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  1. Update #2 - A little later than I would have liked. Nutrition: Still doing the intermittent fasting and have had more than a few temptations but managed to avoid succumbing. Late night snacking has diminished and I'm hoping to get rid of that all together. I've been drinking a large glass of water instead but since I take a sleeping pill there's a little apprehension in having an "accident" during the night. Aside from that I'm really starting to focus on avoiding sugar. It's not easy! Sugar is in everything! Well, everything that tastes good. Reading ingredient lists on prod
  2. Hey, I'm right there with you, I'm only lifting about 10 pounds right now. We all have to start somewhere. So, I do a bodyweight workout and pay more attention to reps since there isn't really any "weight" to track but here's what I do to develop progression: In order to acclimate and avoid injury I started slowly and did workouts MWF. week 1 and 2: circuit x1 week 3 thru 5: circuit x2 In this challenge I'm upping it again but in a little different manner. For weeks 1-4 I am adding in a 3rd 1/2 set on Wednesday (Mx2, Wx2.5, Fx2). Wee
  3. Pre-diabetic basically means you have a higher than normal blood sugar and are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than someone with a normal blood sugar. The thing to consider here is that it is not limited to only the pancreas (where insulin is created) but also to the liver and kidneys. Sugar is one of those substances that has a ton of research and is indicative of a lot of diseases but nothing is definitive (due to funding and the length of time for research) so it mostly gets put on a back burner and something else gets the blame. Lifestyle changes are the key to taking care of this s
  4. "But it's a dry heat!" My response: It's a "dry heat" inside my oven but you don't see me crawling in there!
  5. That's a good stretch and one I do as well. The important thing with this stretch is to squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep them there. It helps protect the shoulder joint. If you want to enhance it a little more, while you're stretching, turn your head to the opposite side (i.e. R arm behind back, look L). If you want even more, look straight ahead and bring your ear toward your opposite shoulder (i.e. R arm behind back, L ear to L shoulder). It will be a very small motion so be careful. It adds a lot of neck and pec into the stretch as well.
  6. Nothing specific or fancy, just some basic stretches. People that do a lot of sitting typically have shortening of the psoas and anterior hip flexors. The best thing for this is called a couch stretch but I have some modifications if you need them. I once read that it takes 1 month for you to notice a difference, 2 months for those that see you often, and 3 months for everyone else. WTG!! Every little bit helps. Meditation can be difficult and need some practice. Have you considered setting aside a solid 15-30 minutes maybe once a w
  7. Are you doing specific stretching to counteract the lengthy sitting? If you have access to a quiet place it could be the perfect time for meditation. Yep...
  8. I've done tons of research on fitness but tend to keep that to myself as I'm still learning. However, I was a gymnastics coach for 15 years and know a few things about flexibility and mobility. Be happy to help any way I can in this area if you need it. I can not stress enough how important sleep is. The most effective method of improving sleep is through cognitive therapy, which means keeping on a regular schedule (if possible). Without adequate rest your body is going to be searching for sources of energy and one of the most effective places for that is sugar. That can
  9. Update #1 Nutrition: The intermittent fasting is going well except for one thing...late night snacking. I have a sleep disorder and take Ambien at night and...well, it's a sedative-hypnotic and sometimes I do things that feel more like a dream than reality. After a couple very odd facebook posts I had to make sure to put my phone down well before the medication starting taking effect. So, I think that's part of the problem since I only vaguely remember getting up for a snack when I see the wrapper on the nightstand in the morning. I have a couple ideas that I think I'll try but any
  10. In the last challenge I had problems with the work on my portfolio for school. This time I made the goal more specific and can apply more energy and focus since the other 2 parts are much easier to accomplish.
  11. I didn't know about the nutella until last night! 😉 I have begun a little research on this and its origin is different than how it is applied in the nutrition industry today. I don't feel I know enough to comment yet but so far, I'm not impressed with where it comes from. I had a similar thing and a PT told me to work on strengthening my adductors. It seemed counter-intuitive at first but it only took a few days and there was a major difference in my knee stability during squats and lunges. There are a number of feedback items that I pay attention to but that is s
  12. Maybe a little salt and pepper? Or hot sauce?
  13. Get the order for PT. At the very least you can get an assessment and an idea about what's going on. Without an MRI, its basically educated guess work regarding any soft tissue injuries. The important thing with PT is that you do the exercises OUTSIDE of your appointments. Many people don't and their recovery is substandard. I had shoulder surgery for a complete muscle tear years ago. It took a year to get the strength to match my non-dominant side and another 6 months to get back to normal However, I've had multiple doctors and PTs comment on it being the best recovery they've ever seen. I di
  14. What I'm considering here is the insulin response to sugar. You'll have to forgive me a little for thrusting my scientific analytical brain at you, especially while I'm still learning myself. Allow me to rant for a moment. The goal being to maintain a steady level of insulin throughout the day as it's the only hormone that signals our body to store fat. Even though fructose in fruit is mostly metabolized in the liver before it gets to the blood stream, I think it can create an insulin response albeit less than sucrose. The question I have here is how long the liver metabolism of fructose takes
  15. I limit my eating time to between 1100-2000. That way I can stay consistent on work days since I work 24 hour shifts and we all cook and eat together. I've been reading this amazing book called "A Case Against Sugar" and it's been quite eye-opening. Are you in the UK? Several of my friends would drink warm water at night. I tried it but didn't really notice much of a difference. Of course, I wasn't late night snacking back then. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
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