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  1. Thanks! I am doing the kettlebell circuits to get me to the pullup. Haven't been here for a while. So glad to see you are making great progress!
  2. Thanks! I am using a door frame pull up bar. So far it looks steady. Since I am could not do a pull up yet, I am just hanging .... But really like it.
  3. Good luck! I just got a pullup bar for home. Plan to join the first time challenge too.
  4. single leg bridges check. Thanks for posting! Really enjoy the daily dare.
  5. 20 single leg deadlift ✔️ Have soft carpet on the floor... not sure if it is a good idea for this exercise.
  6. clench unclench. done. It is more difficult than I thought to do 2 min in one go. Had to split. Appreciate for posting it!
  7. Scorpion Twist is fun! ✅ Thanks @Chesire and @Tobbe! Very excited to join the group!
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