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  1. Sorry to hear that... never a fun situation to be in. With the sudden personality shift I'm curious if he's just the passive type and was hoping you might make a move. But then he just grew frustrated with the amount of time. Just a thought, can't imagine why he'd have such a hard personality shift if he viewed you as just a gym acquaintance.
  2. That's a fantastic time! Great job my dude!
  3. That's awesome! I oddly enough was just talking with someone a few weeks ago who was telling me about the Xena event in Cali, had no idea that was a thing, the irony. Well if I can manage to scrounge up one of the Cap outfits before Halloween I'll be sure to do the same and post pics! And I'll stop derailing the thread now 😛
  4. Let's see those fury family members! 😁
  5. I actually haven't been to a convention in quite some time... approaching a decade. I was excited to get back into it this year with some friends but I may just need to go hard for Halloween instead. 🤷‍♂️ Who knows when conventions will become a thing again and I want to exercise those cosplay muscles dang it! How about we challenge each other to accomplish our cosplays and share the results? 🙂 After you approach anonymous gym guy of course!
  6. Stay motivated! In the immortal words of Cap Back at you! I actually planned on doing a Cap cosplay this year before everything went to... well... you know. Was gonna do Infinity War Cap with the beard on Con Day 1, then shave and do End Game Cap with Mjolnir on Con Day 2, then incognito Cap on Con Day 3. So much for that plan! 😅 One of these days.
  7. As noted, if you want to bring your abs out you're gonna need to do that in the kitchen more than the gym. Once you can see your abs, working them can definitely improve their appearance, but getting them in the first place your limited time is better spent burning calories while maintaining as much overall size/strength as you can. Even in peak summer, the most I do is 10 minutes of high intensity ab work. But I'm outside, moving around, burning calories for 1-2 hours.
  8. These seem like a pretty clear cut show of interest to me. I can't speak for every man out there but if I compliment your looks and I don't already have an established friendship with you, I'm definitely attempting to show interest. I know it's a lot easier said then done, but I suspect if you approached him with confidence it would go quite well for you. 🙂
  9. Your question has already been answered above, I just want to emphasize that, unlike with exercise itself, you do not need to vary what you eat to keep improving. If you have healthy foods that you like to eat you can stick with them for as long as you like and keep improving. It's the amount of food you're consuming that you'll need to adjust depending on your goals.
  10. Much appreciated, thankfully I started working on the home gym like 6 months before everything shut down, so I already had it well under way. No regrets there for sure!!
  11. Bad ass! Like anything the barbell is a tool, but it's one of the most useful tools for building overall strength. Forces you to incorporate so many muscles to get the job done. Just concentrate on good form and it can take you far!
  12. Thanks so much! I hope to be able to encourage others to achieve the same. Especially when you focus on the long term and less on what you can accomplish as quick as possible.
  13. Many thanks! Indeed they are, they're about 15 years apart, but they're both of me.
  14. This kind of excites me... the prospect of this doing well and potentially leading to the big screen... I'd squeal like a school girl! Release date is October 14th https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/marneus-calgar-launches-his-next-attack-on-the-warhammer-40-000-1-variant-cover
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