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  1. @Mr.CaffeineHead Someone was boosting me up a 12ft wall, he basically just snapped my leg at a disgusting angle as I was being boosted up. This caused the dislocation midair and then it slammed straight into the ground when my kneecap was around the side of my leg and that was that.... Ground wasn't soft either it was rock hard dried mud and rocks sticking out everywhere Now I'm working in an awful retail job whilst in university and just feel burnt out. I can't explain how much I hate it. Before I had a sense of belonging and importance. Whilst I'm in retail part time I fee
  2. @cd667 Thanks😃 At the moment I’m doing 1 hour cardio sessions in various different ways. I use the treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machines all at different intensities. Once I‘ve completed my cardio I will follow up with 30-45 minutes of strength straight after and I find myself focusing on my chest a lot
  3. Hi there, 😃 My right knee was badly fractured in multiple places. Alongside this various ligaments were damaged severely and needed replacing through surgery. And my kneecap dislocated very far around my knee it was the most painful thing in my life. I’ve already had the surgery to fix my ligaments however it seems to have almost undone itself and I am now waiting for another scan to confirm this and will likely need another operation
  4. About me: Ex-army (left due to injury) and currently in University and am in early 20's My injury has made me very unfit and makes it difficult to become fit again. I have two years left in University. In this time I want to become fit and happy with myself again before graduating. I love games such as Final Fantasy XIV online and the Kingdom hearts series My build: I have quite alot of muscle mass but my sudden inactivity caused by my injury has lead me to gain some weight on top of this. I managed to maintain my muscular strength in spite of my injury partic
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