. Counter: 3/14 Liturgy: Had church, but no Morning Prayer or Bible Eater. Counter: 5/25 Yule: My niece and nephew showed off their piano skills with their Christmas books. I did not get my much longed-for nap in the afternoon, so I fell asleep super early on the couch, but I did not play on my phone. Counter: 7/34 My daily reports here have been fantastic accountability. Have I told you guys lately how great you are? Because you're pretty great.
  2. Train to Busan to Muppet Christmas Carol is quite the cinematic range! Congrats on doing the thing but listening to your body. That's a tricky line to balance.
  3. Hey Sal, hope you've thawed out. I've got the space heater cranking under my desk. Trying to wean myself off it, but it feels so good!
  4. Is there any type of indoor cardio you can sub in as needed so you aren't so much at the mercy of the weather?
  5. Oooh, that does sound good. Unfortunately, my motivation for mixing drinks runs out with anything more involved than pouring alcohol into a mixer.
  6. It is a good choice to make less bad choices as part of the progression to good choices.
  7. I think you made a good choice with just thanking her and making the switch. That type of feedback is the sort of thing that often isn't taken in the manner it was intended.
  8. Okay, first up, review Day 5: Hydrate: Drank my water. Had a glass of wine at dinner, but water was done by then, so within the rules. Counter: 5/34 Organize: Cleaned off the chair that holds my limbo laundry. I would like to find a better system for stuff that is clean enough to wear again, especially for chores, but not clean enough to be put away. Lift: Did Week 3 Workout 2. It was a heavy one, but I'm feeling better today than expected. Tomorrow's a lighter day and then next week is deload before retaking the benchmark. Counter: 3/14 Liturgy: Bible Eater and Morning Prayer done. Counter: 5/25 Yule: Stayed off my phone and watched Miracle on 34th Street. I fell asleep before the movie ended, but that's okay; I've seen it before. Counter: 5/34 So far it's been a good Saturday. I had a morning snuggle with the cat, got my chores done, ate breakfast, took a shower, and then went to Bible study early because it's my turn to dress the altar. My partner was late, but that's ok because it gave me a chance to test myself and when she got there and verified that I did everything right it was a nice confidence boost. My dog did get sick last night, but she went into the mudroom, so it could have been much worse and she seems fine now, so I'm guessing she just got into some hunter's field dressing. And breakfast was pretty tasty, two over easy eggs and half a blueberry bagel. I usually skip it, and I know intermittent fasting works for a lot of people, but I just skip it because I'm lazy. Work days that isn't such a big deal because I'll munch at my desk, but on weekends I don't always have the chance to snack during the morning and end up starving by lunch time, so it was nice to be properly fueled for the day. Got home, had lunch, and put my beer cheese in the crockpot for the party tonight. Almost done with my water, so I am properly pre-hydrated. I'll check in tomorrow and try to catch up on everyone else's threads.
  9. True, but my take on it is that I should have been warming up when I was 20 and I no longer skip it because I am older and therefore wiser. Also because I can't get away with it anymore.
  10. Update: Just found a weight set on FB marketplace! I have standard dumbbells with about 75 pounds of weight, so I've been looking for standard plates, but Olympic is a lot easier to find and this was a really good deal, so I decided to jump on it and I can still use the standard plates with my dumbbell handles. He had a bench too, but I wasn't really looking for a one, and if/when I do decide to get one, I'm pretty sure I can pick up a nicer one at the same or lower price.
  11. Hey Sal, sorry about your lousy experience. I would like to have some choice words with the doofus who didn't keep their dog under control, but it's a little too late for that now. If you know someone who has a large, well-behaved dog, you could arrange for them to hang out some so she can have some positive experiences. Or even if it's not a large dog, just to let her build some confidence with some buddies. You also want to pay attention to yourself when another dog is approaching. If she feels you tensing up, she's going to react to your stress. If you just keep walking forward calmly, it will let her know there's nothing to worry about.
  12. I like my bands and they're a pretty cheap and versatile addition to home workout stuff, but you can also do that exercise with a broomstick or something like that. That is sad. I want to try Xerox shoes, but I ended up getting Lems boots instead, and I really like them.
  13. Day 4: Hydrate: Drank my water. Usually have a drink at my sister's, but I wasn't feeling it last night, even though I had drank enough water at that point that I could have had one. Counter: 4/34 Organize: Meant to do some outdoor cleanup last night, but I had some trouble with the water line to the barn and by the time I got that working I'd lost the light. Lift: Rest day. Counter: 2/14 Liturgy: Morning Prayer and Bible Eater done. Counter: 4/25 Yule: Went to my sister's for dinner and kind of helped her with Christmas decorations. She was almost done by the time I got there, but I offered support and encouragement while she put the star on her tree. Then we watched a not very good Christmas movie. I often hop on my phone while watching stuff at her place, but other than keeping half an eye on the Pens' score, I didn't have my phone out and it was much more fun to watch a bad movie with her when I was actually watching it. Got home around 9:30 and had another good night's sleep. Counter: 4/34 I need to stop at the grocery store on my way home, but still hoping to get a workout in tonight as well. It won't be terrible if I don't because I have time tomorrow and often like a Saturday workout. My friend's Christmas party is tomorrow and there will be drinking, so I'll have to hit the water early, but I'm not staying overnight, so I'll only have a couple drinks.
  14. Funny how that works. I knew I was spending a lot of time on my phone, but I hadn't realized quite how much other stuff I could get done in that same time. I've done more reading this week than in the previous month, I think. And I'm 2 for 2 on my workouts so far, which has not been the case lately. The phone is just such a time sink. I'll think "I'll take a 10 minute break on my phone then go do something" but that never happens. Much better to just get up and do the thing now, and then it's done and I can relax and read or watch some Critical Role. It really is.
  15. I've always enjoyed pyramid workouts, though I do them running, not rowing. I don't know what it is about them that I like, but I always feel good at the end of one.
  16. I've been neglecting lower body with this chin up program, so not sure I could do 50@50, but I could definitely handle 25@25.
  17. Sorry for the off day. Is this maybe a case of push through and do it anyway and you'll feel better bloat? Either way, yay for half days and fun things and birthday shenanigans! I have not heard of For the King, but it looks fun.
  18. Good job being a supportive spouse, and reap some personal benefits at the same time! There's usually a Dry January group around here for folks who want to take a break from alcohol after the holidays. I don't think you're getting into the weeds; you're asking important questions. If you're comfortable with some deep introspection, I'd recommend taking some time to name the emotions that lead to unhealthy eating habits which can make it easier to identify alternative coping mechanisms.
  19. Discworld is a setting. There are a bajillion Discworld novels and they all take place in the same universe, but it's very flexible. There are flowcharts to help you figure it out, but it looks like something that should be tacked onto a serial killer's wall. There are different categories of Discworld that focus on different characters, and if you read those novels in order you see some nice character arcs, but the plots themselves operate pretty independently of each other. All that to say, no, you don't really have to read Discworld in any particular order. I read Hogfather before reading any of the other Death books and it made perfect sense to me (or, as much sense as Prachett ever makes.)
  20. I really liked the idea of the app when they rolled it out, but my phone didn't play nicely with it, so I ended up cancelling my membership. As far as the group challenges and community stuff goes, I don't feel like I got anything out of it that I don't already have here. Plus the superhero theme didn't really do it for me. It was a fun idea, but I like the guilds. You can have my Ranger badge when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!
  21. Day 3 down! Don't know how long I'll be able to keep up this level of activity on the forum, but so far it's working for me. Hydrate: Drank my water, didn't have any alcohol. Counter: 3/34 Organize: Ran the vacuum and put away some laundry. Lift: Did Week 3 Day 1. A heavier load than the last workout, and I'm feeling it. Pretty sure the next workout is the heaviest one of the whole program. Yikes. Counter: 2/14 Liturgy: Did my Bible Eater reading. Did not do Morning Prayer, but I did attend noon Eucharist, so I'm counting it. Counter: 3/34 Yule: No Christmas activities, but no phone. I did stop and the feed store after work, then had to unload the feed and throw some woodchips down in the mud. By the time I finished chores it was dinner time, but I ate a really light dinner so I could do a workout after. I did my cleaning while I let my food settle and then I did my workout. After that I read for a while and went to bed and slept through the night. I like this trend. Counter: 3/34
  22. A hot shower sounds like a good plan. For shoulders, I like wall slides and if you have an exercise band I like...not sure what you call them, but these things:
  23. Goodness if you've never read The Hogfather you definitely have to! My sister doesn't really like Terry Prachett all that much and she like Hogfather. Although it just occurred to me that she loves Nightmare Before Christmas and HF is basically Jack Skellington goes to Discworld.
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